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Belladonna: Do Not Disturb Special Extended 2-Disc Set

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/10/05

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Belladonna: Do Not Disturb Special Extended 2-Disc Set

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Lesbian

Director: Belladonna

Cast: Belladonna, Haley Paige, Jezebelle Bond, Katja Kassin, Naudia Nyce, Julie Knight, Vandalia; Flower Tucci (menu footage)
Non-sex role by Brenya

Length: 170.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/19/2005

Extra's: With a nice length to the movie itself, many of you will think the extras sucked donkey balls but you'd be wrong if that was your assumption. It started off with a nearly 41 minute long featurette called "The Making of the DVD Menu" where the viewer gets to see Flower Tucci do the whole thing, including her urinating/pissing act on the table. I thought the use of full motion video with a sex scene on the menu footage was an interesting advance for most porn DVDs, and I hope to see more of it in the future. The photogallery was also interesting in how it had a series of short motion pictures with each gal, listing their Evil Angel filmography and linking to a lot of pictures. I'm not a fan of stills given the nature of DVD but if you are, you're going to love this one. Next up was a 99.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showcased all the gals and looked much better than the actual movie itself. I actually thought it had more to offer a collector like me than the movie given all that was said and done here with a number of fans in for a treat if they watch it at regular speed. There was also an Easter Egg on disc two where clicking on Flower's crotch will net you a 20.5 minute long video of the missing haircutting sequence. Last up on the DVD was a contest that you could enter by going to her website (the link to the contest didn't work for me though; it only brought me to the join her website page) and a series of links to websites. There was also a cool double sided DVD cover and a "limited edition" door hanger, with one of four gals on it (I had hoped for the Katja Kassin one but got the Haley Paige version instead; I'd kiss Haley's ass if she let me but I'm a huge Katja fan and if I couldn't have hers, I'd prefer Belladonna's).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Belladonna: Do Not Disturb was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio it was filmed in by director Belladonna for distribution by Evil Angel. The picture was not my favorite in a recent release for several reasons but the worst part of it was how washed out it looked. To me, the use of a repeated frame suggesting it was all security camera footage seemed contrived to cover up the problem and the fleshtones were very light in most cases. There was some grain and other lighting issues as well but that was the killer in many ways for my libido. I saw no compression artifacts though and if you can get past the look of the picture, you'll probably enjoy the sex. The stereo English audio track was fairly average this time as though it wasn't paid much attention by the audio engineer (maybe Brenya, the non-sex role gal and make up artist, was in charge of the camera and sound that day).

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Body of Review: If there is a gal in porn today that has a more intimate knowledge of sexual fulfillment than the talented Belladonna, I can't say I've met them. Bella has proven herself time and again to have the kind of staying power the world of porn is rarely known for. Having met her several times over the years (at various locations across the country), she is also a very sweet gal, not just the kind of girl you'd bring home if you won the lottery. While not endowed with the classic porn girl look, Bella transcends looks in many of her movies by the heated, energetic, and chemistry filled action that has made her a star. Her latest release for Evil Angel is Belladonna: Do Not Disturb, another of her lesbian outings made while the star was pregnant earlier this year. With lots of toys, foot action, fingering and domination themes, here's what Bella's website said about the movie:

"Belladonna teams up with "Beautiful Ladies Escorts" for some nasty, outrageous girl/girl sex! Bella isn't feeling it for her girlfriend Brenya anymore, so she wants to try something new. Introducing B.L.E. and their lovely ladies. First up, Haley Paige & Jezebelle Bond. Bella is a bit shy at first, so she just wants to watch 2 girls fuck for her, she gets over her shyness very quickly and jumps into the action. Next Bella wants to try two girls for herself this time. Who better than Katja Kassin & Naudia Nyce? Things get pretty hot with these three animals tongue lashing each others hot, wet holes. Bella really needs a girl she can "fuck up." Miss X (played by Julie Night) is the perfect candidate. A scene that words can't describe. Bella has a lot of aggression and lets it ALL out on her new girl toy. A candle where the sun don't shine should heat things up. Finally Bella wants crazy. And she gets crazy when Vandalia comes to visit her. Some hot, nasty anal and a hair cut they'll both never forget! A must see movie for the die hard Belladonna fans!"

Okay, I'm not going to hose you and say this was the best work Belladonna has ever done but she always adds a bit of spice to the movies she makes so the importance of the 2 Disc DVD set is not to be understated. That said, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and even the most limited scene was better than the usual lesbian outing found elsewhere:

Scene One: Ex-Girlfriend: Belladonna, the world famous porn star featured on the front DVD cover, was up first as she tied up her pal Brenya (a lean brunette that didn't have sex here) to a chair using black duct tape. Bella was very pregnant during the scene but it was only moments later that she was joined by Haley Paige and Jezebelle Bond; the first two gals in the little bubble pictures on the lower front of the DVD cover, from left to right. Bella was happy to just watch at first but all her fans know that she can't stand missing out on sexual perversions so after so licking and playing around with one another, they let her join in (initially, Bella masturbated with a small vibrator). The trio did the usual heated lesbian antics, using toys, tongues, and fingers to get off within a fairly slow scene (for Bella at least). The lesser two performers were in good form as well with their limits tested more than most lesbian scenes could possibly drive them. It was moderately energetic with some foot fetish action for those who care.

Scene Two: Two For Myself: Katja Kassin, the world famous anal queen from Germany (third from the left on the bottom of the front DVD cover), Naudia Nyce, the brunette located next to her, and the mighty Belladonna herself were up next with Bella taking a dominant role as her slaves got on the bed and bent over. Naudia's a talented little vixen but Katja and Bella are top of the food chain when it comes to anal sex these days so the clash of the titans had me at full mast before the scene even started. I liked that Katja was wearing her reddish hair (she has since taken a favor to a brunette look) but the scene was much like the first in the show in how the tricks were presented. The use of large glass dildos is never a bad thing and fans of foot action will be pumping their penises like crazy but the big question for me was if they'd get really crazy. In a sense, that never happened to the level of ecstasy I expected of the two leads but seeing a foot filling Katja's pussy was interesting and the gals all had a fun time. This was the first time I had seen Katja and Bella together so I wished they had an all out fuck fest with one another rather than the slightly tamer action seen here. In fairness to the gals though, it was still well worth my time and money; just not what I expected.

Scene Three: Miss X: Julie Knight, also sporting brunette hair and seen on the lower front cover, second from the right hand side, was up next after her scene partner Belladonna complained that the previous gals weren't hot enough for her and weren't up to doing anything she wanted. The plausibility factor for that statement alone made me roll my eyes (I like Bella very much but Katja is her "anal equal" any day of the week and not known for having any limits) but Julie's been getting more extreme of late so perhaps I needed a fresh state of mind to view this one. After taking a breather, I came back to the scene where Bella was spanking and slapping Julie around something fierce on the floor of her shower stall. Julie egged her on to make Bella even rougher, and then the clothespins came out for some torture time. Bella did appear to treat Julie rougher than the other gals, using some toys to really abuse the youngster royally. Fans of foot fetish stuff and candle wax will appreciate the kink factor that came next and the scene ended on a high note with a lot of energy.

Scene Four: Chapter Four: Vandalia, the wild child of the bunch located on the far right hand side of the lower front DVD cover, was up next as the "crazy" gal Belladonna demanded next. Looking at Bella's last partner of the movie, I thought there was little special about her. I hate when the looks of a performer get in the way of my enjoyment but I try to keep it real (and truthful) as my stream of consciousness style of reviewing demands). Vandalia had a round, slightly padded ass and a face that would be at home in most second (or third) tier strip clubs in small towns. Bella didn't seem to mind as she serviced her new pal orally from behind, getting some ass licking in to warm her up for what came afterwards. The sex was similar to the first two scenes of the movie right up until Bella started boning her ass with a baseball bat shaped like a large black cock (yikes!). They did more toy action and then Vandalia "got crazy" by using some electric shears to shave Bella's head. Sadly, even though both were shaved Mohawk style, it was done as a set of stills rather than as a video (which was a wasted opportunity in my opinion). Thankfully, the footage can be viewed as the Easter Egg on disc two (it lasted 20.5 minutes too).

Summary: Belladonna: Do Not Disturb was not as good as My Ass Is Haunted, The Connasseur, Belladonna's Fucking Girls, or Evil Pink, but fans of the lovely young lady will still find it had a lot of fuck for the buck and was worth at least a rating of Rent It. I like Belladonna too much to mince words though, the technical values of the double disc set (or at least the movie itself) lowered the heat factor for me and Bella's somewhat subdued action this time wasn't up to her par. I like her enough to give everything a top rating but in deference to fairness, this wasn't nearly as good as she's known for so check it out before buying it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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