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Bomb Ass White Booty

Studio: West Coast Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/25/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Bomb Ass White Booty 1

West Coast Productions

Genre: Interracial

Director: T. B.

Cast: Lauren Phoenix, Tiffany Mynx, Mr. Marcus, Sara Jay, Olivia O' Lovely, Violet, all other men were uncredited

Length: 226.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/18/2005 (box); 12/10/2004, 12/22/2004, 1/14/2005, 1/9/2005, 1/17/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was the 19.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature at the end of the movie. It had extra sex, showed the women off a bit, and allowed for some playful banter between the performers. Otherwise, the extras included some trailers, a photogallery, and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bomb Ass White Booty 1 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director T.B. for West Coast Productions. The fleshtones were accurate but the lighting on the indoor sequences was a bit spotty with a number of shadows and grainy moments to detract from the action. There were numerous other minor flaws such as some jumpy edits or times when the outdoor lighting was too strong for the camera (in some cases, it looked like the camera settings were adjusted on the fly) but the worst visual aspect was how some of the camera angles were unfavorable to the look of the gals. Compositional errors aside, I thought the majority of action was captured nicely but a little more polishing up of the scenes would've made it much better. Lastly, there were no compression artifacts or video noise. The stereo audio was another mixed bag of tricks with some audio drop outs taking place, some levels that suddenly changed without warning, and less attention to detail than I prefer but it wasn't bad in most ways.

Body of Review: I've had precious little exposure to movies from West Coast Productions in my years of reviewing. For the most part, they produce interracial flicks or movies centering on urban themes, many of which I've been able to enjoy in my private, non-reviewing, life. At the various AEE Shows, they have always been some of the nicest people on the convention floor with plenty of fine women (and cool male performer/directors too) hanging around to chat and otherwise promote their goods. The first release I've had the chance to review for them in some time is Bomb Ass White Booty 1, a movie centering on white women that have curvy rumps and enjoy the finer things in life, like large black cocks ramming inside various holes. While the company has always been just a stroke away from greatness in my book, I found almost all the scenes to be extremely fun to watch with lots of replay value. Here's a brief breakdown of the scenes by female cast members (the males weren't credited) and what took place, noting that no condoms were used:

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Scene One: Lauren Phoenix, the light haired anal vixen that has been a staple in the porn industry for a few years now, was up first with some solid tease footage on a deck overlooking porn valley. She wore a reddish (with blue trim) two piece outfit that accentuated her curves nicely but the clothes didn't last long when she got with her uncredited partner. I've been a fan of this hotty for a long time and except for some cottage cheese on her legs, she looked good. He rubbed and rimmed her ass and she responded well with some nice vocals to liven things up. Fans of spitting will appreciate that he did this a fair bit (at her insistence) and she returned the favor of oral once he got her wet enough to screw. His meat pipe wasn't the largest of the cast but it seemed suitably built to test her oral skills and she did some gagging action with it as he held her throat. They moved inside the house on a couch to actually screw where she aggressively rode him in his lap. There was vaginal with PTM (pussy to mouth) and anal with ATM (ass to mouth) but the anal wasn't her best work (it was slower and less active, though still well done). It ended with a pop shot to her eye and was notable for the fair energy it had.

Scene Two: Tiffany Mynx, one of the top anal queens in porn for years, was up next as she walked down the staircase to meet her partner, Mr. Marcus. She was looking great with the same black fishnets and black lingerie she wore as featured on the center of the lower front DVD cover. Some of you that prefer 18 year olds might learn a thing or two from the legend that is Tiffany; as her driven sexuality is often outside the realm of the believable. I haven't seen much of Marcus lately but I could tell he was planning to rip up this hotty as he fingered her to get her dripping wet (unlike the others, she looked less "prepared" with tons of lubricant, although I accept the reality of the need for such stuff). She savored his lengthy black shaft as though it was the best tasting cock she had blown in a long time and the sloppy nature of the oral was also sweet to watch. Her vaginal ride looked like she was coming constantly due to the look on her face, the flush skin, and the erect nipples but I know most of you care more about the anal action. She was the sexual aggressor during the anal, riding him slowly (he even yelled "ahh" at one point since she nearly finished him off prematurely) at first but with an increasing tempo. He got balls deep in her rectum before she turned around and did some ATM on his shaft but the action wasn't finished as they went back to boning some more. Unlike a number of her more "professional" performances, this one had extensive chemistry by the looks of it; chemistry that made me think the two went home afterwards to continue the antics. It ended with him jerking out a load to her face but the playful banter as she swallowed proved to be further evidence of the scene's value. Yum!

Scene Three: Sara Jay, an older gal with a very curvy body, was up next as she washed a car outside in the shade of a few trees. If you like phat asses and huge breasts, this gal will be the one you're looking for, but I'd be negligent if I left out some description of her skills. She was the gal in the upper right hand corner of the front DVD cover bent over in the blue bikini for those who care to see her look but it was more about her active participation in the scene that fans will enjoy. Initially, her partner took her away from the car to get some head. She used her hands, eyes, and mouth to full advantage as she worked his pole; going very deep as she flicked her tongue on the tip while he was inside her (you could hear it as she worked him over). That she got goose bumps during the standing vaginal only showed me how into it she was with her dirty talk enhancing the scene too. He was a big guy and she was definitely built for comfort, not for speed, so you can imagine how great she must be in bed with a guy willing to take charge. While she didn't do anal, she impressed me that she was having fun throughout the scene, and the flaws here were minor (she could use some time at the gym and the fly buzzing around her pussy while getting screwed on the hood of the car come to mind). If you want a gal next door look, she should appeal to you too.

Scene Four: Olivia O' Lovely, the curvy babe on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, is another gal that often manages to impress me with her sultry Latin looks and sexual skill. She walked over to the guys on the deck to hook up with four uncredited men; with everyone getting into the spirit of the scene with the usual taunts about being able to handle her. She took them on orally and jerked them off too, moving from one to another with the greatest of ease. When she had a moment, she spoke dirty to them, but her mouth was full much of the time (she was getting her freak on) so this was an intermittent exercise at best. In any case, she seemed to relish the possibilities of her partners, and while they talked shit during the scene (something that was a nuisance to me), it wasn't bad enough to make me scan the scene. They moved inside to get hammering her pussy when I noticed that one of the guys disappeared (what a chump!). It was his loss as she pumped aggressively, doing them one at a time as she sucked off another guy much of the time. She didn't do anal but I really didn't mind here either since she seemed to be lost in the scene for the most part. It ended with the usual pop shots and had some nice energy too.

Scene Five: Violet, a plain brunette that I hadn't seen before (the front cover suggested this was her first scene), was up last inside the house at night. She looked a bit stoned to me as she teased the camera during a masturbation sequence but the first thing I noticed about her was how relatively lean she looked with small breasts and a hint of baby fat. To me, this meant her ass was not going to be round and full like the other gals; a fact later proven when she was turned over. Her partner didn't seem to mind much but keep in mind that he was getting paid to screw her rather than buy a copy of the DVD like you'd be doing. She was the least sexually talented gal of the movie too, bringing down the heat for me more than a little bit. I know it might take most of you a while to get through the other scenes (as a stroke flick, they were all well versed in their craft to this point) but when you reach this scene, you'll immediately see what I mean. There are plenty of series designed to capitalize on younger gals with leaner bodies so the DVD lost points with me by using her. He did most of the work and while her ass wasn't bad when bent over, it was too far a cry from what I was looking for in a booty movie. On a positive note, she did appear to get into the pumping action near the end of the scene but it was a little too little, a little too late compared to the others.

Summary: Bomb Ass White Booty 1 was not a perfect movie but it was well worth a rating of Recommended, even approaching the next higher category for all it had going for it. The technical values weren't the best I've seen and the inclusion of Violet didn't help matters much but offering up Tiffany, Lauren, and Olivia (as well as Sara's heated performance) made for a lot of fun viewing. There is a short list of curvy gals working in porn at any given time that display a lot of energy as they savagely impale themselves on black meat so kudos should be given for the 80% success rate here. The lens flare and other visual flaws aside, I see a lot of potential in this series and fans of interracial will probably find this one worth their hard earned money. Maybe in the future, they'll even credit the male performers since some of them were very talented, but my overall impression was very favorable of Bomb Ass White Booty 1.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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