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Junior College Girls #3

Studio: Spice Studios » Review by Adam Wilson » Review Date: 8/28/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight

Director: Antonio Rey & Max Poppinwood

Cast: Lucy, Laura, Nicole, Alicia, Kristine, Vicky

Length: 160 mins

Date: 2/05

Body of Review: I'm not sure what Cinemaplay thinks the appeal of junior college girls might be over regular college girls. They're dumber? Poorer? As long as they're just as hot... we'll be fine for this one.

Scene 1: Lucy
Condoms: None
No intro, no titles... no nothing. You hit play and you're smack dab into the first scene, which stars Lucy, a hot young dark-haired girl who appears to be in some sort of a dungeon. The bouncy soundtrack suggests otherwise though. Watching Lucy strip down is highly erotic, as she has a real girl next door quality to her that totally makes me want to move next door. She caresses her body for a while and then blows us a kiss goodbye. Hmmm, that's it?

Oh, when we fade back from black she's dressed again and with some dude in the dungeon/bomb shelter looking room giving him an awesome looking blowjob. She climbs up into some sort of hanging sex chair, and pounds away on her sweet looking pussy. They finish up on the floor and she gets a big facial to end the scene.

Scene 2: Laura
Condoms: None
Laura is up next and wow, she's quite lovely. She plays with her hot body for a while until mystery hands arrive to do it for her.

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Like before, that moment ends and we cut to the same girl, clothed again, making out with a dude. For a while she just seems to be tolerating what he's doing to her until he's doing her from behind, which unleashes some emotion. In the end, she gets her huge tits hosed with cum, which she rubs into her skin like lotion. Nice.

Scene 3: Nicole
Condoms: None
Cover girl Nicole is third. She could use a good meal... one I'd gladly serve to her. With a little more meat on her bones she'd be smokin'. Anyway, same deal as before. She strips down and masturbates for a few, and then we cut to the actual scene. This time though, it's with another (uncredited) girl. They pretend to be studying for a second (the first attempt to make this seem like it has anything to do with college) but then it's on. These two get quite passionate, and nothing seems faked... just a pair of hot "Junior College" girls eager to please one another. Terrific scene.

Scene 4: Alicia
Condoms: None
Alicia looks to be in a different part of that dungeon bomb shelter room that Lucy was in in the first scene. And like Nicole in the last scene, she could use a sizable meal. She does her solo show somewhat awkwardly, and then we're off to the main scene. Dude and Alicia take turns on going down on each other, and then she slides down onto dude's cock in a reverse cowgirl position for some spirited sex. Various position changes later and dude unloads all over her chest.

Scene 5: Kristine
Condoms: None
Kristine is in a much more pleasant location and wastes little time getting her clothes off. When her actual scene starts, she has a look on her face of total nervousness, which is a little unpleasant. She keeps looking into the camera as if to say "Why are you letting this guy do this to me?". This goes on for a few minutes and it's really, really awkward to watch. Then, out of nowhere she's totally into it and tearing his clothes off. Things obviously get infinitely more watchable after that, but wow, it was weird. Shy girl eventually gets a huge facial which she laps up like a kitten with milk. If they'd cut out that first awkwardness this would have been a really intense scene.

Scene 6: Vicky
Condoms: None
Vicky is our grand finale girl. She's not who I would have gone with, but hey, I'm not in charge of these things. She reveals a massive pair of very nice titties, and proceeds to masturbate for a few minutes. Cut to the actual scene now, and damn it, they must be telling these girls to act bothered by the fact that dude's are groping them because Vicky is acting just as Kristine did in the prior scene. This is a very poor idea. Again though, magically, she gets completely turned on and things turn into a proper porn scene. Same as before, things are much better once they fake awkwardness is done with, and Kristine gets a weak cumshot on her chest to end things.

Extras: There's a bonus striptease which runs 7 minutes long, and a trailer for Junior College Girls. Nothing really worthwhile.

Audio/Video: Each scene is basically the same. The solo parts are all music and no natural sound, while the sex scenes are music free.

Concluding Words: The title really means nothing. You might get this thinking you're seeing girls from Junior College, but unless that school is in Munich, Germany (since every girl in the production has the Euro thing going on), the title is really just a vague description of the age of the performers. I'm getting to be a big fan of the girls Cinemaplay picks for its releases though, and Junior College Girls 3 gets a solid Recommended from this reviewer.

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