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Cowgirl Dreams

Studio: Sex Z Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/29/05

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Cowgirl Dreams

Sex Z Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Skye Blue

Cast: Joelean, Kris Knight, Lisa Marie, Randy Spears, Jeneveve Jolie, Reno, Lisa Marie, Dee, Franco Del Toro

Length: 99 minutes

Date of Production: 8/30/2004

Extra's: The only extra on the DVD were a few trailers and a photogallery. I could understand this better if the movie lasted two or more hours but in the competitive world of porn, the lack of content here equates to either a low price or limited fuck for the buck. I know the company has been working on it with more recent releases but I haven't noticed a price drop for their back catalog so consider that your warning.
Note: There was no Behind the Scenes footage as advertised on the rear of the DVD case. I hate false advertising.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Cowgirl Dreams was presented in the original 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Skye Blue for Sex Z Pictures. Aside from the intentional sepia toned footage included to convey a sense of the western scenes (which didn't last that long when employed), the scenes lacked the kind of clarity of focus and lighting that I prefer to see. This gave the movie a fair amount of grain and some video noise that bothered me although the movie looked about as expected from reports of the limited budget used to make the movie. I saw no compression artifacts and I'd suggest that had the sex been better in the last three scenes, the visual flaws wouldn't have been so distracting. The stereo English audio was very basic with limited separation and dynamic range. The score seemed to be appropriate to the material with the player piano aspects a bit louder than I'd have preferred given the anticlimactic nature of the sound. In all, the technical aspects were a mixed bag but not way outside the realm of a small company new to porn.

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Body of Review: In terms of personal likes, I've found director Skye Blue to appeal to me with her girl next door look as much as the way she takes charge on her sets now that she directs and doesn't have sex on screen. While she may not be the hottest gal in the jizz biz, her appeal is something that I can't always explain and that's why I like to see her movies; figuring I might catch a glimpse of her in the BTS feature or be able to peer into her viewpoint a little better. My latest review of one of her movies revolves around Cowgirl Dreams, a movie where a gal tired of the realities of life (played by Dee), fantasizes before engaging in some down to Earth love with her boyfriend on a couch. There was no plot, little exceptionally twisted sex (none in fact), and couples may appreciate that the scenes had little to turn a sensitive partner away (so many movies focus on circus act sex or themes of cheating, as a couple of examples, making squeamish partners hate to watch). That said, there wasn't a lot of fuck for the buck either so here's a brief glimpse into the movie, noting that only Dee required the use of a condom in her scene with Franco:

Scene One: Joelean, the attractive and muscular blonde on the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first in a scene on the television with Kris Knight. She wore chaps without a seat to expose her beautiful ass and a tied off cowgirl top as the couple kissed. He went down on her about as well as could be expected, and she returned the favor with some passionate oral to show how it's supposed to be done. Using her hand and eye contact to make it even more satisfying; she worked him over in a manner that proved skill and desire combined make for a solid experience. The vaginal sex was also well done since she was the sexual aggressor; riding up and down on his penis as though trying to scratch an itch deep inside her body. It ended when she sucked a load out of his nads, allowing him to jerk the remaining semen out onto her lovely face.

Scene Two: Lisa Marie, a lean brunette that I haven't seen a lot of in recent months (a shame too; she's a cutie!), was up next with the studly Randy Spears in a scene where the two tried to ward off the heat of the summer sun by feeding her some berries. Her first choice was strawberries but all he had to offer her were some man-berries; more precisely, his man-berries. By the looks of it, she tried to work them out of his shaft through a nice blowjob, jerking him off as she sucked with abandon. Joelean's blowjob was better, but only slightly, as each gal had a similar style of milking a load orally. She then rode him in cowgirl fashion, bouncing up and down with him meeting every stroke. The two had some chemistry going on and I liked watching it since for all her great qualities, Joelean had no control over her partner's lack of skill, meaning that Lisa's scene actually worked out better. The grinding of her hips, the flush nature of her skin during the scene, and even her vocal moans took her to a higher level this time (for the record, I've long been a fan of Joelean too). It ended as one would expect; with him rubbing out a load onto her smiling face.

Scene Three: Jeneveve Jolie, the exotic looking brunette who could easily have come from the suckmywad tribe of Southern California, didn't play a squaw this time in favor of a cowgirl look that worked for her nicely. Her partner was a Fabio looking dude by the name of Reno; the type pf guy that both men and women seem to favor (well, gay men actually). She offered up some okay oral but it was far from her best work and he seemed to like it as much coming from her as any alternative lifestyle oral he might otherwise favor. His oral on her was mighty limp though (as expected) but she showed some energy in riding his shaft; staying on top as long as she could to control the flow. After some okay doggy, he popped out a large load on her neck and shoulders, with a few stray drops hitting her face. For the most part, this was a filler scene, even though I like much of her work elsewhere.

Scene Four: Lisa Marie, still looking mighty fine in her blue jeans and country themed top, was up next with movie lead Dee; the gal featured on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, in a lesbian tryst outdoors. Dee's denim skirt was appealing too although I haven't been a fan of hers in a long time since her sexual antics seem all too frequently mechanical nowadays. The licking and playing during this scene were about as warm as the last scene (translation: filler material) with each gal snacking on some box lunch and using a toy to use on their partner (Dee's glass dildo was much cooler than Lisa's strap on dildo by far). I never got a sense of passion or desire so the scene didn't work for me in any major way.

Scene Five: Dee, having rested in the lap of her movie boyfriend, Franco Del Toro, was now ready to give him some loving on the couch after her libido was stoked by the fantasy images of cowgirls and cowboys poking each other. If you're a fan of Dee's (and there are a lot of you), you'll find her act reasonably decent but in less biased terms, she lacked some form of spark needed to make the whole show worthwhile. The sex was as good as you'll find between two people out to make a buck but as soon as he strapped on a condom, the illusion of a relationship went out the window (I'm not going to belabor the point, or argue it, but there are many ways the show could've handled it to work better). Oral and vaginal sex with the mechanical method displayed prior to this scene showed me that the initial heat generated by Joelean and Lisa (in their separate first scenes of the movie) were the highlights. It even ended with him jerking out his wad on her stomach, a heat killer for many of you.

Summary: Cowgirl Dreams started off on the wrong foot by advertising a BTS feature and not delivering but the movie as a whole shouldn't be taken to task for something like that. Maybe there was a technical reason it wasn't included, a reason coming out at the last minute, after the cover was printed up; although I think printed notice in the form of a sticker for the cover might've been nice to add to let consumers know. Further, the price of the show for a movie under 100 minutes long with no real extras to speak of seemed kind of lame but that's just in comparison to the wave of other titles on the shelves you'll have to choose from. No, my rating of Rent It (a generous rating too) had more to do with there being two well done scenes, the first two in fact, and little else worth your time. I think Skye Blue is a talented and attractive lady but she might want to convince Sex Z Pictures that discerning consumers are expecting more all the time, even those rental outlets that used to simply buy in bulk, regardless of content. After a while, they notice what rents and what doesn't so offering a better deal will pay dividends over a longer period of time whereas offering a skimpy DVD with false advertising will backfire to the point where fans won't trust you any more.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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