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Riveted Rectums 3

Studio: American Hardcore » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/29/05

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Riveted Rectums 3

Lethal Hardcore/Celestial Productions

Genre: Anal

Director: Stoney Curtis

Cast: Sandra Romain, Dave Hardman, Sinita Stone, Phil Gash, Selena Silver, Haley Paige, Talon, Georgia X, Andrew

Length: 129.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/6/2005

Extra's: The best extra was a 4 minute long Behind the Scenes look at the production of the movie. It wasn't enough to satisfy my thirst for extra footage and it had no helpful cast information on the men's identities but at least there was something there. There were also some trailers and a photogallery but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Riveted Rectums 3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Stoney Curtis for distribution by Celestial Productions. The lighting was solid and flat, keeping grain and shadows at bay, and the other visual qualities were handled well enough too. My biggest concern going into the DVD was that it would look like a third tier piece of crap but this was not the case. The composition of the camera angles might've been adjusted a bit to enhance the look of the gals but it was rarely bad and the editing looks to have clipped out any of the weaker material. The stereo audio was in English and pretty basic by most standards although there were times when the gals got so over the top that the track broke up (as though the levels weren't set properly). Overall, I was impressed with the visuals more than the audio but that could be fixed in no time if given a bit more attention.

Body of Review: It should come as no surprise that I like porn, especially given the numerous reviews I've done online over the past 5+ years, and my goal in reviewing has long been to offer up warnings about lousy porn and accolades about good porn, all unaffected by commercial concerns. Having been suckered far too many times by relying on shills, bought reviews (that were so favorable as to be laughable), and box covers that advertised titles as being the best thing ever again and again, I took matters into my own hands (literally of course) and began trying to help others that fell victim to the pitfalls of modern porn. With this in mind, I looked at the Lethal Hardcore release of Riveted Rectums 3, a title that looked really weak by the box cover but surprised me in a few scenes, showing some genuine heat and chemistry where I thought I'd find none. The scenes were unrelated vignettes of hardcore action with anal as the central theme and aside from some fairly minor complaints, the DVD proved to be well worth checking out. That said, here's a brief look at the scenes noting that no condoms were used at all:

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Scene One: Sandra Romain, the featured performer proudly displayed on the front DVD cover, was up first wearing some black lingerie and teasing the camera with her sweet ass outside. Talking about fucking her ass, she showed that she's no stranger to hardcore fun and I knew from experience that she'd be offering up a solid scene. To prepare for the anal action, she used a small anal plug to stretch her tight hole just enough to allow for some penetration, sucking it clean before changing out to a larger vibrator. After that, she got excessive with a technical DP (two toys this time) since I'm sure fans prefer to see a real cock stuffed inside her holes rather than plastic alternatives. Luckily, she crawled into the house on all fours, finding Dave Hardman at full mast ready for some sucking. While not large or exceptionally talented, he represents the average guy in the audience; the kind that can't identify with some of the muscular, well endowed porn studs capable of keeping an erection up for hours on end. Her oral was great and her energetic manner where she took charge of the vaginal screwing (pumping up and down like a maniac) was hot. I've seen her take much larger though and not come off like he was tearing her apart so the over the top vocals could've been taken down a notch or three, yet she offered no pause during the action and her anal was splendid. Fans of taste testing will note that they were well represented here and it ended with a small load to her face.

Scene Two: Sinita Stone, a gal that looked like she spent far too much time in the sun (her face was much like Randy West's…ugh!), claimed to be from Europe and teased the camera in standard mechanical fashion before showing her admittedly curvy ass. Dressed in a blue bikini ensemble, I tried to forget her facial looks in favor of her strong legs and other, finer, attributes as she prepared to have her scene with a vibrator. Her uncredited male partner (I believe he was Phil Gash although he might've been Andrew), was no looker himself so I could see this clash of the titans was going to test me in ways I haven't been tortured in for some time. The oral, vaginal, anal and taste testing were all reasonably well done in terms of following the script but in place of chemistry was the easier to instill energy. Giving her proper credit for skillful cock manipulation, she probably makes a lot of money at her chosen profession (escorting?) and if I had a couple of paper bags to spare, I'd have done her myself (yes, she's a two bagger guys).

Scene Three: Selena Silver, the native Australian that has developed a large following over recent years, was another welcome face in a cast of mixed quality. Her red and black PVC fetish outfit enhanced her already attractive looks and sex appeal in a bedroom scene, where her dirty tongue played an especially large role (dirty talk is a good thing folks). Her lucky partner for the scene was Dave Hardman but I found her tease sequence to be more passionate than his performance in the scene. Using an anal plug to stretch her ass out (with some ATM), she convinced me that she liked the taste of her own ass, repeatedly going back to the well as it were to get some more. Selena's no oral slouch so I was comfortable that she'd offer up some of the best head in the movie (I was right by the way) and the vaginal screwing was well done except for her loudly yelling at a few points in the scene. While she wasn't as aggressive a rider as Sandra in the first scene, it looked like she was having fun throughout the scene. Doing some PTM (pussy to mouth) and more vocalizations, she was nearly too far into the scene to get the anal she claimed to crave but Dave accommodated her nicely here too. He did almost all the work in the boning (letting me down a bit) but it wasn't bad; just limited, regardless of the ATM that was frequently taking place. She could've pulled the scene out of the pack by jerking him off herself but he ended up rubbing out the facial and her inability to swallow all of it (she let most of it slip away by sleight of hand) weakened a scene that had a lot of potential.

Scene Four: Haley Paige, the freshest young cutie of the entire movie, played off on her all natural, all youthful, looks rather than the experience that most of recognize she has these days. Her nice ass looked sweet when bent over and while she did seem to be a few hours shy of the sleep she needed to look her best, few straight men would pass her up if given the chance. Her tease was kind of limited and the masturbation aspect of the show far below what a couple of the others provided but since she was working with studly Talon, I had great hopes for the coming action. He began by oiling up that ass with some baby oil, making it look even better than it did at the beginning (which I though was nearly impossible), and fingered it with some ATM to show she wasn't all talk. I'd have liked the oral better if he didn't dominate her during the whole thing since I've seen her when left to her own devices. It didn't matter much since the two were vaginally screwing after that and the way she was grinding her hips into his cock and alternatively bouncing on it, nearly made me have to take a break. She rode him just as hard in her ass, tasting it like it was sweet candy (much like she did in the vaginal aspects of the movie), and the results were she came off as yet another winner in this plethora of pussy. She took the facial well but also didn't swallow but with a look like hers, you really don't expect it either. Yum!

Scene Five: Georgia X, a "19" year old gal I've seen twice before (once where she claimed to be 20, made before this scene too), was up last. She's a gal next door type with some extra weight and a look that is best described as somewhat better looking than Sinita Stone mentioned above but as a newcomer to porn, she has some potential to shine nonetheless. When she started to tease without her panties on, she was already gaping (ass gaping can be described as a sport to some of you) so I had no doubt that Andrew was going to easily slip inside her. She used a small vibrator on her ass with some ATM but to be fair, she had to hold onto it closely or it might've fallen in to be lost forever. The oral, vaginal, anal formula was followed closely here with PTM and ATM done as though she were getting a bonus check rather than out of passion, lust or desire. She did seem to enjoy the anal action and contributed to the movement by riding him actively but there was little chemistry between them (at least as shown here) so I'll have to admit that her potential wasn't met here either.

Summary: Riveted Rectums 3 offered two very solid scenes and a trio of average bone fests to accompany them. I'll admit that I didn't expect a lot of the DVD given the package it came in (a loose disc without a case doesn't inspire a lot of faith folks) but having been sheltered by higher end companies offerings for years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Celestial Productions/Lethal Hardcore was better than past advertising efforts had led me to believe. I'll look at some of their other releases as able and I'm hoping to find something exceptionally interesting as a result, but considering that I've seen far worse from companies that spend far more on their movies, I'm crossing my fingers as to what I'll see. As far as this DVD goes though, I think a rating of Rent It makes the most sense unless you're a huge fan of the entire cast since it was definitely a mixed bag of tricks but there was enough potential that I can see why a few friends of mine swear by the company and it's releases.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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