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Natural Teen Nymphs 2

Studio: American Hardcore » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/30/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Natural Teen Nymphs 2

Lethal Hardcore/Celestial Productions

Genre: Vignette

Director: Harry Palm

Cast: Jay Storm, Lee Stone, Natalie Knoxx, Reno, Solana, Dave Hardman, Toni Chavez, Lindsay, other males unknown (there were no male talent credits at all on the cover or in the movie).

Length: 125.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/30/2005

Extra's: The best extra was a 8 minute long Behind the Scenes look at the production of the movie. It wasn't enough to satisfy my thirst for extra footage and it had no helpful cast information on the men's identities but at least there was something there. There were also some trailers and a photogallery but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Natural Teen Nymphs 2 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Harry Palm for distribution by Celestial Productions. The lighting was fairly solid and flat, keeping grain and shadows at bay much of the time, and the other visual qualities were handled well enough too. The composition of the camera angles enhanced the look of some gals but it was rarely as good as it could have been given the mixed attractiveness of the cast. The stereo audio was in English and pretty basic by most standards although there were times when the gals got so over the top that the track broke up (as though the levels weren't set properly). Overall, I was impressed with the visuals more than the audio but that could be fixed in no time if given a bit more attention.

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Body of Review: My mission this week was clear; to look at some of the lesser known porn titles coming in from companies fans may not have heard of and determine if they had what it took to make the grade. Well, a lot of it was simply crud with no redeeming qualities so I didn't even bother reviewing it. If we had a place to list one liners or brief, AVN style reviews, I'd have had a field day with some of the trash sent in for review. I know some of you like seeing tranny midget porn or granny fatty porn but if that's the type of movie you enjoy, at least call up the production companies and tell them to use lighting and DVD mastering companies that have been in business for at least a few weeks (you'd be surprised what folks will try and foist on consumers). A title that had a little more potential though, coming in without so much as a sleeve to protect the disc, was Lethal Hardcore's Natural Teen Nymphs 2. Okay, I've figured out that credits aren't in the foreseeable future for releases by the company but what about the performers used in their movies? Well, with this one, there was enough potential to a few of the gals that I hope to see them again. Considering I tend to watch pornos with budgets far larger than this one must've had, that's quite a compliment and the production values weren't bad either (they needed work but not a lot of work as with those aforementioned companies undeserving of even a basic review). Here's a brief look at the scenes by female cast and actions taken, noting that condoms weren't favored by the cast:

Scene One: Jay Storm, a brunette claiming to be 18 years old but looking somewhat older, started off the show by showing her ample bosoms and masturbating outside. Whatever strip club she was recruited from was likely a second or third tier set up but I've seen worse in the last 25 years of watching porn. Her dirty talk seemed forced but the massive Lee Stone didn't seem to mind as she joined him inside the house. Looking at her crotch under the harsh realities of the lighting, I'd have wrapped my cock at least twice before diving into the mess she had going but again, Lee's not going to pass up a job where he gets paid to pound pussy. Her oral used extensive hand action since his shaft was too large for her (she gagged on about a third of it). He wisely passed up the chance to taste her pussy in favor of boning it into submission. She wasn't able to handle it vaginally very far either and her over the top yelping nearly caused me to turn off the sound. She did some PTM and rode about half his shaft in cowgirl with more energy than she initially showed but I found it interesting that she was more able to handle him anally. It was an unexciting scene to watch on my television (it was probably better close up and personal) and even with her ATM and facial, it showed she had a long way to go before making it to the big leagues of porn.

Scene Two: Natalie Knoxx, a kind of cute brunette with a slight overbite that looked like she had a couple of kids due to her sagging breasts (if she was 18, she must've had them when she was just hitting puberty), was up next with Reno and some other uncredited guy on a couch inside. I didn't like that she had some kind of warts and crotch rash but if you forget about them and the stretch marks, she's a dream gal (sarcasm aside, I've done worse on a bet but that was a long time ago). The guys looked like they needed a body shave and a few more inches of meat to work in the big leagues; essentially, they were about average in size and nothing to write home about (no wonder they wanted to be uncredited). The oral was okay and the boning action had the guys doing most of the work so your mileage will vary in this scene too. I remember when amateur porn was "the next big thing" and this would've fit right in with that wave had it panned out. The scene ended with some oral too and the guys jerked out moderate loads that didn't scare her but even the post coital sucking couldn't save this scene from itself.

Scene Three: Solana, started the next scene by walking up the stairs to show off her large ass, claiming to be 18 once she got back down. If you like a heavier than average gal, she'll fit the bill and while most of you will likely find her face unappealing, I didn't mind looking at it here. I liked how she rubbed lotion onto herself and even though she would greatly benefit from some time in the gym (like most people), I'd have guessed her age at something like 25. Her partner for the scene was the lean, mean, boning machine known as Dave Hardman; a skinny guy with an average sized piece of wood that has been in porn for a very long time. She appeared to know her way around a cock as well as most gals working the street (or in porn) for years, and I laughed when she commented about how well she sucked him off for an 18 year old. Plausibility aside, the POV angle worked well for her skilled lips and the screwing itself (vaginal only though) managed to keep my interest far more readily than the two previous gals. The ending titty fuck was better than the extremely small pop shot but I'd like to see more of her in action.

Scene Four: Toni Chavez, also claimed to be very young but the closer the camera got, the more I questioned her comments about it. She had some nice curves and her ass looked like it had been worked over a few thousand times in the recent past but in general, she was doable from a distance. She was unfortunate enough to work with an uncredited pencil dick guy and I thought her paunch of baby fat worked better for her than it would for me but she was a lazy fuck during most of the scene. I hate when the guy does all the work and I don't care who knows it. She had a lot of untapped potential but I blame her partner more than her for it. In any case, she took the load to her face, clamping down to prevent any of his semen from entering her mouth. She might be better with a better partner but I doubt I'll ever find out.

Scene Five: Lindsay, the hot 18 year old blonde featured on the front DVD cover, was up last after teasing the camera outside. To me, she looked about 21 or 22 but I'm not going to fuss about the age discrepancies since she was very cute. The masturbation sequence could've been better but she warmed up to her two partners, Dave Hardman and another uncredited guy (whose sunglasses made him look retarded). The oral was well done and those of you who like seeing two cocks rubbed together in a gal's mouth will be in Heaven with this one. The guys then took turns screwing her pussy while she blew the other and while it wasn't enough of a turn on that I'd stroke off to it, she had some talent worth exploring. The guys jerked off to her face and she was receptive enough to barely flinch, proving she may have a place in porn with a little bit of coaching.

Summary: Natural Teen Nymphs 2 sent me mixed signals based as much on the production issues as the casting for the movie. I wanted to be nicer to them for the fact that they were close enough in some major areas but I'd be remiss if I rated this as anything more than a Skip It. Only one scene worked at all for me in any noticeable manner and that had a lot of flaws to it as well. If you like the idea of seeing brand new faces in your porn viewing, by all means rent this one and see if the style is what you've been missing out on (I'm not a snob; a lot of people hate high end production values and beautiful women). I've seen some other releases by the company that were better but they need to polish up the rough edges more before selling these to the public (unless they want to drastically lower their prices to provide better fuck for the buck value). In all, Natural Teen Nymphs 2 was heavily flawed but salvageable as a series with a few minor adjustments, hopefully director Harry Palm will work on it for next time.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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