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Just Turned 18 #3

Studio: American Hardcore » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/30/05

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Just Turned 18 #3

Lethal Hardcore/Celestial Productions

Genre: Vignette

Director: Harry Palm

Cast: Tiffany Taylor, Talon, Jersey Jaxin, John/Dirty Harry, Mary Anne, Brooklyn Night, Georgia X; other males uncredited and lesser known

Length: 123 minutes

Date of Production: 4/9/2005

Extra's: The best extra was a 14.5 minute long Behind the Scenes look at the production of the movie. It wasn't enough to satisfy my thirst for extra footage and it had no helpful cast information on the men's identities but at least there was something there. There were also some trailers and a photogallery but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Just Turned 18 #3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Harry Palm for distribution by Celestial Productions under his Lethal Hardcore line. The lighting was fairly solid and flat, keeping grain and shadows at bay much of the time, and the other visual qualities were handled well enough too. The composition of the camera angles enhanced the look of some gals but it was rarely as good as it could have been given the look of the cast. The stereo audio was in English and pretty basic by most standards. The gals were not all vocal in their acts and none of them were outlandishly screaming but there was no separation between the channels or dynamic range worth mentioning so consider it was slightly below average this time. Overall, I was impressed with the visuals more than the audio but that could be fixed in no time if given a bit more attention.

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Body of Review: Like most of you out there, I'm a sucker for a hot looking gal on the cover of a porno (I always have been and always will be). This, of course, leads to buyers regret (in my case, reviewer's regret since I get a fair amount of free porn) since once I pop the title in my DVD player, I tend to find that the budget was largely spent on the DVD cover and not the movie itself. This is a time tested truism that has been a fact for years yet even with the advent of the internet, we all fall prey to it from time to time. Just look at some of the recent Jenna Jameson titles on the market and you'll see what I mean (and that comes from a huge company). Okay, today's little foray into porn involved a cover with a hotty called Mary Anne on it, entitled Just Turned 18 #3. I knew she looked too good to be true and if I went with my instincts, you wouldn't be reading this review right now. Regardless, the movie is one of those basic "younger is better" releases where all the gals lie and say they're 18, no matter how long they've been in porn or what they've claimed in the past. Don't get me wrong, most of them could pass for late teens or early 20's but then the title would sound weak ("fairly young gals #3" doesn't have quite the same appeal, yes?). In any case, the title held up well to many of the other releases on the market but the limitations were such that you'd better read something about each scene to make up your own mind about whether or not you'll like it. With an uncredited male cast and no condoms, here's my take on the scenes:

Scene One: Tiffany Taylor, a lean, all natural brunette claiming to be 18 years old (like the rest of the cast, she doesn't appear to be 18 but early 20's in this case; in Teens Cumming of Age she said she was 19), was up first as she stripped off her already minimal clothing and masturbated on a couch that looked like it came from the 1950's. It all, she had a nice look to her and she lucked out by getting Talon as her partner. She sucked him off well enough but she focused her attention on the camera, like a deer in the headlights, and that lowered the heat for me more than a little bit. Talon was correct that she had pretty eyes but they'd have looked a lot prettier if captured in POV fashion (there was some of this but hardly enough to mention). The two went to screwing vaginally and she was fairly active in reverse cowgirl (with some PTM) but she ran out of steam far too soon and that limited her appeal. If she remembers that the camera isn't capturing how good she feels to her partner and adjusts her performance accordingly, she could make far better use of her potential. The scene ended with her taking a facial with some post coital sucking but it wasn't bad.

Scene Two: Jersey Jaxin, a tiny brunette weighing 92 pounds and coming from Texas, complained about not being able to find clothes due to her small figure (in the BTS extra). I last saw her in Cum Drippers 8 where she claimed to be 23 years old (so much for the youth theme, huh?) but I think she's a cutie regardless of age so I won't fuss about age much this time. Heck, I'd card her at a club myself so she could probably pull off the age game if no one paid much attention. Fans of small gals will likely find her very appealing and her all natural breasts were smaller than mine so with minimal work, she could be a bigger name too. Her cheerleader outfit and dirty mouth didn't hurt her either although the natural lighting worked better for her complexion than the lighting during the scene indoors. I liked her solo action but someone wasted what appeared to be a whole bottle of lube, ruining the effect of the scene initially. I think Harry called him "John" (but his thin mustache and old body looked exactly like Dirty Harry from one of the recent Jenna Jameson movies) and his uncircumcised penis looked huge compared to her tiny mouth. The gagging noises were a bit much but her oral was otherwise decent. She was okay at riding him in her itty bitty pussy, showing more potential than chemistry with this guy old enough to be her grandfather. It ended with him jerking off into her mouth and she swallowed all three drops too.

Scene Three: Mary Anne, the hotty from the front DVD cover claimed it was her 18th birthday here and her first scene She looked a lot like a younger version of that borg lady from the Star Trek Voyager series (Jeri Ryan) and her white lingerie really looked good on her. From my perspective, she looked to have a lot of practice before a camera for her "18th birthday" but it's possible she has a bunch of home movies lying around at home too. She had the misfortune of getting two generic guys, both uncredited (and both regulars in Lethal Hardcore productions sad to say), and neither with the skills to properly test drive this cutie. The oral and vaginal sex was okay in some ways but appeared to be as practiced as the masturbation action, leading me to believe that she either watches as much porn as I do (hardly likely), did a lot of internet shoots before this one, or she has used aliases in other productions. Whatever the case; the mechanical action on her part didn't show me any heat. I'm sure with a bit of work, she could become a contract star for one of the bigger companies due to her looks alone but she'd need a spark of life to make it big. The scene ended with both guys popping off on her lovely face but it was nothing special.

Scene Four: Brooklyn Night, also claimed in Teens Cumming of Age to be 19 while ending up as 18 here, but fans of gals with the trailer park appeal will find her all natural body appealing on some level. During the oral, there was some POV work going on but it made her look like she was cross eyed and her skills with a meat pipe lacked anything noteworthy. The screwing was almost completely done by her uncredited partner, and her PTM action didn't do much for me, but she did begin to warm to a cock in her pussy in the cowgirl position. Her vocals were solid but the best thing about her was that she did anal (where none of the others did) and it looked like it hurt her even with the huge volume of lube applied to his cock. She was once again lifeless as could be and while she did a tiny spot of ATM (ass to mouth), she took the facial as though it were toxic waste.

Scene Five: Georgia X, a curvy blonde who in Barely 18 #19 claimed to be 20 years old but regressed in age for this movie, mechanically read off her lines as she stripped off her clothes. If you like chunky gals, she'll work well for you and I've found plenty to appreciate myself although no one will ever claim she's a classic beauty (I'd bet she usually works as a stripper in a hole in the wall club). The vocals she gave contrasted with Brooklyn in that they seemed so staged. Her two partners were the tattooed regular Harry uses and studly Talon; both getting their knobs slobbed handily. They spent some time readying her and the vaginal sex wasn't bad but it wasn't her best work either. She has potential but to date, most of it has gone unrealized given the manner in which she goes through the motions.

Summary: Just Turned 18 #3 was a Rent It for me due to the way the cast performed more than anything else. Yeah, the production values needed some polishing up and the advertised "Six Girls" must've figured Georgia as a double bubble (she looked good to me and probably weighed close to twice what Jersey weighed in at) since only five were present (and remember that this is formulaic porn; I have no doubt there was always supposed to be five gals) but some of them showed a heck of a lot of potential at their craft and with some guidance, a few could make it into bigger and better productions. This is the same case for many of the other Lethal Hardcore productions I've watched recently; they are very close to tapping into something on a higher level but seem to accept mediocrity too readily. I'm crossing my fingers that they get their act together since such directing talent seems wasted when a few more steps could improve the movies made so much but like most porn, comfort zones tend to keep some people in place while others try to excel.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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