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Studio: Colossal Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Colossal Entertainment

Genre: Feature

Director: Dan Silver

Cast: Michelle B., Scott Nails, Cherokee, Tommy Gunn, Tyla Wynn, Kurt Lockwood, Kinzie Kenner, Sascha, Tiffany Holiday

Length: 127 minutes

Dates of Production: 2/21/2005, 2/22/2005

Extra's: The best extra by far was the ~33 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Andy Romanoff that combined a photoshoot, some interviews, some sex & nudity, and general production mayhem. In all, it was one of my favorite non-structured BTS extras in a long time. There was also a slide show but that really didn't do a lot for me if you catch my drift.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fuckeroos was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Dan Silver for Colossal Entertainment. Considering the movie consisted almost completely of living room scenes and a few stock shots, it should've looked perfect and it was very pleasant to view in that sense. The fleshtones were accurate, the grain level minimal due to solid lighting in most cases, and the only major weakness that bothered me was how some of the compositional matters detracted from the gals (at times). The camera moved around like they were shooting on the Titanic and the editing didn't handle covering the issues well enough in my book. There were no compression artifacts or video noise though so I standby my comments that it looked good otherwise.

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Body of Review: As someone who has long appreciated movie types using Western themes in their releases, I try to seek them out to see how interesting they can be. Admittedly, few reach the pinnacle of cool like Firefly did but even in adult entertainment, you have to give credit for those willing to reach out to the masses that favor such themes. The latest of these is a small release by Colossal Entertainment called Fuckeroos, a play on the old "buckaroos" I remember bandied about as a kid. The movie was merely a weakly connected set of sex scenes with the performers acting (poorly) as though they were from the West but I like enough of them to appreciate the limitations of porn in terms of budget and time so setting that aside, I took a look at the sexual antics of the cast as the primary reason for this review. Here's a brief look at what took place, noting that condoms weren't used and the cast was generally talented at what they did:

Scene One: Michelle B., the blonde wearing the pink & white corset and blue jean skirt on the front center of the DVD cover, was up first in a scene inside a diner with scruffy Scott Nails. She's easily the most well known gal of the movie and while her English accent and tig old bitties (implants mind you) seemed out of place in the western themed show, her sheer energy outpaced the other gals in most ways. On top of that, her skill with a meat pipe was exceptionally heated. Her oral was well done and her vocal attitude while taking his penis inside her tight pussy in so many positions showed she hasn't lost her appeal. At the end of this nearly 30 minute long scene, I was feeling the quality of her performance more than a jaded old porn hound like me had the right to, even though she only took his load to her ample chest.

Scene Two: Cherokee, the muscular little vixen barely displayed in the background of the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, and studly Tommy Gunn, were up next. I'll admit to having a thing for this hot little MILF even though her implants and Kentucky accent stood out even more than her bad acting (they ALL had bad acting here though). Her oral was also talented as she used hands and eye contact to enhance his pleasure during the splendid oral. She seemed to appreciate it when he returned the favor of oral on her too although I'd have to admit that he seemed to relish the taste as much as most men would. Finally, her energetic bouncing during the vaginal sex was terrific as she displayed the talent I've long (and hard) noticed in her with the sexual aggressiveness far above the usual performer who seems to think letting the guy do all (or most) of the work is acceptable (it isn't). It ended with a small pop shot to her mouth but her performance was solid all the way. Yum!

Scene Three: Tyla Wynn, another gal cheated on the front DVD cover with a subdued picture on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, showed her crazy gal look in a scene with Kurt Lockwood by the fireplace. I liked her ass cheek-less chaps and no one could convince me that this gal isn't a force to be reckoned with in a sex scene (her skills have considerably grown over the last year). Her well done oral included some ass licking on Kurt (he loves it as much as most men comfortable with their sexuality do) and he snacked on her crack in a pretty interesting manner too. His tattoo's were even more out of place than the implants on the other gals but her aggressive sexuality during the vaginal sex more than made up for it. The anal wasn't her best work; I've seen her really get into it a lot better than she did here, but he did give her a pounding and fans will have a lot to like about it. It ended when she swallowed his load down easily, giving this scene a fair bit of replay value too.

Scene Four: Kinzie Kenner, a decent looking woman with an average porn body, was up next in a scene with foreign stud Sascha. If you like younger gals, she'll appeal to you more than a guy like me that prefers better sexual skills but she wasn't bad there either. She was displayed on the lower right hand corner of the front DVD cover in her camisole and blue jean shorts with the straw hat. She did have an all natural chest, a good thing in my book, but compared to the energy and chemistry the previous gals showed in their scenes, her performance fell somewhat flat. I noticed a distinctive layer change during the scene while she was riding his lap, something I wouldn't have paid much attention to if she had been more into the scene (the performance wasn't bad but it was mechanical at times). It wasn't bad but it sure wasn't her best work (splitting hairs, I'd have to say she did a better job at Evil Angel).

Scene Five: Tiffany Holiday, the plain looking gal shown on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up last in a scene with Kurt Lockwood on the couch. I've seen her looking much better elsewhere but fans of younger, leaner gals will likely appreciate her "obtainable" look (some of you seem to prefer plain gals that you think you'll have a chance with over the more glamorous ones you think are out of your league; trust me that for the right price, they're ALL obtainable just as most of them wouldn't touch you for free). Her oral skills weren't bad but not nearly as good as in Teen America and the boning action wasn't as well done elsewhere either. She took anal like it hurt (at first anyway) but warmed up to it in due time so I can't say it was an exceptional scene but fans of the trailer park crowd will undoubtedly get into it as their shining hope to get some.

Summary: Fuckeroos looked to be a cheapo release by a second tier (maybe third tier) company from the DVD cover but upon watching it, I liked it enough to rate it as Recommended. I'm not going to argue that the cast were all at their best or that the production values were superior to the rest of the market but the sexual energy and chemistry most of the performers displayed combined with an interesting Behind the Scenes feature gave it some significant replay value. I can't deny that Cherokee, Michelle and Tyla played no role in this decision since they gave what amounted to 110% in their respective scenes but given some of the criticism I've tossed at Colossal in the last year, I try to balance out the bad when the good comes along. With some more spit and polish, the movie could've been better but I had some fun watching it and it made me hard most of the time so I can tell you that it did what it was supposed to do; something not all modern porn is capable of.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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