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Bomb Ass White Booty 2

Studio: West Coast Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/05

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Bomb Ass White Booty 2

West Coast Productions

Genre: Interracial

Director: T.B.

Cast: Isabella "Isobel" Soprano, Prince, Brock, Kami Andrews, Mr. Marcus, Mystic/Mysty, Rico, Nina Hartley, Sophie Dee

Length: 133.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/4/2005 (box); 5/8/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The extras only included some trailers, a photogallery, and a double sided DVD cover. Unlike Bomb Ass White Booty 1, there was no Behind the Scenes feature; a disappointment since the DVD cover advertised "Bloopers" on the back and the initial appeal of the BTS feature in the first volume.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bomb Ass White Booty 2 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director T.B. for West Coast Productions. The fleshtones were accurate but the lighting on the indoor sequences was a bit spotty with a number of shadows and grainy moments to detract from the action. There were numerous other minor flaws such as some jumpy edits or times when the outdoor lighting was too strong for the camera (in some cases, it looked like the camera settings were adjusted on the fly) but the worst visual aspect was how some of the camera angles were unfavorable to the look of the gals (showing off implant waves, lines on their faces, and other imperfections that better camera work or editing could've hidden). Compositional errors aside, I thought the majority of action was captured nicely but a little more polishing up of the scenes would've made it much better. Lastly, there were no compression artifacts or video noise. The stereo audio was another mixed bag of tricks with some audio drop outs taking place, some levels that suddenly changed without warning, and less attention to detail than I prefer but it wasn't bad in most ways.

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Body of Review: It should come as no surprise by now that I like to watch nice asses wiggle around on my television set. Most of that fixation comes from the deep recesses of my twisted mind as guided throughout the years by porn and personal experience. This played well into today's review of Bomb Ass White Booty 2, a movie about black men giving their loving to white gals in the spirit of the original Bomb Ass White Booty 1. The results were more mixed this time with a few really weak performances (one dreadfully so) but also a couple well worth watching at least once. Sadly, anal sex was not the primary focus of the scenes, just the curvier asses the gals showed off, so fans of anal sex might want to skip this one now rather than end up all disappointed. That said, here's a look at the latest in the series, with no condoms used to get in the way of your pleasure:

Scene One: Isabella "Isobel" Soprano, an okay looking gal with a few extra pounds wearing a black bra and skirt outfit, was up first as she claimed to want to ditch her white boyfriend in favor of a few black guys. Her primary partner was Prince Yasur, a Spike Lee looking guy, and his partner Brock(?), both of whom had no problems with doing the curvy racist (racism works both ways friends) in her boyfriend's bed. While not the lead performer of the show (she didn't even rate a spot on the front DVD cover), she managed to handle the men with the usual professional attitude she shows in most of her scenes (a bit mechanical but well within usual boundaries of acceptable behavior). Her oral skills were sadly lacking as she could barely take half their shafts in her mouth (one at a time mind you) and she looked in pain when taking either of their moderate cocks in her pussy. The boning wasn't displayed all that well (you couldn't even see if she was getting nailed in her pussy or ass) and her crotch looked very blemished so it wasn't a great start to the movie.

Scene Two: Kami Andrews, the kinky brunette displayed on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover, has never been one of my favorite performers for some unknown reason but she certainly shined in her scene with Mr. Marcus here. The fishnet body stocking and black top she wore during her extensive and eye pleasing tease sequence was better than the entire thirty minutes of the movie before her. With some masturbation and toy use, she looked great outdoors and pretty good inside on the couch where the sex took place. Her oral skills were top notch, her vaginal boning nearly drained me dry and her anal antics were extremely heated as she showed the kind of chemistry and passion that made her shine like a star in the sky compared to the fizzled performance before her. The taste testing (PTM and ATM) was also well done and I forgot why I wasn't a fan after watching this one. It ended when he jerked off onto her ass and she licked him clean in this powerful scene. Yow!

Scene Three: Mystic, the cute gal in the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, was notable for her slightly flabby ass as she teased the camera in her lingerie get up. There was nothing that some time in the gym couldn't fix but studly Rico didn't seem to care one bit as she inhaled much of his shaft into her wet, willing mouth. It was a sloppy blowjob complete with streamers and made her seem almost as talented as Kami before her at times. She couldn't handle much of the shaft but at least she kept trying until he began boning her pussy. She yelled out as though he were hurting her and he did all of the work so the scene fell short of fun for me as seeing a gal in pain isn't my cup of tea.

Scene Four: Nina Hartley, a legend in anal porn since her Anal Annie series over 20 years ago, was up next with lucky Prince after she teased the camera with her dancing skills. As a guy that has been within a few inches of her ass, I can testify to the solid nature of it as recently as a few years ago, and those who think the porn adage "the younger, the better" is truthful, should spend some time with this gal. While I've never liked her implants, I can't deny her appeal on many levels and she was fitter than half the gals of the movie that were half her age. She also seemed to savor the cock in her mouth, going at it as though she were really into the action more than simply making a living; something that's easy to lose sight of these days with the mechanical nature of gals like Isabella above dominating the industry. I was kind of surprised that she had unprotected sex with him given her many speeches in the past but the biggest disappointment was the lack of anal from her. She was a great fuck here with more energy than anyone except Kami and it was good to see her in action again though regardless of the limitations of the scene. It ended with him rubbing out a load to her mouth but it was a small load.

Scene Five: Sophie Dee, the blonde on the lower right hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up last as she teased the camera for a moment in her stripper outfit. While she had some junk in her trunk too, her curves were nice enough that I could see why she was bent over on the cover (if she stood up straight, she didn't look quite as appealing). Her partners were Prince and Rico(?) with her pretty eyes and face reminding me of a youthful version of the popular Vicky Vette. The only problem with that analogy is that Vicky has a lot more sexual skill so even though Sophie wasn't bad; she has a very long way to go to reach her soul sister's level of ability. The oral was good and the boning was also decent although I wish she looked at her partners more than the camera as it moved around the trio. It ended with two loads into her mouth but she didn't swallow them down and her deer in the headlights look distracted me.

Summary: Bomb Ass White Booty 2 was worth a rating of Rent It to me, almost exclusively due to Kami and Nina's two scenes. Sophie seemed clueless, Mystic appeared to be in pain the whole time, and Isabella mailed in what amounted to her worst performance ever in a porno. This combined poorly with the lack of decent extras and some significant production flaws that recurred throughout the movie, giving it really weak replay value. There is a lot of potential in the idea here but how that potential gets turned into reality makes a world of difference to reviewers like me who really try our best to pay attention rather than fall into the "any naked chicks action is great" like some of you seem to believe. Based on this DVD though, I know I'll be looking for more Kami Andrews scenes since she really starred in the movie and made it worth suffering through the weaker scenes.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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