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Studio: Lava Releasing » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/6/05

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Lava Releasing/Slave 2 Lust Productions

Genre: Feature

Director: The Baron

Cast: Brianna Beach, Jason Steele, Hollie Stevens, Lars, Kami Andrews, Flower Tucci

Length: 117.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/1/2004 (box); "October 2004" (credits)

Extra's: The only extras were some trailers and a photogallery.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Cousins was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by the director known only as "The Baron" for distribution by Lava Releasing under the Slave 2 Lust label. While not as poorly shot as the last release of his I reviewed, it was borderline amateur porn with weaker than average lighting, a fair amount of grain, some compression artifacts, and even some minor video noise. The composition of the shots appeared to be an attempt to offer slightly different angles, some of which really didn't work and others that were margin at best. That the second scene broke up and nearly locked up two DVD players was just icing on the cake in terms of low quality DVD mastering but it's my belief that the company tried to save a couple of bucks and paid the price. The stereo audio was in English and while it sounded hollow on most occasions, it actually wasn't as bad as the majority of reddish visuals (which were a factor a couple of places in the movie).

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Body of Review: Those of us who've been watching porn since the 1970's probably remember the award winning Taboo starring Kay Parker (I fondly remember Dorothy nearly as much though); a story about the taboos of incest. Well, considering that such stories can get your ass prosecuted in some places now, the domestic market generally treats such themes as poison since the mere fact that it sets off a handful of courts in a few jurisdictions is enough for most companies to steer clear of the headaches involved. That was why I was interested in a little title by Lava Releasing/Slave 2 Lust Productions called Cousins last week. The movie is about a series of sexual liaisons between cousins, and an uncle in one case, in an attempt to capture some of the controversy involved in the subject at hand. Personally, I have the same sort of cousins most people have; some are about as physically attractive as the old woman working the counter at your local deli while others would make Jenna Jameson wet with desire (I know all kinds of perverts lust after them too). In either case, I really don't have a lot of attraction to them due to the same societal programming most of us adhere to. Most of the taboo comes from the fact that relations between genetically close people have a far greater tendency to yield babies with many flaws. This has been recognized even before the concept of genetics was discovered and the Bible treats the subject as very bad (at least in most cases). As a result, movies with this as a theme tend to be harder to find on store shelves, as is this one. That said, the movie spent a lot of time with cute covergal Brianna Beach and if you like her, you'll like the movie even with all its technical flaws. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that there was a condom used in one scene:

Scene One: Brianna Beach, the attractive gal on the front DVD cover, was up first in a scene with Jason Steele that started after the two flirted together and got all horned up by masturbating in separate rooms. Her all natural body and cute face appeal to me more than an overly made up tart approach that so many other performers take these days yet the camera work was so limited here (kid with anew toy approach) that even a cutie like her lost some of her magic. She walked in on him in the bathroom and the two talked on the bed leading to the inevitable sex. She seduced him with some oral and he reciprocated with some on her in a 69. They did some vaginal screwing (with PTM-pussy to mouth) and foot play but they stopped a few times as if to catch their breath and I actually liked the scene in how amateurish it looked.

Scene Two: Hollie Stevens, playing a nosy girlfriend/cousin, talked to Brianna Beach on the bed as they discussed the last scene like a couple of perverts. Brianna's tease action in the shower was nice and when she laid on the bed naked, I knew what was going to happen. It started off with a few kisses and led to the two of them doing an all out lesbian scene on the bed. They ate each other out, used the toy for some boning action, and continued on until Jason Steele joined them (after walking in on them in full porn scene mode). He used a condom this time and boned away at those happy little vaginas, concentrating his efforts on Hollie this time. It ended when he stroked off for them and they greedily lapped up his semen. Of importance is that the scene had some technical problems breaking up and would barely play without a little assistance (scanning through part of it).

Scene Three: Brianna Beach, in yet another scene, seduced her uncle Lars in the home gymnasium after openly discussing her leaning to keep it in the family. Being a guy, she had to make the first movie as she sucked and jerked off his meat to get things rolling. The action reverted to form and he went down on her before they had some vaginal sex to finish it off with. The scene wasn't very special, even though I liked Brianna's look (especially compared to the previous scenes).

Scene Four: Kami Andrews, the brunette sex crazed gal with the splendid ass, and Flower Tucci, a gal known world wide for her anal antics with Seymore Butts, were up next in what was billed as a strip club scene. The "club" was merely a stripper pole set inside a small living room with a couple of metallic walls and regular linoleum floor to complete the effect. After some heel sucking by Flower, she worked her way down to the source of all pleasure on a heated Kami, sucking her pussy and ass as she played with them. They reversed roles to allow Flower some fun at Kami's tasting expense and the two then used a large glass dildo on one another in each hole (actually two of them with plenty of taste testing). Flower then stuck most of her hands inside Kami (one in the ass and the other in her friend's pussy) as she went down on her. Flower than did her pissing (some would claim squirting) routine all over Kami and the two rounded out the scene rubbing asses on the stripper pole (with foot fetish and other acts while the director barked out some orders). The scene then abruptly ended.

Summary: Cousins was neither cutting edge nor was it worth devoting a lot of time looking for unless you happen to think performer Brianna Beach is the be all, end all performer of all time. Personally, I'd like to see her working for a more established company that will get the lighting, camera angles, and other technical attributes right to see if she really is as wonderful as I think she is in a performance but it may be that the harsh glare of proper lighting will weaken her grip on my lust too. In either case, due to her and some very heated antics by Flower Tucci and Kami Andrews in the last scene, I'm going to rate this one as a Rent It. The cast was decent enough (except maybe the old guy trying too hard to be a clone of Mike Horner) and there was some stroke value but the movie wasn't edgy enough to really make it worth spending a lot of time and money seeking it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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