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Jack's Playground 25

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/13/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Jack's Playground 25: The Big Guns Are Back!

Digital Playground

Genre: Comedy

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Randy Wright, Tommy Gunn, Sandra Romain, Dale DaBone, Rocki Roads, John Decker, Nikki Benz, Mark Ashley, Melanie Jagger, Joey Ray, Tera Patrick, Aramas Feldina, Selrahc Renard, Kelli Tyler

Length: 114 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/16/1998, 2/7/2001, 1/30/2004, 8/9/2004, 8/26/2004, 9/16/2004, 9/18/2004

Extra's: I wish this were not the case but the only extras were the usual photogallery and trailers to movies like Posh Kitten, Teagan: All American Girl, Devon: Decadence, Teen America 5, Devon: Erotique, Teagan: Erotique, Contract Star, Story of J, Sex in the Valley, Teen America, No Limits, Rush, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Erotique, Jack's Playground, The Hitman, Beat The Devil, but also an interesting 6.5 minute montage for the Jack's Playground series that even quoted me, although it credited me as being from Adult DVD Empire (not a bad thing) and used my most negative comment from my dozen or so reviews of the series (proving that Digital Playground has a sense of humor).

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Jack's Playground 25 was presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 ratio color. The colors were sometimes a bit too saturated but aside from some minor grain and video noise, the show looked good (except for one scene as it had some lighting issues) and never distracted from the sex taking place. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English but the use of the audio format was not really great since most of the sound came from the center channel. While this comes as no surprise, especially since the budget of most porn movies is so small, Digital Playground is world-renowned for being on the leading edge of technology and a number of fans, me included, appreciate their efforts. The difference between this volume and previous ones was that a number of the scenes were older and cropped to fit the current aspect ratio but also in how they weren't as technically solid as the newer work from the company.

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Body of Review: Fans of comedy porn know that about once a month or so, they can depend on getting a new volume of the Jack's Playground series from Robby D and Digital Playground. While some volumes have literally smoked the screen, others were kind of weak by comparison. Robby's had a lot of experience in this genre and I generally trust that he'll offer up some heated sex, even if an entire volume isn't up to snuff each time. The general concept of the series is this: Robby pretends to be a music video director, using this status to get hotties to strip and have sex on camera. As often as not, the gals will have a solo masturbation scene, and there'll be a lot of good natured teasing about something or other as the primary thread of a particular episode. In the latest release of the series, Jack's Playground 25: The Big Guns Are Back!, there were no solo scenes but there was a whole lot more sex taking place, including sex with some of the bigger names in porn, particularly Tera Patrick in an unreleased scene from her days as a contract gal for Digital Playground. I know I've fussed about length of the episodes so it really pleases me to tell you that this one lasted nearly two hours; a series high if I recall correctly. That said, here's a brief look at the variety of scenes, noting that some of them do use condoms:

Scene One: Randy Wright, a lean stripper claiming to be 19 years old, was notable for her clear green eyes more than anything else to me as she toyed with studly Tommy Gunn on the couch. If you like the very lean gals, she'll appeal to you although she looked like she had facial plastic surgery here (it might've been the lighting). Her oral was nice but far too short and the duo was screwing vaginally within mere moments by my accounting of time. Her over the top vocals didn't do a lot for me here but she calmed down and the scene got better with time too. One of the funnier parts of the movie was how Tommy apparently had some issue dropping a load so it was played up throughout the rest of the movie (hopefully Tommy has a good sense of humer since he could probably snap Robby in two if he wanted to). In any case, Randy looked a lot like a younger, less muscular version of Aria so even if this wasn't her best work, it wasn't bad either.

Scene Two: Sandra Romain, a foreign brunette known for some of the best scenes in modern porn, was up next with pretty boy Dale DaBone in a bedroom scene that had no introduction outside of a cartoon version of her riding a broom (as a witch mind you) outside a haunted house. While I admit that I didn't "get it", I knew she'd be great in her scene due to her skill and general energy levels displayed time and again in her work. I was right (this time) and her fishnet top and skirt seemed to work for her image a lot better than the caricature presented since she showed off that sweet ass of hers during the oral (nice oral too) almost as much as when she was bouncing on Dale's penis. The camera lost focus a few times during the scene but she wasn't one to care as she energetically and frantically offered up anything he wanted, including three fingers in her ass. After some PTM (pussy to mouth), this led to the anal sex where Dale rode her bareback with ATM (ass to mouth) before blowing a large load to her mouth. Whew!

Scene Three: Rocki Roads, the gal in the middle of the front DVD cover with the pretty necklace and large implants, was up next in a scene from long ago with John Decker in a barn. I believe that the scene was cropped to achieve the widescreen effect shown here but it still looked good as the couple had some fun inside a horse stall of a small barn open to sunlight. Her oral was slow and methodical rather than the current trend of slamming it in and out as fast as possible so some of you will appreciate it all the more. She was a hot performer that made precious few movies but revisiting her here was kind of cool too. He snacked on her crack before vaginally screwing her but she wasn't in top form as he did most of the work. It ended when he popped off on her curvy ass and the scene was definitely worth watching for fans of hers (and those about to become fans).

Scene Four: Nikki Benz, the curvy blonde on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was next up in the revisiting of established stars. Her contract with another company has kept her off the market from working with high end companies like Digital Playground but she was looking pretty good here in this parody of the Teen America series. Her partner was Mark Ashley and the two had some solid fun here with oral starting off with him going down on her. She gave a little in return and the two proceeded to bone. He did most of the work here and her breasts, particularly the right one, looked like it had a nasty rash but her fans won't care since they seem inclined to buy anything with her in it (she could wear a burlap sack and they'd run right out to buy anything with her in it from my experience). Mark rubbed out a load onto her face and what was the weakest scene for me in the whole show ended.

Scene Five: Melanie Jagger, in another scene with little introduction, was up next with Joey Ray on a bed. The show pegged her as "the fat chick" that was turned on by "all you can eat buffets" but I wasn't turned off by her ample curvage. In the history of the world, gals with curves like this have been considered far more often appealing than those with boyish bodies (look inward people; what type do you really like?) and her all natural bountiful bosoms looked good, even pierced as they were. Her sexual skills were as solid as any of the other women here and she liked it a bit rough so that worked in her favor too. Fans of sexually aggressive gals that enjoy what they do might want to look into her performances (starting with this one of course) and her chemistry with Joey during the oral, vaginal and anal sex was undeniable.

Scene Six: Tera Patrick, the well known superstar performer formerly associated with Digital Playground, was up in a scene long lost to time. Her partners were Aramas Feldina and Selrahc Renard (which was which, I don't know) and the scene started off with her on a road trip of sorts. Her fans will know this was done sometime between Tera Patrick's first anal scene and Tera Patrick's Vivid Comeback; probably close to when she made Tera Patrick's Dreamy Island Adventure but the fact of the matter is that she wasn't all that special in the scene. I'm not saying I'd have turned her down but compared to the more sexually robust Melanie, youthful Randy, or beautiful Rocky, the scene paled. That said, since Tera makes so few movies these days, any scene with her in it that hasn't already surfaced is an event all by itself (surprisingly, her newest work has been much better than expected though). It had the most prominent condoms of a modern porno (opting for the highly visible type rather than the flesh colored ones) but other than her exotic look, (in this scene at least) she's not even in the same league as Digital Playground's current crop of contract stars.

Scene Seven: Kelli Tyler, another hot young cutie that would work well in the Teen America series due to her very attractive look and skill (not to mention some great looking eyes and all natural breasts), was up last in a scene on a couch with Mark Ashley. He went down on her handily enough and she gave him a sloppy (streamers and everything) blowjob in return before they screwed with some nice action. Her hip grinding alone was enough to cause me to sport wood and I could see why he blew a big load all over her body. It was a happy ending to a great volume of the series in my opinion, making me wonder what Robby will do to top this one.

Summary: Jack's Playground 25 was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended due to the great amount of fuck for the buck, the attractive cast, and the simple fact that it offered something no company is regularly offering these days, Tera Patrick in a scene. The technical values were well done, the gals were a broad selection that should allow just about anyone to have something to enjoy, and there was even anal sex for those who demand it in a modern porno. I would've liked better extras and more tease in the scenes but overall, this was a really good release with plenty to appreciate by all. It also left me wondering what other footage is lying around the vaults of Digital Playground but perhaps we'll see that in time, yes?

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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