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Justine Exposed

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/14/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

The basis of this recent Ninn Worx release is to capture 'the glamour and eroticism' that Justine Joli exposes in her work. The results? Pretty successful, actually. She's a good performer and this over the top art/noir porn directed by Michael Ninn is a nice, creative fuck film with some truly stand out scenes that definitely enhanced my appreciation for Justine and her skills in front of the camera. Plenty of fancy outfits and a nice deep red dye job on the lead foreshadow some of the fun to come, which is segmented by some candid on camera interview footage in which Justine discusses her sexual escapades before we're made privy to them.

Chapter 1 Justine and Holly Morgan: Wearing their finest fancy lingerie and lounging around the pool side, these two lovely ladies start off in solo action, strutting for the camera, striking some poses, and playing it up for the lens. Justine starts fingering herself really aggressively, getting way into it and raising the heat instantly. After she's gotten herself ridiculously wet, Holly walks into the picture and they start tongue kissing. Justine's tits find their way into Holly's mouth, and vice versa and soon enough Justine starts eating her out. She licks her pussy and ass from behind, paying attention to her own needs while she fingers her clit. Soon she busts out a compact little glass dildo that she uses on her friend, pumping her with it while rubbing her clit. After Holly has come, Justine spreads her legs to take the dildo doggy style, with Holly only too happy to pump it for her and spank her lovely ass. This is a great scene it starts off slowly and builds naturally without jumping into it all too fast. The cinematography is all over the place at first but once the actual sex starts it calms down.

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Chapter 2 Justine and Isabella Camille: Isabella starts this one off in solo action, clad in some feathery white outfit and strutting across a metal stair case that we've seen in other Ninn Worx productions before. She gets into the groove of things pretty quickly, letting her fingers do the walking down stairs where it counts. She fucks herself for the camera from a few different positions and in a few different outfits and this one bounces around a fair bit, but never loses focus on the action zone. Justine eventually descends the staircase and the thumping techno music becomes softer as the two girls start kissing one another. Tongue kissing leads to titty sucking which in turn leads to pussy eating, after Justine warms her friend up by fingering her clam from behind first, being sure to make her taste her own juice once it's started flowing. Once Justine gets down to the actual act of eating pussy, it's well worth the wait, because she gets right into it and wastes no time. The girls switch spots and Isabella gets to fingering her partner until she comes. Again, artfully shot but not distractingly so, this is girl on girl action at its finest.

Chapter 3 Justine, Jana Cova and Charlie Laine: First Charlie strips in front of the camera, in front of a picturesque pool somewhere in the mountains. From there, the camera follows Jana who more or less does the same thing strips and fondles her fun bits. Cut to Justine, who, oddly enough, strips and plays with herself, and the circle is complete and it's now time for a three way. Justine sits in the middle, turning her head to kiss one girl and then the other as they're fingers run over her body. Justine lays Jana down and goes to work on her while Charlie watches, playing with herself under an umbrella, then getting down into the pool so that she can get closer to Jana as Justine brings her closer to a climax. Charlie gets out of the pool and straddles Jana so that they're face to face while Justine licks one and fucks the other with a dildo, switching up on them periodically. Charlie straddles Jana's face and gets herself a finger/tongue fuck session, which turns into a three way suck fest with Charlie eating Justine and Jana eating and dildo fucking Charlie. After a few minutes of that, everyone has come and all three of them hop into the pool to frolic for a bit before the scene finishes, rubbing one another down and holding each other breast to breast. This is a very soft scene, no screaming or yelping or pulling of hair of slapping. It's almost tender and caring in spots, which is quite refreshing. This three way was the highlight of the disc for me, it's very well shot, the art aspect of it isn't too over the top, and the girls take their time and seem to really be enjoying one another.

Chapter 4 Justine and Anais Alexander: Both girls in period formal wear, southern belle style, find one another outdoors off to the side of remote and antiquated garden. Justine gets Anais' skirt up and soon she's kissing and fingering her. Anais gets Justine naked and does the same right back to her, before Justine has Anais from behind, fingering her pussy and licking her ass. She makes Anais stand up and then produces a dildo which she proceeds to use on her, making her suck on it and finger fuck herself first. She puts it into her pussy, while Anais works her clit until she comes, bringing the scene to a close. This is a good scene but it would have been nice to see Anais do more work on Justine, as she looked really good in this segment and seeing her get to climax would have added to the sex appeal of it all.

Chapter 5 Justine and Georgia Adair: Justine sits atop a staircase balcony clad in a white, see through gown. Georgia prowls her way into the room, then up the stairs to meet her friend. She kisses her neck from behind, then they French kiss for a bit. Georgia video tapes Justine primping for the camera before masturbating in front of her. After Justine has made herself come, both girls get naked and begin sucking on one another's breasts. Justine gets her hands on Georgia's pussy and starts working it, kissing her neck and her breasts. The take turns eating one another out until both of them have come, and then Justine uses a big red dildo on Georgia's cunt. The two girls clean it off with their tongues, ending the scene and the feature. Again, a solid scene with some genuine enthusiasm. Georgia's breasts looked very unnatural in this one but if you can look past this, this is a quality moment.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots but otherwise and a little bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks. The image is presented in a decent 1.33.1 fullframe transfer in which the image is strong, stable and colorful. Skin tones look nice and natural, and there is no print damage.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. There isn't any dialogue really, just moans and groans. The women don't really talk to each other much aside from the occasional 'Oh God!' or 'Fuck me' type comments. The background music has some nice punch to it and it comes through the speakers loud and clear.. Extras:

In addition to a still gallery featuring shots of the girls in action, Ninn Worx has also supplied a behind the scenes featurette. This segment runs almost twenty minutes and not only features candid and making of footage with the girls all doing their thing, it's also got some interviews with the performers who give some brief and basic biographical information on themselves. It's interesting to see the sets when they're not lit like they are on camera to see how they differ from the final version of the film, and it's fun to check out the girls having a good time with one another even when the cameras aren't rolling. There's also a bonus scene in which a lingerie clad Justine and Anais get it on with one another to the sound of some techno music. Some nice doggy style dildo play between the two ladies is the highlight of this scene that probably should have made it into the feature itself, as it fits the style of it very nicely.

Final Thoughts:

Justine - Exposed is pretty steamy stuff. Ninn once again does a nice job directing the sex with an obvious artistic flair, and the girls are all wonderfully hot each and every one of them. Some decent extras are the icing on this lovely lesbo cake, and if you're into girl on girl action and dig what Ninn is trying to do in the industry, this one is well worth your money. Highly recommended.

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