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Where's the Cum? #2

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/3/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Where's the Cum? 2

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Oral

Director: Tim Von Swine

Cast: Brianna Love, Marcos Leon, Carlton Banks, Carmen Sancha, Kyle Stone, Claire Robbins, Tone Capone, Tim Von Swine, Sara Stone, Brad Baldwin, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Kelly Wells, Dick Nasty, Trinity Post, Lefty Larue, Jason Horne, Mark Furious

Length: 171 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/12/2005 (box); 6/25/2005, 6/30/2005, 7/1/2005, 7/6/2005, 7/9/2005, 7/10/2005, 7/12/2005 (credits)

Extra's: For most fans, the 5.5 minute long bonus blowjob scene with Brianna Love and Tim Von Swine will be the best extra. It wasn't anything special but more sex is always a good thing in a porno. Some of you will even enjoy the cumshot recap from the scenes although why this would be so is outside of my understanding. For me though, I had more fun with the nearly 26 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. The primary emphasis of the BTS feature was for Tim to have the gals change in and out of various outfits as he sort of interviewed them but fans of butt shots like me will have plenty to appreciate. There was also a photogallery, some trailers and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Where's the Cum? 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Tim Von Swine for distribution by Platinum X Pictures. The lighting wasn't great this time as there were numerous shadows but the major problem was how pixilated it appeared in a few areas (somewhere between a low end DVD and a super VCD). There was grain and video noise too but that was my biggest pet peeve. The fleshtones were somewhat too saturated as well and a small watermark with Vouyer Productions was a constant reminder of where the DVD came from in the lower right hand corner. I think Platinum X Pictures have made a lot of improvements to the visual quality of their DVDs in the last year or so but this was decidedly a step backward (keeping in mind that it wasn't horrible looking, just not as clear as I expected). The stereo English audio track was handled well enough but it was basic to the point of being able to hear what took place only.

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Body of Review: Director Tim Von Swine has been a fixture in porn for some time, breaking out to direct only in the past year or so for the Red Light District/Platinum X Pictures conglomerate. He's known to be a little rougher than most on his porn sets but typically offers up well made movies in return. His latest release is Platinum X Picture's 187th movie, Where's the Cum? 2, an oral only movie designed to answer the nagging questions left behind by the original movie. As a sequel, it offered up a lot of good head with such side steps as salad tossing (the gals rimming the guys) and interracial. The crucial act though, was that the gals swallow the loads (hence the "where's the cum?" aspect of the title). The movie offers that and a whole lot more so here's a brief look at the action, noting that the guys went bareback and the women ranged from hotty to WTF?!?:

Scene One: Brianna Love, a skinny 19 year old with light brown hair, was up first as she provided Tim with an interview on a couch before being joined by Marcos Leon and Carlton Banks for the kind of oral action advertised. She was a skilled fellatrix and even did some salad tossing (rimming Carlton) but it was her happy go lucky nature and positive attitude that shined forward as being her best asset. She only swallowed two loads here, not the three advertised on the back DVD cover, but she had a separate scene with Tim in the extras section where she made up the lost third load.

Scene Two: Carmen Sancha, a cutie from Washington state wearing a striped bikini, was up next as she inspected four men lined up by the door before giving a short interview. The guys were Kyle Stone, Marcos Leon, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and Jason Horne (I think) and the tease wasn't long enough for me but they didn't seem to mind as she began singling them out for some oral loving. Her strengths were technical in nature; great eye contact, a smooth rhythm, some dirty talk, and the slightest bit of hand action with some encouraging comments for the guys to keep them ready. I got the impression that cock was no stranger to this gal's mouth and she'd probably handled several hundred before getting into porn by the way she managed to milk their nuts. While she didn't burp like Brianna, she swallowed her four loads nicely.

Scene Three: Claire Robbins, a Tom boy styled gal, walked up to the house in a white cut off shirt and blue jean skirt as she was introduced by Tim, who then told her he saved a lot of cocks for her to suck. Her partners were Tone Capone, Marcos Leon, Mark Furious, Tim Von Swine, and I think Lefty Larue with her strength being her sheer appreciation for the act itself. At times, it seemed as though she forgot about the camera and was in a blissful state of Nirvana but even when she bit off more than she could chew (okay, that phrase was a bit out of place), she went right back to working out those loads. She swallowed her five loads with ease.

Scene Four: Sara Stone, a plus sized gal with large natural breasts and a great smile, was up next wearing a pink outfit that accentuated her curves nicely. Her partners this time were Brad Baldwin, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Marcos Leon, and then Tim Von Swine; each of whom got to sample the inner workings of her fine mouth. She was less practiced at blowing men then Carmen or Claire but her attempt at a "mini blow bang" as Tim put it, was pretty successful nonetheless. Tim got a little extra action in the form of a very short titty fuck but he wasn't able to last as long as his performers here so it evened out well enough. She was an all around decent hum-queen but didn't have any special attributes to speak of, yet a lot of you will probably like this sense of balance in her talents.

Scene Five: Kelly Wells, the bleach blonde who calls herself a "human urinal", is a Las Vegas native and began the scene wearing a plaid skirt, black fishnet top, and no panties as she walked down the stairs and squatted before the almighty Tim. If you like gals that are self denigrating, you won't find any better here with her partners being Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Carlton Banks, Brad Baldwin, Tone Capone, and Marcos Leon. Those who know her from previous performances will know that her strength was her sheer passion for sucking cock, gagging and attacking them as if on the bonus plan or trying to suffocate on cock (her words, not mine). The guys got into a circle jerk around her and she serviced them with glee (even rimming them at one point). They murmured various comments when pushed by her own nasty smack talk about herself, and she took down the listed 6 loads easily (funniest comment: "ebony and ivory" when she took two in her mouth; a black dick and a white dick, at the same time). Whew!

Scene Six: Saana, the most beautiful gal in the movie as featured on the front DVD cover, claimed to be 20 years old and from Finland as she asked for plenty of cock. Her partners were Kyle Stone, Brad Baldwin, Marcos Leon, and Tim Von Swine; each giving her the load she wanted down her throat. She was a good cocksucker with a solid amount of energy and skill but her strength was her beauty more than anything else. As far as the actual oral went, she wasn't the best by a longshot but I'm willing to bet this 20 year old (looked slightly older though) would be incredible in bed.

Scene Seven: Trinity Post, a freckled gal that looked a bit tired (agreeing that it had been a crazy day) and claimed to be 22 years old, was up last to showcase her all natural body. Her partners included 6 guys; Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, Carlton Banks, and Lefty Larue, Jason Horne, and Mark Furious (if I don't miss my guess). She was the skankiest gal of the bunch, or as Tim put it, the "pedigree slut" but keep in mind that Tim passed on her so you know she wasn't the best of the batch. In all though, she did a decent job of blowing them and swallowed all 6 loads.

Summary: Where's the Cum? 2 was not my favorite oral only release but I can't deny that it had all the advertised action, offered up a cast of talented (and usually attractive) gals, and provided some sweet extras with lots of fuck for the buck in the movie itself. As such, even with the listed technical limitations, I thought the DVD was worth a rating of Recommended to fans of blowjob/swallowing movies. Whether the company mastering the DVD dropped the ball and compressed it too much or simply forgot they could make it a two layer disc for extra space, I have no idea but the technical flaws were not always present and I balanced them out with how much fun I had with the movie and extras. Tim Von Swine's on the rise and my guess is that RLD/PXP will soon combine into a single company by the way the directors and their individual production outlets have been bouncing back and forth between the two labels; offering him up twice as many opportunities to direct gonzo porn. Fans will be happy just so long as he continues to improve his craft.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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