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ATM City 2

Studio: Acid Rain » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/3/05

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Acid Rain

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Dan Dapper

Cast: Missy Monroe, Alex Sanders, Sascha, Audrey Hollander, Tory Lane, Otto Bauer, Vanessa Lane, Benjamin Bratt, Veronica Jett, Genesis Skye

Length: 130.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 4/23/2005, 4/24/2005, 4/27/2005

Extra's: The best extra for adding value would be the 5.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It wasn't long enough to include the entire cast for any length of time so it focused on a handful of times they were having fun instead. There were some trailers, a photogallery, and some spam but none of those added anything for me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: ATM City II was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Dan Dapper for distribution by Acid Rain. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting a bit weaker than I hoped for, and the levels of grain about average for a second tier release. There was some video noise and Dan's style relied too heavily on close ups so I have to admit that the composition of the shots wasn't always favorable to the cast. Dan's a new director or perhaps the alias for a regular director used when his movie looks weaker than average (like Paul Thomas uses so often) but I hope he does a better job in the future in terms of presenting the visuals. The stereo English audio was basic, with each scene beginning with a droning music that would work better in a low end videogame fifteen years ago. The vocals weren't bad but they weren't great either as the cast couldn't always be heard clearly (especially at the beginning of the scenes).

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Body of Review: Acid Rain is one of those smaller companies that has been making waves by offering consumers what they want and reaping the benefits of their service. A quick glance at the ratings of their titles shows that most of the reviewers here have found their movies above average so I happily picked up ATM City II for review the other day. The movie's action centered on anal sex with the gals licking (and sucking) the cocks clean at least a few times before the end of each scene. Given the increasingly hardcore nature of the porn industry, such action is becoming standardized (at least in gonzo) so the trick for director Dan Dapper was to find a set of gals that could convince people that they were really into the action and exceptionally talented in their sexual antics. Here's a brief look at the scenes of the movie, noting condoms weren't present in the scenes, to give you a heads up as to whether or not he succeeded in his mission:

Scene One: Missy Monroe, arguably one of the most perverted performers in porn these days without any significant limits on what she'll do, was up first to start the action of the movie. After a bit of tease action, she was partnered up with Alex Sanders and Sascha; getting one cock jammed up her ass while the other tore into her mouth. She switched places several times and there were numerous positions with her talking dirty in the few moments she didn't have a mouth full of penis. There were DP's (double penetrations) and it ended with a large collection of semen on her face but it wasn't her best work (for all that). She seemed somehow distant at times and even though she was still better than most of her peers in the business, it wasn't as good as I expected.

Scene Two: Audrey Hollander, the redhead on the front DVD cover, and Tory Lane, the foxy brunette standing beside her, were up next in a scene that started off with some teasing and lesbian antics before the "real" action began. Holly's high forehead has always seemed kind of weird to me but Otto Bauer went straight to her ass nonetheless while Sascha made a beeline for Tory's fanny. Each then did some serious ATM, gagging down some man-meat as though it were a lifeline. The gals swapped out several times and in all; Audrey was the more energetic of the two. That said, each gal rode hard and wet, showing why they were top picks for this kind of show. For those who care, Audrey did a solid DAP (double anal penetration) but if anyone could handle it, she's the one.

Scene Three: Vanessa Lane, a skinny gal with a big brown hairdo and a piece of green string for lingerie, was up next as she gyrated and teased the camera. Built for speed and not for comfort, she was looking a little extra slutty here and that seemed to work for Benjamin Bratt. He played with her ass, feeding her his finger to clean off, and she complied with his every whim. Her mouth was too full to say a whole lot of dirty talk but those of you into salad tossing (the gal rimming the guy) will appreciate her enthusiasm to suck ass, not just her ass juice off his penis. In all, the couple got all hot & sweaty, each hole was violated, and while she's looked better elsewhere, she came out of the scene as one of the best performers by a good margin.

Scene Four: Veronica Jett, is a skinny brunette that has been fortunate enough to participate in some of the most awarded movies of the past year, was up next. I liked that she was all natural but she didn't look as young as her claim of being 22 years old so if she's that young; she'd led a hard life (and I'm not talking about the objects tearing into her pleasure holes either). Benjamin Bratt was also her partner (man, he sure gets around at Acid City) and the two engaged in the same forms of sex that the majority of other gals in the movie participated in. He was rough with her; choking and slapping a little between positions, but as much as the two showed some energy, there was no chemistry between them. If you want a mechanical fuck scene where all the bases that were advertised were covered, you'd be okay here but it sure wasn't her best work. (that the lighting flickered didn't help either)

Scene Five: Genesis Skye, a gal with light hair, a nice body, and some small implants, was up last in a scene that had Alex Sanders trying to work her over in his unique style. The last I heard, she retired from the business but that might be a little premature if you follow such events closely. Alex wasted no time dropping her blue lingerie and hammering her ass before getting some ATM off of her. He then went back for a lengthier screw in which she managed to hold on while yelling a little but didn't actively participate as he did most of the work. Her oral picked up midway through though so I kept my hand off the remote control in hopes of seeing her turn up the juice on the entire act. She had a good gape with a decent hang time but her ass had what looked to be either a couple of huge zits or a bite mark from something larger than I want to run into on a dark night in an alley. In short, her oral skill was solid but the rest of the act wasn't all that great.

Summary: ATM City II was worth a rating Rent It to me due as much to the technical issues as the cast not being at their best in the scenes. I'll admit that a few of the cast have a hit or miss attitude in their scenes (wherever work) and using them means taking a chance but others are almost always solid performers, especially Missy Monroe and Audrey Hollander, so when they aren't hitting on all cylinders, you know something went wrong. If you like anal action with ass to mouth variations, you'll have a lot to watch this time but truth in advertising alone isn't enough to cover the problems that arose this time. So, in answer to my previously stated comments above, I suppose it's fair to state that Dan had very limited success this time in directing a great movie but it was worth a look (and fans of the cast will almost certainly enjoy watching the objects of their desire, regardless of the quality issues presented).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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