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Jenna Loves Pain

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/4/05

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Jenna Loves Pain

Club Jenna

Genre: Lesbian, S&M

Director: Ernest Greene

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Fujiko Kano, Nina Hartley, Amber Michaels, Dru Berrymore, Emily Marilyn, Ava Vincent

Length: 78 minutes

Date of Production: 8/30/2002 & 8/31/2002

Extra's: The initial extra was an audio commentary by director Ernest Greene. My biggest complaint about it is that while he's a super nice guy in person, he wasn't very talkative in the commentary and needed someone (preferably Jenna as advertised) to bounce ideas off of to make it more interesting. For BDSM folks, the best extra will be the Ernest Greene Documentary: Learn The Ropes that lasted 68.5 minutes (almost as long as the feature itself). In it, Ernest goes into some aspects of the movie, how swell it was to work with Jenna, and then a lengthy discussion of the BDSM lifestyle, complete with some tips to start you off. His assistant was his lovely wife Nina Hartley, and fans of hers will enjoy seeing her put through her paces. Personally, I liked the Jenna striptease that lasted almost 6 minutes better, even though it had Jenna's website plastered all over it. I also liked the nearly 12 minute long Behind the Scenes feature since it looked far clearer than the movie (it was initially sped up & slowed down at times and lacking a vocal track but that changed a couple of minutes into it thankfully enough). There was also a trailer for the movie, a photogallery, a double sided DVD cover, and some spam for Jenna's website, her herbal supplement, and a phone chat service with the blonde (now brunette) bombshell.
Note: There was no Jenna Commentary track as advertised on the back DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Video Quality: Jenna Loves Pain was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame color (with intermittent B&W) it was shot in by director Ernest Greene for distribution by Club Jenna. Those of you that have seen any of the recent Jenna movies from her company will understand what I mean when I say it was "stylish". With a camera that seemed to move about too freely, camera angles that did not portray the gals in their best light, and a lot of MTV style editing, the show traded clarity in favor of artistic license. Personally, I prefer straightforward porn where you can see everything clearly but I know some of you like arty farty stuff. The lighting effects were overused here too so those wanting something looking different, you'll be in heaven while the rest of us will be rolling our eyes. I saw no compression artifacts but the visuals were a decidedly mixed factor for me.

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Audio Quality: The audio was presented with a few choices; 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround with a sub-choice of one track having louder music (yuck!) and another where the music is lower (though not low enough); and a 2.0 Dolby Digital track for those without a home theatre set up. Okay, the separation between the channels was generally kind of weak so you're not going to lose much by picking the standard stereo track. The dynamic range of any of the tracks was also kind of limited as the vocals were played with a whole lot. From adding echoes to reverb to generally only offering a dubbed track (like a narration track), the vocals were not a big factor here, likely to assist with the motion dehancement of the visuals (slow motion or speeding up). The worst part was the music track which sounded loud and droning, not working well with the material at hand. If you're on ecstasy in a rave club, such music probably works better than it did here. The positive thing was that the DVD offered a choice of lowering the track but it didn't go far enough (using the Anabolic model, they could've offered a music free track instead).

Body of Review: Jenna Jameson is known both in and out of porn more than anyone else in the world these days. Known for her work with Wicked Pictures and Club Jenna as well as bit roles in more mainstream projects, she still routinely gathers crowds wherever she goes. As a fan of Jenna for many years, I've seen her go from fresh young cutie to a matron of porn, still maintaining the burning sexuality others clamor for (although many fuss about her limits). Now that she has focused her efforts on her website, she no longer does men (other than her husband) and makes very few movies at all, which is a natural progression in the industry I'm told. Her latest release is Jenna Loves Pain, an S&M-lite offering made over three years ago but finally released by Club Jenna. Jenna has played the roles before but this was her first movie exclusively dedicated to BDSM aspects. Keeping in mind that there was no penetration, no men, and the BDSM was done much more in porn industry style rather than what you'll find in the so-called "real world", the show had some interesting aspects to it. Jenna started it off by telling us in a narrated voice: "Much has changed since I came here looking for myself. What I found was a whole world where our freedom enslaves us and our slavery frees us." She carried on a little more before the show started and here's a brief look at what I observed:

Scene One: Jenna Jameson, arguably the most popular porn "star" of all time, was up first sporting the blonde locks most of us are familiar with her usual stripper shoes and a corset for effect. She played a dominant role this time with cutie Fujiko Kano, a gal bound with a serving tray around her torso. Jenna fingers her mouth, strokes her as needed, and then uses her hairbrush to paddle her behind. The scene then progressed to some intricate Shibari ropework where Jenna would flog her young charge, eventually going down on her a little bit. For some of you, Jenna's footplay (feeding her feet to Fujiko) and face sitting will be the hottest moment of the scene but there was no penetration and much of the scene fell flat for me.

Scene Two: Nina Hartley, arguably the most knowledgeable porn "Star" in the industry (my term "star" in both cases is to differentiate from the general performer status most gals in porn have as there are very few people that have elevated their status to star), was up next as a dominatrix to submissive Amber Michaels. Those who know Nina, also know that she's been around the block in terms of fully exploring her sexuality for decades, starting in porn back in the 1980's (I loved the Little Anal Annie series from long ago). Certainly not the fresh off the bus type, her dynamic is different than most, and playing a dominatrix is a perfect role for her (she reportedly engages in role reversals in her own, private sex life). Her toy of choice was a riding crop and after beating Amber a little bit, she had her little subbie go down on her quite nicely. There was some flogging here too and the most visually interesting toy was a pair of nipple suction cups employed on Amber as Nina gave her a little oral love. It ended with some clothespins on Amber's labia majora but again, there was no penetration with the vibrator.

Scene Three: Jenna Jameson, now having shown her dominant side, was up next in some PVC fetishware while allowing Dru Berrymore to take charge. Tied to an intricate metal chair (looking much like a weight machine without the stacks of plates), Jenna benefited from Dru's need to go down on her first (not typical in S&M/B&D) and then use a large industrial shaped vibrator (looking like a cross between a hairdryer and one of those devices a doctor uses to look inside your ear). Jenna spoke freely during this scene but agreed to getting some pain after all that pleasure (subbing from the top in a way). Tied spread eagled to a leather bondage recliner, Dru flogged her pussy and otherwise played with her (at the time, Jenna had an open face mask with crop bit in her mouth) as she warmed the star up. Some flogging on her breasts came next, then some vibrator use, followed by some non-explicit use of a strap on dildo. I understand the concerns about bondage and limiting sexual antics but this was getting on my nerves.

Scene Four: Emily Marilyn, a very attractive brunette in dominant, shiny black fetishware, was up next with Ava Vincent, the attractive blonde wearing a black & blue corset with the nipples cut out. Of all the scenes so far, this one struck me (pun intended) as the most realistic as Emily tagged Ava's ass repeatedly (she kept asking for more too). This occurred in the classic standing posture with Emily kissing her afterwards. The scene then cutaway to Ava tied spread eagled on the floor and Emily brandishing a riding crop on her, focusing on the inner thighs as much as anything. With a conventional vibrator employed to juice her up (no penetration), the clothespins came out on the nipples and labia with Jenna Jameson joining them to assist Emily. I believed Ava got off during the scene, unlike the others.

Summary: Jenna Loves Pain will appeal most to slavering fanboys of Jenna that seek out anything she has been in. The movie was made over three years ago according to the credits and was among the weakest of Jenna's modern movies. If you're truly into BDSM, you'll notice the glaring limitations of the action nearly as quickly as you'll see the technical matters I railed against earlier in the review. On the positive side, such folks will also recognize that seeing the infamous Jenna Jameson engaged in anything even approaching BDSM lends a sort of validity to their kink so if you need that validation, you'll find this movie appealing for that alone. The majority of folks these days seem interested in gonzo (and you're not going to see Jenna doing that) so this release will appeal primarily to the two groups mentioned above and as a big fan of Jenna, I'm splitting the difference and rating it as a Rent It. Let's face it, I could get off to watching Jenna lounge around in a burlap sack by her pool and while there were some decent moments here, they were few and far between (if the movie had been a better bondage movie, I'd have liked it more just as I'd have enjoyed it more had it made better use of Jenna). The lack of the advertised Jenna commentary track was another thing lowering the heat for me and ultimately, the fuck for the buck quotient was weak except for the fact that Jenna was in the movie. Another problem included the forced commercials at the beginning of the DVD (unlike Vivid's usual crud, you couldn't speed through them either); I hate this type of thing a lot and leaving out the ability to at least limit it left me fuming.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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