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Amanda's Diary 1-5

Studio: Private » Review by Colonel Mustard » Review Date: 10/4/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Foreign Box Set

Director: John Millerman

Cast: Kate More, Nicol, Mary Eleniak, Monic, Ursula More, Katy, Csilla, Carmen, Liza Sharon, Cassandra Wild, Monique Covet, Sophie Evans, Bettina, Gili Sky, Kata Lynn, Wanda Curtis.

Length: Seven hours 40 minutes without Extras

Audio/Video: Private is world renown for their high production values, and it is obvious in comparison to some of the earlier volumes of Amanda's diaries how far Private has come since 2002, when volume one of Amanda's diary was released. Even from the first to the last, you can see the increase in technology put into the video. Even though the first few were not shot in today's digital quality, the director did a excellent job with what was available.

Extras: Everyone of these movies had the exact same format. Each of the five individual movies had a Trailer for the movie, a 'report' filled with behind the scenes video and a photo-book. There is also a very handy cast and bio sheet that shows some of the other movies that your favorite star appears in. Each feature has production notes and trailers from other recent private features. Like all Private releases, there is the choice of hearing the dialogue in several different languages and subtitles.

Body of Review: Swedish Director John Millerman's first feature movie narrates the adventures of our heroine, Amanda, who just turned 18 and discovers the wonderful world of sex. This is a huge chunk of adult entertainment from Private. There are five different volumes of Amanda's diary from John Millerman featuring 23 scenes and over 15 girls engaged in some super hot European loving.

Amanda's Diary: Volume 1 with Kate More, Nicol, Mary Eleniak, Monic & Ursla Moore

The First Volume of Amanda's Diary features the uber cute Kate More playing the role of Amanda. Amanda has just turned 18 and her super slutty friend and not red head Nicol, just got her a giant red dildo for her birthday. It's not long before we see Katy taking her new gift for a test run into her twat. Afterwards, Amanda becomes obsessed with sex. After her first experience exploring her body with the help of a fake cock the size of my forearm, she's on to bigger and better things. This includes some lesbian love with her red haired friend, a ménage fun with a pair of girls, anal sex and a full on orgy to end the four scenes. This is a super sexual crash course for our heroine and she's up to the task. This hour and a half movie would stand on it's own. It does feel a tiny bit dated, but can still bring the heat.

Amanda's Diary: Volume 2 with Kate More, Katy, Monic, Ursula Moore & Nicol

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Dutch actress Kate More, reprising her role as Amanda is back as the sex crazed youngster. She's no longer the shy girl, dreaming of sexual encounters. She's turned into a sexual predator. In this adventure, Amanda is out to seduce men in public arenas. To help her, she's enlisted the help of Nicol once again. Nicol is a tall beautiful Hungarian red head with natural body and pale skin. Amanda picks up where she left off from the last disc and is into anything sexual. She starts the four scene romp with a four girl orgy, which a couple of guys luckily stumble in on to take part in the sexual melee. Seems like Amanda can't stand to have sex alone anymore as two of the four scenes are orgies and the other two pair Kate & Nicol against one lucky stud. This DVD wasn't as strong as the initial release, but did provide some hardcore sex, including anal and a DP for good measure.

Amanda's Diary: Volume 3 with Csilla, Carmen, Liza & Sharon

Short haired blonde Hungarian actress Carmen, in her first Private appearance is takes over the lead role from Amanda (Kate More). Eva (Carmen), is one of Amanda's friends from Budapest and she's writing letters concerning her deepest darkest sexual encounters. Thankfully, her deepest darkest secrets are recorded on DVD. If this is Carmen's first adult feature, private sure took her through the ringer. She does a three girl orgy, a MMF romp in a gym, anal sex and double penetrations. Not a bad way to start an illustrious career. Carmen has a cute natural look with great tits. Her hair does seem a bit dated (1998 was when this film was shot), but her tits and ass are absolutely timeless. The highlight of the DVD was when she stumbles upon a guy in the bathroom and fucks him on the toilet, only to get interrupted by his 'brother'. She gets passed to the brother and they both take turns nailing the sweet ass of Carmen. The finale is also quite hot as we see Carmen become the subject of a photo shoot and offer some excellent tease footage before she seduces the camera man, and eventually the producers. In a great scene as Carmen is getting nailed from behind, she beckons the producer to fill her mouth with his cock. This is a totally hot DVD with tons of enjoyable action. I really enjoy how the director starts with one scene and adds people to the mix, much like a chef adding paprika to his favorite stew for flavor.

Amanda's Diary: Volume 4: with Carmen, Cassandra Wild, Monique Covet & Sophie Evans

The fourth chapter of the Amanda saga is shot in Spain where we visit the life of another one of Amanda's friends, who through absolutely no coincidence is also a sex addict. Hungarian actress Cassandra Wild and Monique Covet headlines the release. Both girls are super hot with Monique sporting a pair of perfectly round fake titties. Watching these too super hot sluts fuck is the reason we all love porno. Monique opens the movie with a blistering scene where she takes it in the ass and bent over backwards in toe curling fashion. The next scene puts the two cover gals, Cassandra Wild (in cute little braids) and Monique in the same bedroom playing an intense game of slap and tickle. This should be outlawed. Hot girl overload. There is even a DP with toys shared by the two sex goddesses. In yet another scene, the two are team up against the luckiest son of a bitch in the free world. Not only are the girls extremely hot, they both take it up the ass and facials. There is a really entertaining three girl, two guy orgy that includes Carmen (different Carmen) who as a raven haired Spainard with a beautify face offers contrast to the main blonde bombshells. Cassandra Wild also hogs all the dick and takes a short yet heated double penetration session. The grand finale offers another three on two sex bout on a boat, including blonde Sophie Evans thrown in the mix for spice. This is an outstanding DVD on it's own, in a box set, or wherever you find it. Scorching hot.

Amanda's Diary: Volume 5 with Bettina, Cassandra Wild, Gili Sky, Kata Lynn, Monique Covet, Wanda Curtis

The finale of the Amanda's diary Saga introduces us to yet another one of Amanda's sexually depraved friends. Her friend is currently in the middle of shooting a remake of Shakespeare's classic: Romeo & Juliet. This set is charged with the influx of six girls and several guys playing the roles of star crossed lovers. There are six super hot girls featuring the two super hot chicks from Volume four, Cassandra Wild and Monique Covet. This time their joined by the likes of Dutch ebony chick Bettina, the Blonde Kata Lynn, a brunette Wanda Curtis and Raven haired Hungarian Gili Sky. The best part of this DVD is how the Millerman changes the pairing of the partners. Scenes starts as a light lesbian scene and turns into an absolute orgy as unsuspecting people stumble into the fray.

Summary: Despite this being a re-release of a 2002 "Classic", this Private DVD box set still brings the heat. This series did very well financially for Private and it's easy to see why. It's fun to see how the quaint little Volume 1, made with a small cast and small amount of props and post production turned into Volume 5, with a much larger cast and more elaborate music, props and post production. Director Millerman also found a way to take some of the monotony out of the scenes by constantly changing the characters involved. I would highly recommend this box set. There is a ton of sex for the price and features a lot of very hot European women.


Colonel Mustard

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