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Suze's Centerfolds 5 & 6

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/4/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Another collection of Suze Randall directed erotic shorts from the early 80s heyday of pornography, Suze's Centerfolds 5 & 6 presents a nice selection of talent, all shot rather well doing what it is that they do best! No complicated plot or themes to discuss, just sex, so let's get down to it, boppers!

Centerfolds 5

Scene 1 Kelly Nichols with Kevin James and a woman: The two girls are drinking wine in bed together, giggling and having fun. Kelly bends over so her brown haired friend can give her a massage and soon this turns into a full on naked oil rubdown. The girls orally pleasure one another for a few minutes, bumping and grinding and oiling one another up. Soon the guy comes into the room, and he's pretty much jumped as soon as he does. Kelly gets on all fours and he does her from behind while she smacks her ass, then the girls suck him off. The brown haired girl is up next, she rides him cowgirl style, then rolls over and takes it doggy style and then reverse cowgirl. Once he's had about all he can take and the girls are done riding his face and cock, he pulls out and jacks off on their stomachs. Not a bad scene the girls are having fun and there's definitely some enthusiasm in the bed, which always goes a long way. The cinematography is nothing special but it's no worse than average either.

Scene 2 : He cooks her breakfast (sperm and eggs!) while she sits on the counter spread eagled. After he feeds her some fried eggs, he eats her out for a bit. After that he spreads her legs and fucks her missionary style on the countertop. Once she's had a good long dicking from this angle she puts his dick in her mouth and blows him, which is how it finishes. This is a pretty decent scene, even if the bulk of it is plain ol' missionary sex. The final blowjob is a good one.

Scene 3 A Cute Blonde And Kevin James: Kevin is back as the school teacher taking special care of a French student who wants to know what French kissing is. He shows her, they make out, and soon she gets that funny feeling. He puts his hand on her cunt, and she asks him to do it to her. He obliges after she talks him into it, and he eats her out. She strips out of her uniform and sucks his cock, then spreads to receive him missionary style. He pumps her plot and then she rides him cowgirl style, then it's back to missionary once more. He's good and worked up when he pulls out, evidenced when he rubs on off on her stomach. Definitely a solid scene, this one, made all the better by the unbridled joy on the face of the female performer, who sadly I cannot identify.

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Scene 4 Paul Thomas And Mary Lou (misspelled as Mary Lur on the front cover! Oops!): Paul's the lawyer dividing up everything for her divorce. She says she doesn't care what her ex gets as long as she gets the lawyer and he's only too happy to accept that deal. She sucks on his dong for a few minutes, as if he needed anymore convincing. He spreads her white stocking clad legs apart and takes off her skirt, which makes it much easier to go down on her. Once that's done, he gets her on all fours and fucks her doggy style. He puts her on her back and has her that way for a few minutes, and then she rides him reverse cowgirl style on the office couch. She bends over on the couch to take him doggy style and that proves to be about all he can take as after about a minute he's pulled out and shoot on her pretty little behind. This was a good scene, the female lead is fun to look at and quite sexy with her soft voice and take control demeanor.

Centerfolds 6

Scene 1 Paul Thomas And A Pretty Brunette: This lovely lady is laying in bed reading porn and doing herself when Paul Walks in, looking very much like John Holmes with his curly hair. She's in the mood and it doesn't take him long to follow suit as he doesn't waste any time putting her tits in his mouth. She blows him then they sixty-nine for a minute, after which he spreads her legs and fucks her from the side. He mounts her missionary style, then she mounts him cowgirl style, and the goofy eighties rock score gets louder. She sucks him off, then rides him reverse cowgirl and soon he's ready to shoot, which he does, inside her! She wants more though so soon he's back between her legs eating her out. He gets hard again and she blows him, then it's doggy style followed by a reverse cowgirl change up. He finally comes close to finishing up missionary style followed by a quality titty fucking scene which results in her stroking him off with her hand and breasts into her mouth. He's not quite ready though and soon he's fucking her pussy again, where he finishes up. This was a quality scene as this woman has a pretty healthy sexual appetite and Paul is just the man to take care of her it would seem.

Scene 2 Kevin James, Some Guy, And A Nice Looking Brunette: Her hands are tied behind her back as she lays on the bed in a corset and stockings. Kevin and some other guy are oiled up and horny and they walk into the room and find her there. Why they're oiled up or how they got oiled up is a question for the ages but she's happy to see them there. The guys take turns eating her box and getting their dicks sucked by her, then she takes one in her pussy doggy style while the other is in her mouth. Soon they switch up so the other can enjoy the opposite hole, which results in them stroking off on her face, then leaving her there on the bed, still tied up. This scene was very solid. I wish I knew who this girl was (she might be Linda Shaw) as she sucks dick like a champion and looks great doing it!

Scene 3 Paul Thomas And Tamara Longley: Tamara is the maid in a hotel and she walks in while Paul is having a shower. He comes out of the bathroom and enjoys taking in the lovely sight of her ass. He starts sucking on her breasts, and she gives him head. He lays her back and eats her out for a little while, then fucks her from the side. Soon he gets her on all fours and goes at her doggy style, then she rides him reverse cowgirl style on the bed. He gets her on all fours again, fucks her for a few more seconds, then pulls out and goops on her ass finishing up another solid scene made so by the skill of the female lead.

Scene 4 Cara Lott And A Guy: Cara's got short blonde hair in this one. When a deliveryman shows up and she answers the door in the nude, she tells him to get naked and suck her toes. He obliges, then works his way up to her beaver. She blows him, then he fucks her doggy style against the shower door. She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs for him, and he's in there as fast as fast can be. He bangs her and puts her legs over her head so he can suck her toes, then she's got his cock in her mouth again. He gets her on her back once more and goes at it a little while longer, then he pulls out and comes on her belly. This was another solid scene. Cara is very aggressive in it which is a nice touch and the toe sucking, while not something I'm personally too fond of, was cool in that at least it was something different.



The 1.33.1 fullframe image doesn't look too hot at all. These were both shot on film so there should be a nice high level of detail present in the picture but this looks to have been taken from a VHS source. Thankfully print damage is kept to a minimum (just some odd specks and dirt on the prints here and there, nothing serious like cracks or scratches). Some of the color is a little bit faded but throughout though it's nothing serious as it is really slight. Flesh tones look natural and thankfully there's a noticeable lack of edge enhancement or compression artifacts but the inherent softness in the image is annoying.


The English Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is a tad flat but no more so than any other adult films of the era sound through a home theater system. Dialogue is clear and easy to understand and while there is some minor hiss in a couple of spots throughout it isn't overly distracting and doesn't take away from the on screen action enough to complain too loudly about it.


Pure Play has supplied trailers for Addicted To Sex, Too Naughty To Say No, Dark Side, and Undressed And Oversexed, Sophisticated Sluts, Ladies In Lust, Three's Cumpany, Sinfully Sexy and I Love Lanny (Suze Randall films, all!) as well as a web link.

Final Thoughts:

While the video quality shows its age and the lack of any real context or thematic linking lessons the intensity of the material over all, the quality of the performers makes up the different and for fans of early 80s sex kittens, Suze's Centerfolds 5 & 6 is a definite winner. It likely won't appeal to those who are only into modern looking girls as this is very much a product of its time, but for those who appreciate vintage filth, it comes recommended.

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