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Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/12/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Robinson Crusoe On Sin Island: Limited Collector's Edition


Genre: Feature

Director: Alessandro Del Mar

Cast: Nikki Blond, Cynthia, George Uhl, Philip Dean, Silvia Saint, Evelyn Strafford, Lucy Love, Nikki Rider, Yvonne Peach, Kevin Long, Lauro Giotto, Yokasta, Jennifer S., Francesco Malcom, Angel Dark, Horst Baron, Thalia
Non-sex role by Max Bellocchio

Length: 106.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/5/2004 (box); 1/2005 to 2/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra for most of you will be a bonus sex scene that seemed to start off as a BTS feature starring Francesco Malcom as he traveled the streets of Budapest to find himself on the set of the first scene with Cynthia and Nikki. The next thing you know, he's boning away with a brunette cutie after she started blowing him and his pal. I liked to think of it as a nice way for the cast to become acquainted in this 18.5 minute extra. The next extra was a 24 minute long "Making of Robinson Crusoe" featurette that showed a lot of action as well as detailed most of the scenes and story. This was followed by 56 minutes of Behind the Scenes action that took the form of some shooting diaries but added a whole new dimension to the fun (you'll see what I mean if you watch it). There were then 22.5 minutes of cast interviews (I wish they were separated better instead of a single chapter though). The obligatory 5.5 minute long Director's interview was up next where Alessandro Del Mar described his history and a little bit of his future intentions. I really liked the next extra, an "inside the editing room" black & white documentary that showed the production of the feature with the music added in, the cast doing voice work, and how the scenes were cut. Then there was a 25 minute feature on the costuming of the show, followed by a black & white director commentary as he assisted in editing the movie that lasted 23 minutes. There were also some trailers, cast biographies of the women, photogalleries, and a single page of production notes. Last but not least, the Collector Edition had a long style book included in the fold out DVD case that had pictures of the gals, some limited text, and a bit on the movie itself. I really liked the booklet and for the extra buck or two, it was well worth getting over the standard version of the two disc set.
PS: I'm told that there are also a few Easter Eggs on the DVD set but I didn't find them by this writing. Happy Hunting!

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Robinson Crusoe On Sin Island was presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color as originally shot by director Alessandro Del Mar for distribution by Private. I have been disappointed in the past by such claims but this was perhaps their very best looking DVD to date, with crystal clear visuals, excellent fleshtones, and atmosphere well beyond most porn on the market today. Some of the scenes were shot to further the plot and not as standard porn (adding in some moody shadows and grain) but this was an artistic choice I could live with. There were no compression artifacts and the outdoor scenes were exceptionally great looking compared to most porn these days. The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track was also very well done with some nice separation between the channels and done in English (though you could try one of the other language tracks if you like) rather than poorly dubbed as Private movies used to be. Yeah, some of the cast needed to work on their language skills but in all I thought they did a decent job considering all the factors. The music was also very well done here, making it a nice movie to listen to on my home theatre set up.

Body of Review: About 300 years ago, an English writer by the name of Daniel Defoe wrote two novels that have remained classics ever since; Moll Flanders and the adventure tale Robinson Crusoe. Over the years following his death, many others have either adapted his novels in similar works (in print, television, movies, and plays) or simply offered their own version of the stories. I think the earliest version of Robinson Crusoe in the movies was made in France (in 1902 no less) by then pioneer director Georges Melies, but it seems like the title gets remade every handful of years (and even more frequently if you count the imitators). Well, porn has made its share of releases using the themes but it wasn't until recently that a company did it right with Private's Robinson Crusoe On Sin Island: Limited Collector's Edition. The movie was set in 1705, used expensive costuming, and followed the story reasonably well enough with the usual additions of attractive women for the sex roles (thankfully). I know there have been a great many super high end releases by porn companies in the last month or so but this one fared very nicely on its own terms for fans of Private's typical big budget features (they release about one or two a year like this) and you shouldn't overlook it. Here's a breakdown of the cast and actions in the movie, noting that no condoms were used, a lot of care went into the movie, and it fared well compared to some of the bigger budget extravaganza's being hawked:

Scene One: Nikki Blond, a moderately attractive blonde gal, and gorgeous Cynthia, a raven haired honey with a perfect body, were up first as tavern maidens whose sole purpose in life was to provide carnal pleasure for George Uhl and Philip Dean. The sex was what I usually call "Private Standard", meaning the gals sucked the guys to erections, paired off for some pussy and ass poundings, and then played with each other after some taste testing with a few facials. Yes, the sex was mechanical in nature but especially watching Cynthia's perfect form; I really didn't have that big a problem with it. In short, it wasn't a bad way to start the sexual action of the show.

Scene Two: Silvia Saint, Evelyn Strafford, Lucy Love, and George Uhl, were up next as Silvia and Evelyn had some lesbian action while Lucy worked George's meat pipe. Silvia is still looking great and I'm glad she returned to porn but the other gals were looking mighty fine too in this bedroom scene lit to make the most of the erotic situation. The gals wore pearls and old fashioned outfits that added a layer of eroticism to their looks. Sadly though, each of the gals also appeared to be focused solely on the camera and not their partners, a fact that has long stood in the way of Private's best movies in terms of sexual energy and heat. We "know" they're performing for the camera but it makes them look that way instead of into the action so this scene suffered in that regard. It also suffered since George never got to try out the gal's full repertoire of sexual abilities, only getting some knob slobbage from Lucy and never even tasting Silvia.

Scene Three: Nikki Rider and Yvonne Peach, both hot looking brunettes with long black hair, were the pirate wenches for buccaneers Kevin Long and Lauro Giotto, on a sandy stretch of beach. They sucked, the fucked, and took pop shots like good old pirate gals should have with each of their holes (pussy, mouth and ass) getting a workout from the guys. It was too short for my tastes but I did get the impression that the gals liked working the men over given their erect nipples, flush skin, and general temperament (even if they did focus on the camera too much at times).

Scene Four: Yokasta, playing the native gal Sunday (rather than the original storyline's Friday), was up next after she escaped her pirate captors. She had a wild look about her and was located on the far left hand side of the front DVD cover, providing the show with some diversity for those who care. George Uhl was her partner after she took some of his food and they became friends, kissing, screwing and otherwise getting him off with a handjob. While she wasn't my favorite looking gal of the fantastically attractive cast, she was actually the most natural in the art of milking a nut; from the first bit of oral to the last pump in her tight pussy until she inhaled his load once more.

Scene Five: Jennifer S., a brown haired gal with ample curvage, the lovely Nikki Rider again, Kevin Long, and Francesco Malcom, were up next as the quartet had a scene on a rocky outcrop in the jungle. Jennifer was dressed like a fancy gal, as was her boyfriend while Nikki and her pirate pal all got busy together. They all switched out who they played with but Nikki was the obvious star of the scene since she started and remained as the focal point (and rightfully so I might add). Jennifer was cute too with some lovely light blue eyes but her sexual skill wasn't in the same league though all of them played well together. The main sex of the scene was oral and anal but there was some taste testing and light lesbian action too. In all, it was not a bad scene with some decent replay value.

Scene Six: Angel Dark, yet another gorgeous brunette with a great body, and effeminate Horst Baron, were up next together in a grassy plain area. She was another one that managed to pay more attention to her partner than the camera and this elevated the heat of her scene a whole lot as she blew him with practiced ease (having jerked him off to a state of blissful erection). The sexual screwing wasn't her best work but she was at least reasonably energetic in her ride of his penis, jerking him off at the end to lick up a happy ending.

Scene Seven: Thalia, Jennifer S., George Uhl, and Philip Dean, were up last in a bedroom scene with one another. The gals were attractive and the sex did everything you'd expect including a DP with all the trimmings. It was a well handled scene with the gals trying to offer up the best action they could but the camera was kind of claustrophobic in the small room and the lighting was too moody to allow them to be at their very best.

Summary: Robinson Crusoe On Sin Island was one of my favorite Private releases in years and the Collector Edition had some of the very best extras I've ever seen in a movie, porn or mainstream at that. I'm going to rate it as Highly Recommended although some of you will find the sex to be too generic at times. The cast was attractive (some were incredibly so), the production was very high end, and the extras were so exceptional that I spent a lot more time watching them than I did the two times I watched the movie. In short, Private made a winner for those of you that like feature porn with the sex appearing to include all the usual acts you'd expect from a Private movie (rather than watered down sex like some of the competition). Check it out and you'll see what I mean but also keep in mind that the more I watch the movie, the better the scene look, a rarity in porn these days.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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