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Shut Up & Swallow 3

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/13/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Shut Up & Swallow 3

Devil's Films

Genre: Blowjob

Director: None Listed

Cast: Keeani Lei, Serena Sin, Carly Kaleb, Arcadia Davida, Cherry Poppens, Isabella Stanza, Alyssa West, Tiger; uncredited males

Length: 132 minutes

Dates of Production: 8/1/2005, 8/2/2005, 8/5/2005, 8/6/2005, 8/7/2005, 8/8/2005, 8/10/2005

Extra's: The only extras were some trailers and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shut Up & Swallow 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by some uncredited director for release by Devil's Films. The lighting was fair and only caused a few problems with grain and shadows but considering the limited amount of action, this shouldn't have been a problem at all. There were some compression artifacts and the fleshtones were about average for a low budget release. The composition of the shots was often similar to a point of view style shoot but not quite since the guys weren't holding the camera. The stereo audio was in English and sounded hollow with no separation between the channels. There were also background noises in several of the scenes that should've been addressed in editing or when they were filmed so keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase the DVD.

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Body of Review: Devil's Films have been really hit or miss with me since I started reviewing them. For every good title I watch, I get to see a title messed up or simply boring. This elevates the value of reading reviews of their product but sometimes makes it tough to sit through the weaker releases knowing that out there somewhere are good volumes of their series. In any case, their latest effort is Shut Up & Swallow 3, a show dedicated to blowjobs with no penetration or intercourse. I know some of you like those types of shows if the gals are looking great, having fun, or give great head but what about when they seem lethargic, are on the less attractive end of the spectrum, or simply seem to be going through the motions to get a few bucks. Well, that's what this one seemed to be all about. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by the female cast (the males weren't credited; nor was the director-I wonder why), noting that the action was pretty generic:

Scene One: Keeani Lei, a little Asian gal, was up first as she teased the camera a little bit in her blue jean skirt and bikini undies on a makeshift sofa bed. She pulled out some whipped cream and her hairy, uncredited partner, became the center of her focus. He was frog belly white and had a very small penis but she worked it over well enough. Sadly, he had problems getting hard and it took him forever to pop his load (a very small load too) that she gargled before swallowing.

Scene Two: Serena Sin, a gal with strawberry blonde hair and a larger than average set of curves, showed that being chunky only means you carry around your resume for oral action all the better. While not a particularly attractive gal, she knew how to milk a load from her partner and to his credit; at least he stayed reasonably erect during the scene. She was playful and energetic during the scene, making it a decent way to spend a few minutes. She jerked out his load and swallowed it in the end (with little help from him by the way) like a champion so I recommend her if you're in the market for some head.

Scene Three: Carly Kaleb, a gal with a lot of freckles, a slight overbite, and some ample breasts, was up next on the couch. She had some extra weight too although she didn't carry it as well as Serena and the mechanical blowjob she gave wasn't awe inspiring. Don't get me wrong; the worst blowjob in the world is probably better than the best day spent at work (unless you get blown for a living) but she seemed ill at ease throughout the scene, even though she followed the formula well enough.

Scene Four: Arcadia Davida, was a lean, exotic looking gal who wore some nice lingerie on the blue couch during her tease. She's been around the block a few thousand times but this experience only made for a better blowjob by the looks of it. She took on two hairy guys with small packages (always keep in mind that hairy men are the most masculine according to recent studies conducted by this hairy reviewer) and I think she'd be another one I'd let suck me off in a dark strip club outside of Vegas. She wasn't the cutest gal of the bunch but she had some talent at oral.

Scene Five: Cherry Poppens, another curvy redhead with a plain face, was up next as she blew a black guy. She took a slow and steady approach rather than the active balls to the wall oral some gals favor; savoring the taste of his load more than the others but it wasn't the best head of the show by a long shot.

Scene Six: Isabella Stanza, a brunette that looked kind of tired as she jerked and sucked off her partner by the chair located in front of the fireplace. Her red & black camisole and matching panties were nicely enhancing to her all natural body but she lacked the energy, passion, and chemistry I think she could have shown. Granted, this was the case with most of the gals in the movie but while I readily acknowledge that actually getting a blowjob from any of the gals was probably great, they almost all failed to convey that feeling to me as a voyeur of the action. Isabella did an okay job of it but nothing I'd write a story about on a blog or anything.

Scene Seven: Alyssa West, a gal with some nice hooters and a face that had potential, was up next in the kitchen as she bent over and spread her cheeks for the camera. While a little fleshy, she looked much like some of the gals you'd find in a small strip club in Anytown, USA except that her breasts appeared to be the real thing. She took on a black guy with a moderate sized penis but his excitement levels weren't all that great as he looked tapped out (maybe from making too many movies). She tried to get him off easily but it took a while as she worked him over (and he never seemed to get particularly hard).

Scene Eight: Tiger, a little brunette that looks like Bjork back when she was in the pop band, the Sugar Cubes, was up last as she also had her scene in the kitchen. She was the gal on the front DVD cover and a fairly generic looking brunette from my point of view. I didn't care about the stretch marks (pretty much all the other gals had them too) or blemishes on her body much but I can see why some of you might not be so generous. I liked that they did a decent 69 and she seemed to enjoy it but it was still a weak scene in terms of anything except the advertised action.

Summary: Shut Up & Swallow 3 was one of those oral-only titles that fell far short of so many others on the market that I wonder why they keep coming out. After all, knowing that a few bucks more will score you a Feeding Frenzy or a few bucks less will buy you an Orally Challenged release (to name a few), why you'd want to go with this one is beyond me. Don't get me wrong though; Devil's Films has some good stroke material but not this one by any reasonable standard. Consider it one worthy of a Skip It rating but if you're a slavering fanboy of some of the cast, by all means don't let me persuade you to change your mind (just don't say I didn't warn you about it).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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