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Dark Sins

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/17/05

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Dark Sins

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Keri Sable, Rod Fontana, Evan Stone, Cassie Courtland, Herschel Savage, Alexis Malone, Grant Michaels, Alex Sanders, Jezebelle Bond; Randy Spears (in bonus scene only)

Length: 83 minutes

Date of Production: 4/30/2005

Extra's: The best extra for most people will be the extra sex scene between Keri Sable and Randy Spears from the movie Intrigue. It lasted about 17 minutes long and her school girl look was particularly hot although she only did oral and vaginal sex. I preferred the All Access: The Making of Dark Sins feature by Nikki Fritz myself since it lasted 36 minutes long and had all of the cast getting some screen time (there was sex and BTS action). There were also three short interviews with Keri Sable (5.5 minutes long), Alexis Malone (2 minutes long), and Cassie Courtland (3.5 minutes long); Keri's comments about Devon being with Wicked Pictures made me think she almost signed with Digital Playground (oops!). The extras after that were kind of generic with the various photogalleries, trailers, promotional reels, Wicked Picture awards and nominations, casino game, desktop backgrounds, DVD catalog on DVD, spam, and cardboard protective sleeve.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Dark Sins was presented in non-anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.85:1 as originally shot by director Michael Raven for Wicked Pictures. Michael used various lighting effects to achieve his artistic vision. The colors were accurate, the grain was slightly less than usual, and the composition of the shots tended to be quite favorable to the cast. There were no compression artifacts or video noise that I saw and the visuals seemed just fine overall. The audio was presented with a choice of either a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English, a 2.0 German track, or a 2.0 Spanish track. I listened to the English track and while I didn't hear any appreciable separation on the audio, it was nicely put together otherwise. I got the impression that it was actually recorded in 2.0 but later remastered with a 5.1 signal given the lack of separation but I could be mistaken (if you watch the BTS feature, you'll see what I mean).

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Body of Review: Michael Raven is one of the more artistic directors at Wicked Pictures these days, a term that brings up mixed feelings in me. Typically, it means couple porn made for women to enjoy more than men, slow sex, and limited types of action. Thankfully, Raven has made attempts to bridge the gap between art and realism, often working out to make porn both men and women can appreciate; such was the case with his latest release, Dark Sins for Wicked Pictures. The movie was billed as Keri Sable's 1st feature film for Wicked Pictures; a designation that was retracted at points since she has worked for them before. I guess you could say it was her first movie for them in a starring role (technically, it was a vignette movie though) while under contract. In the big picture, she's a bit of fresh blood for the company as some of their more established gals move along and I'd be lying if I said she wasn't a great choice for them. A combination of attractive youth and a gal who'll do it all for her scenes, Keri is not your typical Wicked Gal and while I like them just fine, she offers something new to the mix. This movie, which was to be subtitled Love Stories volume 2, was a selection of vignettes where fantasies were explored. Using a loud soundtrack and limited dialogue, Raven offered up his usual style (you'll like it or hate it with little middle ground) but with an interesting cast. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting some anal sex took place and condoms were used:

Scene One: Redneck Fun: Keri Sable, the hot blonde on the front DVD cover, was up first in a scene on a couch with Rod Fontana, "a beer drinking, barbeque eating, redneck of a man" and "a sweating hunk of a man" according to her narration of the scene. She stripped off her clothes and seduced him while he was eating and watching television (that it took him so long to get the hint was funny). She unzipped his pants to get some oral loving in on him, moving slowly at first but picking up speed as she went along. He returned the favor with some oral after he fingered her pussy with his barbequed soaked fingers; a taste that originated in Texas (allegedly Houston at that). He did most of the work on her as she let him take charge in this slow pussy filling scene so I wasn't as enthusiastic about the boning as the oral. Still, she took the facial well enough and the scene wasn't bad.

Scene Two: Dirty Pictures: Keri Sable, this time dressed up as a small town gal by a water tower in the Mojave desert near an oil rig with Evan Stone. He was a blue collar worker and she was in need of some manly attention so as the gentleman that he was, he took care of her needs as water cascaded down on them from above (in the BTS feature, she wasn't happy about it either but it looked good). He passionately warmed her up and she gave him a blowjob in return before they boned fairly energetically in a standing position. In a return to her roots, she also did anal here and at the end, swallowed his load easily. This was a really good scene with her.

Scene Three: The Swap: Cassie Courtland, a cute young blonde in her 6th or 7th B/G scenes, ended up with old man Herschel Savage in a hot tub at a clothing optional resort. Now admittedly, in real life, she probably would've run screaming back to the boat (or plane) rather than do him (kidding) but the fantasy here was for all you men that are way over the hill. If Herschel can score, so can any of you. In any case, her all natural body was nice and she looked like she could be Savanna Samson's kid sister. They slowly made out, she gave him a weak blowjob, he returned the favor, and then they screwed vaginally. It was one of the slowest fucks in the history of porn and he did most of the work, but the lush setting and her appeal all added up to make it okay.

Scene Four: The Swap 2: Alexis Malone, an older, slightly curvier gal that was the spouse of Herschel's character, was up next at night in a candlelit bungalow with Grant Michaels. Each looked good with one another; her trim body with his muscular cut look made for a much more reasonable scenario and they seemed to enjoy working with one another more than any of the other couplings of the movie. Chemistry is hard to define but they sure seemed to have it and the oral with vaginal sex was especially appealing because she was so actively passionate about riding him. There was no visible pop shot but it seemed more natural to see them this way and I only wished it lasted longer. Whew!

Scene Five: Heaven: Keri Sable, playing a corpse of a newly dead gal, allowed doctor Alex Sanders to get into a little necrophiliac action. Thankfully, she moved around or it would've been too gross for me (who says Wicked Pictures can't push the envelope?) with Alex playing the dominant partner here. She appeared to have more fun this time and you can see some edited footage in the BTS feature that'll pleasantly surprise fans of Keri (I won't spoil it for you). He did do some hardcore anal on her, literally tearing into her like there was no tomorrow. Keeping in mind Keri's porn roots, it should be no surprise to her loyal fans that she is better in anal sex than anything else.

Scene Six: The Succubus: Jezebelle Bond, a brunette made to look much like a Klingon without the head bumps, was stuck in a wheelchair while she masturbated as Keri Sable watched her. This was a very limited scene that might've worked on paper but I would've preferred a lot more action going on, maybe even with the gals doing one another or having some guys step in. I'm sure that watching it as they filmed it was hotter than the scene ended up being (and I like her just fine) but that was the weak close to the movie.

Summary: Dark Sins will appeal primarily to two groups of people; fans of the lovely Keri Sable and couples looking to push their safety envelope a little more than usual. For a jaded old porn hound like me, it was worth a rating of Rent It but for people like those mentioned, it will easily be worth getting a copy. The technical values were all nicely handled with the kind of care Raven gives them and if you've enjoyed his style in the past few years, he really sticks with it (the music bothers me but not some of you out there according to emails). His camera work shows an eye for detail and the gals were all attractive (although the succubus scene was kind of creepy) so give it a look if you're in the market for breezy little vignette driven porn.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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