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Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/23/05

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Flash (Gina Lynn)

Club Magazine/Inpulse Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Lorenzo Santini

Cast: Gina Lynn, Jerry, Brittney Skye, Travis Knight, Lexi Marie, Harmony Rose, Brooke, Lee Stone, Shy Love

Length: 87.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/17/2004 (box); 8/11/2004 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra for me was a 13 minute Behind the Scenes featurette for the movie. It had the cast discussing their scenes and some other trivia with some extra sex taking place. There was a second, 16 minute long, Behind the Scenes feature for another Club movie but it wasn't credited with a title so perhaps I'll see that one in the future (it looked like a solid cast from the bits here). Lastly, there was a photogallery and a true double sided DVD cover for those who care.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Flash was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as directed by Lorenzo Santini for Club Magazine (and distributed by Inpulse Pictures/Paragon Publishing). In large part, the scenes looked pretty good with decent lighting that gave the fleshtones a nice look to them. This also kept the grain to a minimum although there were many cases where some fill lighting would've worked to eliminate shadows. My two biggest problems with the visual aspects of the show were the rapid paced edits and the composition of many scenes that would not enhance the look of the gals much of the time. Focusing on blemishes and other flaws too often weakens the appeal of a porno just as not attempting to showcase a gal's best features. There were no compression artifacts and only a hint of video noise though so the visuals were okay but in need of work. The stereo English 2.0 Dolby track here was dynamically okay but the music took precedence over the vocals and was very droning. This was the other part of the movie's scenes I didn't appreciate. If I want generic techno music, I can go to any number of loser clubs and blow out my eardrums that way so hearing it in my porn is distracting at best.

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Body of Review: Gina Lynn has been something of a hit in whatever field she tried to work in. From feature dancing (I saw her in Houston years ago), bit roles on cable television shows, and in various porn movies, she has gained a decent following for her porn star look. Now that she's no longer under an exclusive contract with Pleasure, she's done a fair amount of work that is far more interesting to look at, with the latest release being Flash for Club Magazine's new line of porn movies. The show sets the stage with Gina as a fashion photographer who sometimes gets it on with her models. The sex itself was pretty basic, the women had far too much make up on and there were too many implants, but some of you enjoy that kind of thing more than others. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting condoms weren't used at all:

Scene One: Gina Lynn, the well known blonde on the front DVD cover, started off the series of vignettes as a photographer taking pictures of a scantily clad Jerry who was wearing black shorts and rubbing himself. While it hasn't been my experience that a photographer piles on the war paint like Gina had on here, the same could be said of not seeing them jump their models, at least on the set of the shoot. Regardless, they rubbed and licked one another to a droning beat, with her playfully kissing him and biting him through the material of his shorts. She then unwrapped her package for some slow oral before she sat on his face to get a little tongue action herself. The two screwed in vaginal mode with her doing some of the work but Jerry being the driving force of the scene. If you like Gina, the scene was better than her work with Pleasure but not as heated as what she did with Jules Jordan. It had a weak facial that mostly missed her face but she licked it afterwards.

Scene Two: Brittney Skye, another implanted bleach blonde, was up next in a red & black outfit as she posed with slacker Travis Knight, who was dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans as Gina took some pictures. Her make up looked applied with a trowel too but skinny Brittney went right to work on the meat pipe while kneeling on a table, taking him almost all the way into her awaiting mouth. She then bounced on his penis with at least a little bit of enthusiasm, commenting along the way ("Oh my god", "it feels so good" and other generic porn scene banter). The music was distracting here too as was the editing of the admittedly mixed quality camera angles. She eventually took some anal action from him but he did all the work then and it really didn't add any excitement for me. It ended with a minor load to the face as well but he had to rub it out and it was not shown without edits, making it look like the director was trying to conceal this fact.

Scene Three: Gina Lynn, Lexi Marie, and Harmony Rose, were up next in a lesbian scene with one another. This scene had even more of the droning music and speedy edits that weakened the sexual heat for me, making it appear like a bunch of mechanical grinding and licking. The slow motion effect was also more prevalent here and while each gal was appealing to look at, especially Lexi, it should've been better. Licking, rubbing, sucking, and toy play were all in full force here so even the mechanical nature of the ride was worth taking a look.

Scene Four: Brooke, a very pretty gal wearing a fishnet body stocking over a bikini, was up next on a shoot with the massive Lee Stone. Bikers will like the scene by virtue of the custom ride prominently displayed throughout the scene but the couple itself looked great together, despite the effects employed by the director. Her oral skills have been better (he is a well endowed gal after all) but she was attentive to his needs and they were soon screwing fairly passionately in her tight pussy. Doing it in a standing position isn't easy since she had to work at staying balanced while he did the work but even when they leaned on the bike, it looked uncomfortable. Still, for all the technical limitations, they were the two that came off as having the most chemistry of the group, even though it ended without a facial (which undoubtedly disappoints some of you though not me).

Scene Five: Shy Love, a skinny brunette with a great face and over done implants, was up last in a scene with good old Jerry; both on the standard photoshoot. There was less foreplay this time as she dove after his meat; putting it in her mouth and jerking him off with her right hand in some hand to gland combat. What I most liked about her (outside those DSL's) was the positive attitude she showed; working him over with a smile rather than to simply make a buck. She seemed to savor the taste of his penis and the oral was very well done. The actual vaginal screwing was decidedly less interesting though as she alternated between bouncing on him and letting him do all the work. The "uh, uh, uh, uh" routine got old too although it was nothing compared to that darned music. It soon ended with a facial shot with some in her mouth but the mixed heat from the scene kept me wanting more.

Summary: Flash was worth a rating of Rent It for me due to the various limitations mentioned about (slow motion, too quick editing, crappy music, piled on make up, etc.) but there were some good moments too enjoy as well. The replay value was limited for me but fans of the cast, especially slavering fanboy fans, will find that most of the gals were true to form and didn't deviate much from their usual manner of acting in a scene. I would've preferred more energy, passion, and chemistry but remember that I've seen a lot of porn in my day and have a lot more to compare movies like too (Gina's work with Jules Jordan in Gina Lynn's Darkside remains her best work to date by far). In all, take a look at it if any of this interests you and look for future reviews to see if Club lives up to the magazine that brought me so much joy decades ago.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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