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Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/27/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator is a classic blend of horror and humor, one of those rare hybrid films that works thanks to a clever script and a great, and truly memorable career making performance from Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert West, a mad scientist obsessed with perfecting his serum that re-animates the dead. In this new Spin The Bottle presentation, Tommy Pistol plays Dr. Hubert Breast, a like minded mad scientist who has a similar plan, although he doesn't want to re-animate a corpse, so much as he wants to re-penetrate one. Breast has found a sexy dead hooker (Joanna Angel) who he brings into his lab to inject with serum for the express purpose of copulation! Nekromantik's got nothing on this one, kids.

Once the dead stripper is injected, the fun begins and her libido is off like a rocket. Her first words, once she's been 're-penetrated' aren't really words at all but aggressive moans that lead to her tearing off the good doctor's pants and gobbling his dong. She spits blood all over his pork-saber and once she's done blowing him, bends over to get it doggy style right there on the laboratory table. He flips her over and goes at it some more, then bends her over the table and keeps going and going and going, squirting the green re-agent all over her ass while he pounds away. She lies down and so he goes down, not seeming to mind the fact that she's a re-animated corpse at all, although once she squirts blood all over him he soon changes his mind. She hops on top for a ride, then gets on her back again, until finally she gets back on top to finish it of…..


Once she gets on him and rides him cowgirl, things get grim as she rips out his entrails and eats them. It ends with a comedic twist, much like the movie that inspired it, but this finale is pretty grotesque and those looking for a wank off film might be a little put off by this sequence of events, even if it is all done in good, gory fun.


At just over twenty-one minutes in length, there's not a whole else to say about the film. It starts off with a bang and keeps it up right until the end credits hit the screen and the blackness fades in overtop of the ominous green glow of the syringe. Could there be a sequel in the future? Probably.

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While I've no idea what Stuart Gordon thinks of the film, Re-Penetrator is a pretty cool little XXX tribute to Jeffrey Combs' most famous film role. Tommy Pistol and Joanna Angel aren't going to win any awards for their performances here, but they handle the physical side of things (and let's just face it, that's more or less all that matters in a film like this) just fine. Pistol hams it up for the camera, laughing maniacally in a few spots and throwing in a couple of one-liners that ought to seem familiar to fans of horror films past. Joanna is her usual sultry self, anyone who has seen her in her other DVD appearances knows that she enjoys sex and isn't afraid to show it when the cameras are rolling. Her performance here solidifies that, and even in her made up undead state here, she's still a pretty hot little number.

Ultimately, Re-Penetrator is what it is – a low budget porno parody of a much beloved horror movie. In the vein of films like Edward Penishands and The Sperminator except shorter and gorier, it's a quick blast of quality sex and gore presented with tongue firmly in cheek (or should that be in between cheeks?).



The 1.33.1 fullframe transfer does a pretty good job of bringing the movie to your home theater. The green lighting hues that cover pretty much everything in the movie look nice, and the reds are very well defined and don't bleed into the other colors on the screen at all, which is surprising for a low budget digital video production. The skin tones look pretty accurate (or, in the case of Joanna's corpse character, as natural as they're supposed to look), the black levels stay strong from start to finish and don't break up at all, and there are no problems to speak of in relation to mpeg compression artifacts or edge enhancement. Re-Penetrator looks damn good.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level so as not to overshadow the speaking parts when they do occur. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a better than average effort.


In the Special Zombie Shit section, we find a plethora of perverted pluses starting off with Re-Examination – Re-Penetrator Behind The Scenes. This is a funny and light hearted look at the making of the movie, that starts off with Joanna Angel complaining about how often her co-star Tommy Pistol calls her and how the crush that he has on her is a bit annoying. Once we get through that, we hear how he called her up around Halloween and suggested the idea of making a zombie movie… Burning Angel style. Not only do we hear from Joanna and Tommy, but the director, Doug Sakmann, shows up here as well and talks about how his life long love of horror lead to his being brought on board to helm the project. They talk about their roles in the film, how they got into character, and what it was like working with all of that gore. The most interesting aspect of this talk is Joanna's explanation of the problems that they ran into getting the product out there and how they had problems getting credit card companies to allow them to use their services for selling the movie on the web, and why it isn't for sale on the Burning Angel website. At just over fourteen minutes in length, it's a shame that there isn't any behind the scenes footage in here, but at least the talking head material that they have supplied is interesting to listen to.

There are also two commentary tracks on this disc. The first commentary is with the two stars of the film, Joanna Angel and Tommy Pistol. These two obviously have fun working together, even if they dig at one another fairly playfully during this talk. The cover what it was like working with some of the props and effects work, and also get into how Sakmann was as a director. It's a fun, if light, track that lets you know what goes on behind the scenes of a set from a performers point of view.

The second commentary features director Doug Sakmann and director of photography Pat Homily. This one is still pretty light hearted but slightly more technical than the first track. It explains how a few shots were set up, some of the lighting, and some of the effects. It's another interesting listen, and with the feature as brief as it is, it's nice to see that they've put two interesting and fun commentary tracks on here to listen to, that way you get a little more bang for your buck out of this DVD.

Rounding out the extra features are trailers for Burning Angel.com – The Movie, Punk Rock Holocaust, Re-Penetrator, and a teaser for the Strip For Pain event.

If for some reason you don't want to see the film as the filmmaker's intended, there's also the Screening Cut of the film included on this disc, which is basically twelve minutes (ten minutes less than the other cut) of highlights from the director's cut of the film which serves as the feature.

Final Thoughts:

If your sense of humor and obsession with sex and gore is as perverse as this reviewer's, you should find a lot to enjoy about this goofy, gory, sexy little short film. The supplements give this release a fair bit of replay value and the audio and video quality is quite good. Re-Penetrator isn't going to appeal to everyone, but if you're still reading this you might be one of those 'niche market' types that'll dig this one as much as I did. Recommended.

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