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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/31/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Stormy Daniels, Kris Knight, Randy Spears, Jessica Drake, Chris Cannon, Eva Angelina, Michelle Lay, Talon, Keri Sable, Shay Sights, Lauren Kain, Eric Masterson; Pat Myne (bonus scene only)
Non-sex roles by Veronica Hart, Mike Horner, Ami Stewart, Tom Preacher, George Kaplan, Brad Armstrong

Length: 157 minutes

Date of Production: 6/1/2005

Extra's: My favorite extra was a tossup between the audio commentary with Brad Armstrong and Stormy Daniels or the 40.5 minute long All Access: The Making of Eternity by Mark Stone. The former had a lot of sexual tension between the two former lovers but not the snipping remarks they made at each other in the past. It added another dimension to the story as Brad filled in a few of the anecdotes he had (he still didn't catch all the minor goofs made by the cast and crew though), as did Stormy. The All Access, on the other hand, had the cast and crew offering up their view of the movie with some extra nudity and sex to make it a pleasing and well made feature that compared favorably with any other I've seen from Wicked Pictures or any other company for that matter. Next up was a short feature lasting almost four minutes called Making the Cut: Fencing with Randy Spears; showing him learning how to handle his sword (you perverts are snickering, I can tell). Among the most revealing of the extras, the 7.5 minute interview with Brad Armstrong seemed to tell the history of the script better and more compactly than the audio commentary. It was a well written script, especially compared to similar big budget features released recently, but the story was essentially another infidelity tale by the master of them.

Some of you will prefer the bonus sex scene between Stormy Daniels and her ex-husband Pat Myne more than any of that but it was only pretty good compared to some of her other work since the time the movie it came from, The Portrait, was released. There were tons of photogalleries this time, including one for each sex scene, the gals, and even the BTS. There were also lots of trailers, the usual Star Stats, and the promotional reels for Wicked Pictures. Finally, the two disc set had all the generic Wicked Pictures extras, including the DVD catalog, the standard DVD Rom materials including desktop pictures, the casino game, awards and nominations from their back catalog, and a profile for the company, and a nice fold out case with a semi-protective sleeve.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Eternity was presented in the same 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color if was shot in by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures. Shot in 16mm film, the usual problems with grain appeared in most of the night scenes. This is exaggerated by the transfer to DVD (as Brad recognized on the commentary track) yet the overall look of the movie was pretty good (though not great as I'd heard through the grapevine). There were some moments with pixelation but the composition of the scenes showed Brad's skill with directing nearly as much as his director of photography's (Francois Clousot) inherent talent. There were some compression artifacts but they really weren't a big issue for me as infrequent as they were here. The audio was presented with three choices outside of the audio commentary; the standard 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track, a similarly encoded track that maximized the vocals and another than maximized the music score. I liked this idea a whole lot and think that Wicked Pictures should be congratulated for offering such a choice. There was some separation between the channels but most of the time, it wasn't like a true 5.1 track so much as some 2.0 vocals and music. Still, an improvement is an improvement and all the vocals could be heard on the appropriate tracks with some well made music too.

Body of Review: With all the attention given to the studio blockbusters in recent weeks, it'd be easy to lose track of some mighty fine entertainment released to less fanfare. This will always be the case so long as award show deadlines come into play but I can't fault the parties for this since it means a wealth of great porn to enjoy during the late summer, early fall time frame. Such was the case with Eternity: 2 Disc Collector's Set that came out not long ago. Directed and written by Brad Armstrong on 16mm film, the movie was a lengthy tribute to his favorite subject, infidelity. Most of the action is set in the 1800's with Randy Spears playing a ruthless egomaniac with extreme wealth and his fiancÚ, the na´ve Stormy Daniels, who is married off to him out of financial concerns instead of love. The story elements were very well done and the sex didn't conflict with them so if you're ready to enjoy a nice story line as well as some of the most attractive contract gals available to Wicked Pictures, here's a brief look at the scenes of the show:

Scene One: Stormy Daniels, the lead hotty contract gal at Wicked Pictures these days, was up first as she discussed her future with a farmhand played by Kris Knight in the loft of a barn at night (where it was "freezing" according to Stormy on the commentary track). If you've been living in a cave for years, she's the gal on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, but suffice it to say that she's one of the most attractive gals in porn. Initially, he went down on her and she returned the favor nicely. They screwed vaginally and she ended it with some more oral. I thought she conveyed a sense of heat very well in the scene and seemed to like Kris but there wasn't a lot of variety in positions to speak of (in their first scene together).

Scene Two: Stormy Daniels, dressed in a nightgown but made up to look fabulous, had the second scene as well but this time in a comfy bed with aristocratic Randy Spears. It started off tenderly with the two kissing but she reverted to form to give him some swell oral. This was another time when the story took precedence over the sex since she started off so slowly rather than jump right in as usual. I sure wouldn't complain if she were blowing me but I thought it was worth pointing out as fans have certain expectations about stuff like this. They screwed with him doing most of the work in her fine pussy and she took the facial at the end pretty well with her working it out rather than him.

Scene Three: Jessica Drake, another major contract gal at Wicked Pictures, was up in a bedroom scene with Chris Cannon. She's the gal featured on the dead center of the front DVD cover and someone who virtually always generates more heat than the typical contract gal with strawberry blonde hair and a nice set of curves. He went down on her first and took her doggy style before she did some PTM (pussy to mouth). The scene sure didn't last long before he rubbed out a load to her mouth yet I thought she was well suited for the role.

Scene Four: Eva Angelina and Michelle Lay, a couple of brunettes that really didn't fit well in the period drama this was, were up next with guard of the storehouse, Talon. Their job was to distract him while the others stole food and other provisions and they did it well enough but they just didn't seem right for the roles. It had oral and anal, skipping the pussy to get a nut on, but he did do some vaginal before jerking off to both of their faces. For me, this was definitely a filler scene but those of you into anal may give it more credit than I did.

Scene Five: Keri Sable, the last of the Wicked Pictures contract gals in the movie, was up in the next scene with Randy Spears in the majestic bed. She began with little on, giving the camera a great shot of her sweet ass, and she came off much like her character as a wanton woman. She's on the far right hand side of the front DVD cover (too small a picture, I know) but fans have been telling me all about her finer qualities via email for months now so I'm sure those of you into skinny gals will also find her appealing. Her oral was good, her vaginal not bad but the anal so many of you like was far from her glory days in gonzo. Still, she did look the part and the scene fit the story with some stroke value to it. Randy blew a huge load onto her face before she went back to blowing him, a fact not lost on me in terms of how well she performed.

Scene Six: Shay Sights, a voluptuous gal with large breasts, and newcomer Lauren Kain, were up next as they played maids serving master Randy Spears as was fitting their station in life. The gals spent as much time with each other as they did with him and that made this a solid scene in terms of general pornography. The lighting helped make them look even better than some of the others here but fans will want to know more about their skills than anything else. In general, the sex was kind of mechanical this time but "maid sex" is usually like that in my experience so I would fuss too much about it. There was oral, vaginal, anal and lesbian action here so folks wanting a well rounded scene will probably care less for the lack of chemistry than I did. The gals were playing with the ending pop shot to the face but it was too little, too late for me.

Scene Seven: Jessica Drake, looking simpler and more elegant than her last scene, and Stormy Daniels, also appearing more down to earth, were up in a lesbian scene at night by a fireplace and metal washtub. Jessica served her more than the reverse but I thought they looked great together; making me wish for a better lit scene. There was licking, rubbing and fingering going on but the candlelight hampered the action and caused some extra grain that I hated.

Scene Eight: Stormy Daniels, in the last scene of the movie, again looked great as she took care of Eric Masterson in bed. It was a romantic scene with pleasing music in the background that would appeal to couples as much as anyone else. It was oral and vaginal only with him rubbing out a load to her abdomen. For me, it could've worked better but I thought that each had some fun together and it fit the story very well even if the sex was not her best in the flick for my tastes.

Summary: Eternity had a lot to offer fans of porn wanting something a bit more involving than the standard gonzo bonefest. With a solid story, some very reasonable acting, and good technical values for the type of film stock employed, the show managed to keep me interested in the plot as much as the sex. If you're in the market for something of that nature, this is one of the highlights of the year with Randy easily out acting the competition by a wide margin. Sexually, there was a lot more anal than you'll find in most feature porn and the simple fact that Wicked Pictures used their three lead contract performers speaks volumes as to how much they thought of Brad's movie. In all, Eternity was worth a rating of Highly Recommended to any fan of the lovely cast, excellent extras, and well written feature porn.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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