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Ass Worship 8

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/31/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ass Worship 8: Maximass: Special Extended 2-Disc Set

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Maryann, Jerry, Lanny Barbie, Jules Jordan, Kami Andrews, Scotty Lyons, Brett Rockman, Mark Wood, Georgia X, Terri Summers, Tiffany Rayne, Sascha

Length: 223 minutes

Date of Production: 8/18/2005 (box); 8/8/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra for most sane people will be the 31.5 minute of bonus footage with some of the material edited from the original scenes. If you liked the scenes, you'll like the bonus footage just as much although some of it wasn't quite as good as the stuff used for the movie itself. There was a decent photogallery, a cast list, some very limited filmographies, a cumshot recap, and trailers to movies such as Perfect Specimens 2, Ass Worship 7, Once You Go Black 4, Flesh Hunter 8, Dark Side, Invasian, Feeding Frenzy 7 and others.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Ass Worship 8 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Jules Jordan for distribution by Evil Angel. The lighting was a bit better than last time in Ass Worship 7 and this helped minimize the grain and other flaws that volume had. It still looked like second tier gonzo at times since the lighting model Jules uses is not like that employed by Red Light District or other young bucks making porn these days but the warmer approach is favored by a number of people other than me so your mileage will vary. I'll always prefer to see the action clearly and crisply but I can understand those who prefer porn like their father's used to see. There were no compression artifacts but the focus was lost from time to time and the visual elements weren't bad at all. The stereo English 2.0 Dolby Digital audio track was as basic as ever with no separation or significant dynamic range but it wasn't bad either.

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Body of Review: With experience comes one of two things in porn: complacency or a willingness to try new things. This is a maxim that those of us who pay attention have routinely discussed and comes across as counter to the popular opinion that "all porn is alike". One director who tries new things but has yet to truly expand past his previous works is the well received Jules Jordan. His latest DVD is another example of fine gonzo porn with the anal theme present in every scene but a sameness at times that may upset those of you wanting something outside his usual boundaries. The name of the title is Ass Worship 8: Maximass: Special Extended 2-Disc Set and like Ass Worship 7, it had some of the best material in town as long as you haven't watched a lot of his works in the past. If you have watched a lot, you'll be realizing that he does a lot of the exact same things and doesn't go further so read the following breakdown of the scenes to see who did what with whom, knowing that the formula employed has won many awards from those less inclined to be critical of the admittedly talented director:

Scene One: Maryann, the blonde gal with the nice ass seen on the middle of the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first as she pranced around to tease the camera (and Jules himself). In this scene, she looked a lot like mainstream actress Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine in the Star Trek show Voyager) but with a better ass and it was evident that scene partner Jerry was happy to work with her. He initially went right to sucking her ass; something she seemed to appreciate a whole lot. She returned the favor with some dick sucking that'd shame most gals in porn for the thoroughness she showed. Like most scenes shot by Jules, the details were the key to understanding why so many flock to his movies. From her body to her face to her active oral skills, she worked it in a great manner. This led, of course, to them screwing vaginally and anally, though he did most of the work in the backdoor. She did some ATM and was otherwise his cock socket but she wasn't quite up to the standards set by Jules on average. I wasn't really into the fart noises she gave off either but her gape's hang time was exceptional. It ended with a large load to her face and wasn't a bad way to start the movie.

Scene Two: Lanny Barbie, currently the latest Vivid contract gal, was located on the middle of the front DVD cover in her black fetish outfit that appealed to me so well. The fishnet outfit, stripper shoes, and perfect face of hers enhanced the curves she put to use here with Jules Jordan. The tease latest the better part of ten minutes and was as good as I've ever seen her in but her oral showed a lot of promise too. She actively worked his meat pipe before he tore into her silken pussy. This led to some anal but she took a long while to work herself up into looking like she was having fun. They did a lot of positions before a short titty fuck and load dropped on her face. In all, this was a good scene for Jules and it would be great for a less talented director but it sometimes lacked the spark I like to see from his scenes.

Scene Three: Kami Andrews, a gal known more for her sexually heated performances than her good looks, was up next as she wore some black & white striped stretch pants to tease Jules and his camera with. She was located on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover for those unfamiliar with her looks but I have to admit that she wasn't looking bad here with that great big ass of hers looking ready to rumble. Her partners were Scotty Lyons, Brett Rockman, and Mark Wood, all of whom surrounded her inside the dinning room to spread some oil on her ass to use a large anal plug (for stretching her out) on. She had one of the best attitudes of any of the cast members throughout the two disc set. For the most part, this translated into a great scene where they used each of her holes at will and her loving every minute of it. One way to look at it would be to say that she might not be a gal you'd bring home to your mother but you'd be lying if you said you could handle her on her worst day. She did all the usual tricks, including some nasty DP work and taste testing with some jizz squirted on her gaping ass, her face, and her body to complete this energetic scene. Wow!

Scene Four: Georgia X, the blonde featured on the lower right hand quadrant of the front DVD cover, has never been my favorite performer before since she lacked the energy and looks I tend to favor. Whatever it was, she looked better here on an overcast day by the pool and I hoped Jules Jordan would be the one to coax a winning scene out of her. The tease was solid and I had high hopes for her given the playful manner she seemed to display, even when she went inside to oil up that ample sample of an ass. When the actual sex came up, she showed considerably more skill riding him although he did do the lion's share of the work. She still wasn't all she could be but this was better than I've seen her previously so fans will truly be able to get off (multiple times) thanks to Jules' work with her. The large load went to her mouth and face but he jerked it out while she held her heels.

Scene Five: Terri Summers, another attractive brunette as seen on the upper right hand corner, wore a black PVC raincoat and sunglasses that covered her pretty green eyes until she began to strip in a tease sequence designed to warm up partner Jules Jordan. Her stockings enhanced her already attractive legs and her web styled outfit left nothing to the imagination as she prepared for the action with the director. The oral was okay but mechanical, the intercourse itself a bit limited in terms of how much aggressive sexual energy she displayed as Jules did most of the work and her ability to do anal wasn't as skillful as many of the others yet I thought she had a lot of untapped potential. I look forward to seeing more of her though I recognize that she may need a few lessons that I'd be willing to assist with given the moderate value of the scene.

Scene Six: Tiffany Rayne, a bleached blonde with nice curves as seen on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover (between Georgia's legs), was up last with Sascha and Jerry. Jules stalked her from his composite shingle roof and her tiny outfit looked great on her from the distance as she walked beside the pool outside. The tease outside led to the action inside where the guys worked her over very nicely in a scene that returned some heat compared to the last one. The lighting wasn't handled well enough to see all the action clearly but she was on the prowl as she allowed them to impale her holes. She didn't quite bounce back on their meat stroke for stroke but her dirty talk was well done and I could see why she's considered an up and comer by many in the industry. The DP action was better than average but this was largely because she so willingly pushed her own limits with their help, not because they imposed such pushing on her. It ended with her sporting a nice "got milk" smile and nearly boosted the rating up due to the quality and freshness of the action.

Summary: Ass Worship 8 was a generally well done title full of lots of anal action with numerous gals on hand to assist you with your stroking pleasure. It lacked some spark but part of that was related to how the scenes seemed generic, at least for Jules Jordan, and that limited them in some ways for me. Otherwise, it was a solid movie with lots of fuck for the buck and decent, if imperfect technical values, and a cast well worth checking out. Jules may need a kick start from time to time and could probably use a few fresh ideas but he's still among the better gonzo directors for his type of action. Check out some of his above listed titles and you'll see why fans like his work though some have complained about the "more of the same" style he uses. In all, that's why he rated a Recommended this time but fans may think I'm being too tough on the guy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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