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Neo Pornographia 3

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/4/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Just like the first two Neo Pornographia DVDs, the images are shot in some very pretty soft light using some filters to enhance the natural tone of the performers and some shadows to match the subtle curves of their bodies. The shadows play a very important part in this presentation – as the packaging claims, there's a heavy noir influence on the look of this stuff, despite the content. Call it art core, call it pretentious, call it filth – they're all accurate descriptions of this strange mix of trash talking, fast fucking and verbal abuse shot through an artisan's lens. Michael Ninn has done it again, here's how it all works out in this latest three scene compilation…

Chapter 1 – Alex Knight, Nikki Hunter, Steve French, and Venus:

In a soft and dimly light room, Venus appears, dressed in some provocative lingerie that really makes her look pretty damn appealing. We soon realize that she isn't alone, that Nikki Hunter is there too. Nikki verbally abuses her, calls her a whore, makes her tell the camera how much she likes to fuck and what a slut she is. From there we see her play with herself, she uses her fingers first and then once she's warmed up, she fucks her ass with a butt plug, then moves on to using a glass dildo on her snatch.

Nikki moves into the action zone, she chokes Venus and makes her gag. She slaps her around and roughs her up before kissing her and treating her like her own personal sex slave. Alec Knight and Steve French walk into the room, and Venus is soon down on her knees sucking Knight's cock without help from her hands. She bobs up and down on it really aggressively, gagging on it and spitting a bit. She works Steve up too. Soon Alex is fucking her pussy missionary style, and then he moves on to her ass. With Nikki still egging them on, Steve fucks her pussy with Alex still in her ass and they give her some serious double penetration action. Soon Steve switches gears and she takes two cocks up her asshole at the same time, in what looks to be pretty painful. She cleans their rods off with some ass to mouth action, and then Nikki comes back in and starts stroking the two men off. Steven blows his wad all over Venus' face, and Alex jacks it until he shoots on her pussy.

Chapter 2 – Nikki Hunter, Dirty Harry, Roxetta, and Tyla Wynn:

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This scene starts off with Nikki roughing up Harry a bit, exerting her dominant side over him and making him do as he's told. Roxetta and Tyla then become the focus of the scene, the camera lingers on them as they slap and verbally abuse one another for a few minutes, and obviously getting more and more into it as the heat gets turned up higher, culminating when they start to choke one another.

Nikki lets Harry go, and he starts to eat her pussy out while the two girls continue their naked catfight. The lights dim and we see them start to settle down, Roxetta fingering herself and Tyla obviously enjoying watching. They start to kiss, they slap each other a bit more and spit at each other, and then they start to finger fuck one another and eat each other's pussy out. A glass dildo is brought into the scene and the two girls take turns using it on themselves, then a larger double-ended dong is brought into the scene. The girls ride it simultaneously, and then Tyla uses her fingers on her playmate until she makes her squirt all over the place. Roxetta moves over to Harry, sucks his cock without using any hands, and then bends over so that he can put his dick into her pussy. After he's done that, he leans the two girls over and fucks one in the ass, and then the other. Each of the girls cleans him off with some ass to mouth, and once they're done, he jerks himself to a close on Tyla's smooth behind.

Chapter 3 – Jenner, Nikki Hunter, Otto Bauer, and Rachel Love:

Rachel's dressed to the nines and we get to start the scene by watching her finger herself a little bit. Nikki comes in and does her thing, trash talking her and talking about what a filthy whore she is. Rachel keeps working herself up, eventually putting four fingers into her gaping gash and pumping herself pretty vigorously. Nikki plays with her nipples a bit to make sure that she's good and ready, and then the scene picks up even more.

Otto and Jenner enter the frame, and soon enough Rachel's got Otto's cock out and in her mouth. She sucks him pretty aggressively, and then Nikki keeps him hard by using her hand on him. Rachel moves over and starts sucking off Jenner, going back and fourth between the two men sucking them as fast and hard as she can. Soon they're taking turns fucking her cunt from a few different positions, and then Rachel gets on top of Otto for some reverse cowgirl anal action. She gets off of him and Jenner fucks her doggy style, then he fucks her in the ass with her head down between her knees while Nikki works Otto's cock with her hands. Rachel takes both cocks into her pussy for a few minutes of hard double penetration, then the boys pull out and jack off onto her face to finish the scene and the feature.



Shot in 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen, this transfer is a mixed bag. Ninn's cinematography makes excellent use of the shadowy interiors and there are obviously some lighting gels being used to cast some color onto the set from off camera. This makes for some pretty interesting compositions, the kind you don't expect to see in pornography. The problems with the image lie in the source material in that because it was shot on digital video, there's a fair amount of compression evident on the image and sometimes when the action starts to move a little faster, you'll notice some blurring if you're watching on a larger set. Skin tones look nice and lifelike, however, and there aren't any issues with print damage.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is perfectly sufficient and noticeably better than your average porn movie. The classical score mixes in with the more modern background music composed for the film and, when played out overtop of the rather sadistic and taunting dialogue, it makes for an experience that borders on the surreal. Everyone who speaks can be hard cleanly and clearly and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion on this set at all.


The most substantial of the supplements comes in the form of a fifteen-minute behind the scenes featurette that takes a look at the making of the movie. We get to see the girls in a more candid environment than the one presented in the feature, we see them warming up for their parts, putting on their make up, doing wardrobe and more.

Rounding out the extras is a photo gallery of roughly a hundred or so images of hardcore action shot on the set of the film. There are also animated menus and chapter stops setup for the feature and for each specific scene.

Final Thoughts:

If you were a fan of either of the first two entries in this series, you'll be into this one too as it sticks to the same formula and it works. Ninn's direction is stylish without skimping on the sex and the cast assembled for this feature is excellent. The video and audio quality is great and while there could have been more extras, the intensity of the sex and the quality of the visuals make Neo Pornographia Volume 3 a highly recommended release.

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