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Joanna's Angels

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Burning Angel's lovely ladies head into the big time with this release from VCA. While technically Joanna's Angels would fall into the feature category, the content outside of the sex scenes is really nothing more than a series of loosely connected gags that kinda-sorta tell a very basic story around which to string the sex scenes. And you know what? I'm completely okay with that. We're not watching this for the acting or the script, we're watching it for the sex and on that level, this spy parody works just fine.

For those who don't know who Joanna Angel is, think of her and her gang of girls as king of a hardcore version of the Suicide Girls. A lot of people are calling this goth porn, though that's not really the case with this release or the other Burning Angel releases, as these girls are way too happy looking to be goth – they've just got a lot of tattoos and piercings, that's all. Regardless of what genre you want to lump them in, this Larry Flynt produced two hour romp through humpsville comes up a winner.

Chapter 1 – Joanna Angel, Kylee Sabrina Sparx: This scene kicks the movie in a big, big way as the three lovely ladies don't waste any time disrobing and getting it on. Joanna spreads her legs, her two friends spit onto her snatch, and she rubs it in. Then she quickly finds herself on the receiving end of Kylee and Sabrina's affections as she's eaten out, fingered, and fucked with a dildo. It's not all one sided, however, as she likes to give as well as receive. Each of the girls has a change to have her box munched and prodded with the toy, and Joanna even gets it in the ass at one point. The girls are all obviously into what they're doing here and while there's some mild dominance in this scene, most of it is pretty playful and extremely hot – the familiarity seems to go a long way here, as the onscreen chemistry between the trio of girls really heats things up nicely.

Chapter 2 – Sleazy Pete Swayzee (no relation to the Roadhouse star that I know of!) and Sabrina Sparx: Sabrina comes into the headquarters to find Pete there, not really sure what to do with himself. She orders him around a bit and finally instructs him to go down on her, which he does. He eats her out and then fingers her a bit, and then she gives him a pretty damn impressive upside down blowjob. After that he bends her over and fucks her doggy style, and then she rides him reverse cowgirl before the big, burly mohawked man pulls out and shoots into the mouth of this gorgeous, petite gal in knee-high boots. Not the best scene in the movie, but Sabrina is too hot not to be enjoyable regardless.

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Chapter 3 – James Deen, Joanna Angel and Tommy Pistol: This one starts off as a couple scene with James and Joanna getting down and dirty with one another. He eats her out and she gives him a nice, sloppy blowjob that looks like something that would be a lot of fun to be on the receiving end of! At any rate, I digress. Once the oral is out of the way with, he fucks her from the side, then roles her over and gets on top of her to do her the old school missionary way for a few minutes. Next it's her turn to get on top, then she rides him reverse cowgirl, until Tommy (who we've seen in Burning Angel.com The Movie and Re-Penetrator comes into the scene at which point Joanna gets double penetrated by the two boys, one in her snatch and one in her ass. The bump and grind and grind and bump until it's all good and then they pull out and goop on her face and mouth.

Chapter 4 – Kylee Kross, Pink Angel, Tommy Pistol: Tommy lucks out and gets to take Pink and Kylee at the same time in this fine three way session that oughta leave you spent by the time it's over and done with. The girls suck on him for a bit to get things moving, then they each get eaten and or fingered by him or whatever girl isn't riding his face at the time. They switch up a fair bit, and the scene moves fast. Kylee rides him cowgirl style for a little while, then Tommy slides on into Pink doggy style before pulling out and shooting on the pair o' pretties. What makes this scene work again is the chemistry. The three are having a good time with one another and it shows. The girls are also just as into each other as they are into Tommy which is always fun to see, and the fact that they're both smoking hot doesn't hurt matters in the least either.

Chapter 5 – James Deen, Joanna Angel, Katrina Kraven: James finishes off the scene with these two dolls in grand fashion. The obvious foreplay starts things off, the girls take care of him orally and spread so that they can each be eaten out – pretty standard stuff, but hey, it's a tried and true formula so if it ain't broke don't fix it. From here that actual fucking starts up, and it doesn't take long to get hot. Both girls get nailed vaginally from a few different positions including doggy style and cowgirl, and then it's time for Joanna's anal shot. She gets pounded in the ass for quite a while, and both she and James seem to be having fun with it. Soon he's good and ready to he pulls out of her and after a bit of oral, gets stroked to a big finish.

Joanna's really quickly building up a big fan base and making quite a name for herself. The fact that she was established on the net before jumping into the home video fray certainly helped but a lot of what is making her career take off the way it is, is that she's surrounded herself with good people, attractive female costars, and isn't afraid to experiment a little. The girls are all natural, no implants of silicone shit here, thankfully, and the fact that most of their work so far has had a sense of humor to it is hopefully the sign of a nice trend to follow. Expect big things from this crew…



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullscreen presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything is coming up roses as far as the look of the film is concerned.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level so as not to overshadow the speaking parts when they do occur. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a better than average effort.


First up is a Behind The Scenes segment that starts off with the filming of the upside down blowjob from the second scene, then segueing into a bunch of random candid moments from the shoot set to the music of Rancid playing in the background. This is a short segment at just over two minutes, but it's worth checking out for the photo shoot footage.

Next up are some outtakes, starting with Tommy Pistol flubbing a scene, Joanna delivering some corny dialogue, with a couple of quick sex scene goofs in here too. It's two and a half minutes of footage, and again, it's nothing to write home about but it's amusing.

Rounding out the extra features are a slide show of fifty one hard core images of the girls in action, trailers for Dez's Dirty Weekend 4, Kill, Girl Kill 2 and Busta Nut, as well as a web-link and a phone sex add.

Final Thoughts:

What's not to love? A few funny gags, five hot sex scenes and a cavalcade of beautiful woman doing lots of dirty things makes Joanna's Angels a very solid effort. This was Angel's first big project for VCA, she directed it as well as starred in it, here's hoping there are more to follow. Highly Recommended.

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