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Gothsend 4

Studio: DVSX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/14/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

"Goth girl" porn is looking like it might be the next big thing in the industry and I think it's just that people are getting tired of silicone enhanced (though there are some implants in here) bleached blondes with massive tits and no meat on their bones, and less to do with the actual 'goth' factor, as none of this material is even remotely inspired by the legitimate gothic subculture. Goth girl seems to just be a blanket term used to cover any gal with a penchant for darker things, tattoos, piercings, and the like. But hey, whatever they want to call it, I'm down with it.

Guy Capo's work has kind of shed some more light on this up and coming sub-genre of smut, and his latest offering from DVSX, Gothsend IV keeps the tradition started by the first three releases alive (and also features up and coming super star Joanna Angel in the first scene, always a nice bonus!).

Chapter 1 Joanna Angel And Buster Good: When this scene starts off, Buster's got chains around his neck and torso and is spitting on Joanna's face and into her mouth. He mounts her missionary style, then he flips her over and fucks her doggy style for a little bit. She sucks his cock after that, cleaning him off before he she gets back on all fours so that he can fuck her in the ass. She flips Buster over, hops up on top of him and sticks his cock in her ass for some reverse cowgirl action. Buster humps away until she climbs off of him and once again cleans off his cock with her mouth, which leads way to even more anal, cowgirl style this time. Once he's had all that he can handle he pulls out and spanks it until he shoots his wad onto her face, ending the scene. This is pretty steamy, but the chains (which appear and then disappear) and the stupid flashback scenes (which periodically show the two performers covered in very fake looking blood) take away from it a bit and kill the mood. Regardless, Joanna's hot stuff and she knows it and she does a fine job taking it up the pooper in this introductory fuck scene.

Chapter 2 Texas And Cheyne Collins: Texas looks fantastic in this scene, where she starts things off by playing with her wonderfully large, natural tits. Cheyne walks into the frame and she goes down on him. After that she gets on her back and he eats her out, using his tongue and his fingers on her from time to time. She stays on her back and he climbs on top of her to fuck her missionary style, and after that she turns him over to do it cowgirl. She climbs off and sucks his dick again, he lays her on her side and spoon fucks her. Once that's over and done with he pulls out and jacks off onto her pussy, bringing it all to a close. This is another hot scene, and Texas is completely smokin' here. There's a lot of dialogue between the two performers which always makes things a little more realistic, but the real reason to check this one out is for Texas she needs to do more work.

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Chapter 3 Eva Angelina And Drifter: The scene starts with Eva in a cage, dancing around and showing off her shapely ass. She plays with her pussy for a bit, then Drifter enters the scene. Still in the cage she bends down and he fucks her mouth from the other side of the bars. She comes out of the cage, dragged by her hair, and he lays her on the table to fuck her missionary style. He gets her on all fours so that he can fuck her doggy style, then she starts to suck his cock again. To finish things off he spoon fucks her, then pulls out and jacks off on her breasts, ending it all. While Eva looks hot, Drifter more than once starts to get pretty soft in this scene, which does seem to effect things more than just a little bit. Her enthusiasm seems to wane when his wand does the same, which makes sense, but doesn't make for particularly hot sex.

Chapter 4 Madeline Marks And Christian X: Madeline starts the scene off in some room full of strange machinery, playing with her pussy for the camera. Christian comes into the frame and they start to make out. She gets down so that she can go down, and begins sucking his prick. She gets back up after that and bends over, presenting herself so that he can get into her from behind. She lays him back and climbs up to ride him cowgirl style, stopping every once in a while to suck on him some more. Finally she turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl, then gets off to finish him with her mouth, ending what is more or less a very average scene, made slightly more interesting by the fact that Madeline is very pretty with some great, small, perky breasts.

Chapter 5 Sierra Sin And Ricky Roberts: The only short haired girl on this disc, Sierra looks pretty nice and starts things off by playing with her breasts and then with her beaver. From there it cuts right to her interaction with Ricky and she's riding on top of him, reverse cowgirl. She gets off of him so that she can suck his cock, then she takes him up her ass reverse cowgirls style. She periodically stops riding his cock so that she can blow him but then gets right back up on top and puts his dick in her ass again. As she rides him, she fingers herself and squirts a few times, his cock still up in her rump. They move to the spoon position, he's still fucking her back door, and then he fucks her ass doggy style, again with periodic blowjob breaks. After a bit of that he's good and done so he pulls out and jacks off onto her face. This scene was pretty hot, made so by Sierra's raunchy enthusiasm for cramming her ass full of cock. This girl likes to take it in her back door and it shows here as she takes complete control of the scene from the very start.

Chapter 6 Vanessa Lane And Derik Pierce: This scene starts off with Vanessa bouncing her fake titties around a bit before playing with her pussy and her asshole for the camera. Derik comes into the room and she starts to suck him off, then laying back so that he can fuck her missionary style. He pulls out of her so that she can deep throat him, then she stands up so that he can fuck her doggy style. After a bit of that she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl for a few minutes before once more going down on him. The scene then cuts to her standing up towards him getting fucked in a sort of tricky looking standing missionary maneuver. She plays with her clit while he bangs her box, again going down on him once or twice before he pulls out and she finishes him off with a big sloppy blowjob. This was a solid scene but not one that's all that remarkable. The sex was good, not great, though Vanessa does do a good job with the oral requirements of the scene.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullscreen presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything is coming up roses as far as the look of the film is concerned.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level most of them time but there are a few spots where the music is definitely louder than it needed to be and as such it slightly overshadows the speaking parts when they do occur. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a better than average effort.


The two main extra features on this release are the behind the scenes segment and the solo play section. The behind the scenes segment is pretty short, clocking in at about three minutes or so but the montage of footage, presented here without a lot of superfluous self promotion, is interesting. The solo scenes are great, each of the six gals masturbates for the camera, and all of them look fantastic doing it.

Aside from that, we get trailers for a few other DVSX titles, a decent slideshow, and a weblink.

Final Thoughts:

Gothsend 4 is a little on the goofy side but the girls are all hot as hot can be and some of the sex scenes definitely deliver the heat, just not all of them. The good definitely outweighs the bad here, however. Some more supplements would have been welcome but the solo action is always a welcome addition to any DVD release and the audio and video quality for this release is also pretty solid. Recommended.

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