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Slutty Japanese Girls Vol. 1

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/15/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Movie:

Everyone likes cute little Japanese girls, right? Right! It's great that companies are starting to look into the Japanese market and importing some of the material made over there – however, this release, consisting of three lengthy scenes but not a whole lot more at all, is a big misfire on the part of VCA. Read on to find out why…

Chapter 1 – Haruka Mizuki: This scene starts off with Haruka lying on the bed in a latex outfit. She talks to the camera quite a bit, but we've no idea what she's saying or why. A man comes into the frame, takes off her outfit and starts to finger her box right in extreme close up. Soon she bends over and gets on all fours and he eats her out, but the lighting is poor and the detail is obscured for the most part. He flips her over and eats her pussy, then busts out a little black vibrator and uses it on her. After that, she takes him in her mouth and he appears to have some trouble staying hard. She blows him then they move into a sixty-nine position for a bit. Eventually, after about twenty minutes of rather dull foreplay she gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl style. From there she takes him doggy, then missionary which is how he finishes things up before pulling out and jerking off on her breasts.

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Chapter 2 – Mami: This one starts the same way as the last one, with Mami sitting on the side of the bed in a cute little school girl outfit. She takes off her clothes and a man starts to finger fuck her for a bit, spreading her lips open for the camera. He busts out a vibrator and uses it on her box, but she doesn't look at all interested in what's going on and keeps looking at something off camera. Next up is the insertion of a small, silver, vibrating ball into her pussy. She has the same reaction – she doesn't look into it at all. The camera pulls in for a close up of her face, which isn't impressive in the least as she's covered in cheap make up to hide her bad complexion, and then the skuzzy looking dude starts to nibble her ear. He fingers her again, and then she lies back so that she can suck his cock. Once she's blown him for a good five minutes she lays back so that he can fuck her missionary style for a little bit. Next they move into the spoons position and he keeps at it, despite the fact that she looks like she's ready for a nap. Once she gets on all fours and he fucks her doggy style she starts to show a little more enthusiasm, but it's too little too late and can't save this scene – and besides, it ends shortly after that when he pulls out and jacks off on her stomach after going at it missionary style one last time.

Chapter 3 – Saya Iida: In the third and final scene, we meet another less than impressive looking young lady named Saya. She talks to the camera for a few minutes, but again, we've no idea why or what she's even saying in the first place. From here on, it follows the same formula. She sits on the bed in a kilt and t-shirt. She's stripped and some guy who looks like he needs a shower starts to finger her snatch while she's on all fours, the camera again getting in really, really close to the point where there's almost too much detail here. She masturbates for the camera for a little while, and then he lies on top of her and sucks her nipples. From here he heads south and munches on her snatch for a while, flipping his tongue around like a snake. She gets him on his back and returns the oral favors with one of the most unremarkable looking blowjobs ever captured on video. He flips her onto her side and fucks her from the spoon position, and then she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl. For the big finish he gets her on all fours and fucks her doggy style, then missionary for about another minute, before pulling out and shooting her face up with spunk.

There are plenty of gorgeous Japanese girls out there, unfortunately none of them showed up for this shoot. We only get three scenes here, none of which are inspired, well shot, or particularly erotic. The sex is lackluster and unenthusiastic to the point where it's all very boring, made more so by the fact no one here appears to be enjoying themselves at all, or even hating what they're doing – they're just simply void.



This fullframe, shot on video production looks decent enough. The producers took the time to light their shots (or at least it looks that way) and the transfer has been done properly so as to minimize video noise and compression artifacts. Skin tones, ever important in porn, look natural as do most of the other colors represented in the picture.


Here's the clincher with this release – it's all in Japanese. There are no subtitles and while that doesn't matter at all for the sex scenes, the performers do talk to one another a fair bit leading up to the actual sex and without knowing what the Hell they're talking about, the scenes aren't nearly as effective. The overall clarity of the 2.0 Stereo mix is fine for a low budget shot on video deal, but the comprehension factor is a big problem, earning this one some seriously low marks as this DVD is coded for region one which means it is specific to the North American market.


The only extra at all on this release, aside from the chapter selection option, is a slideshow of about forty images (some of which are poorly photographed but all of which do appear to be from the feature itself) shown over a five-minute period. That's it, there's nothing else on this release to talk about, not ever trailers for other VCA discs, or even a freakin' weblink.

Final Thoughts:

Well, these Japanese girls may be slutty but they're neither particularly attractive or all that enthusiastic. The language barrier hurts the release, especially as there are no subs or even a dubbed track for the dialogue. There's plenty of good Japanese porno out there if you look for it, featuring pretty girls who like what they're doing, but this release doesn't fall into that category, or even close for that matter. What mark does Slutty Japanese Girls Vol. 1 earn? The big, fat SKIP IT mark.

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