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POV Fantasy 3

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/15/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

POV Fantasy 3

New Sensations

Genre: Gonzo, POV

Director: Brother Love

Cast: Kat, Brother Love, Jenni Lee, Julia Bond, Promise, Karina Kay; Ben English in the bonus scene only

Length: 116.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/24/2005, 5/7/2005, 5/8/2005, 7/15/2005, 7/30/2005

Extra's: For most people, the bonus scene between Julia Bond and Ben English would be the best extra. It lasted almost 20 minutes and came from Craving Big Cocks 7, offering up a large load at the end on her lovely face. It wasn't shot POV style but she's a nice piece of eye candy to enjoy. I also liked the 6 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Brother Love as it gave me a few laughs (the busted chair in the fairy scene, the cop falling on her ass) but I wanted more. For the masochists out there, there was another volume in the Ball Busting series, this time called Ball Busting 102, where Brother Love's nutsack was the object of Kat's willingness to demonstrate how to beat a guy in the nads. It looked very painful but I'm sure some of you will enjoy it, even though it was far shorter in length this time. The other extras were the usual fetish menu, photogallery, double sided DVD cover, and set of trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: POV Fantasy 3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Brother Love (usually known for his Behind the Scenes features) for New Sensations. The colors were accurate, the lighting generally very well done but not as solidly as the last volume in the series, and the amount of grain fairly minimal. I saw no compression artifacts or video noise either and the point of view camera angle was here as advertised. For the most part, it was well shot and the DVD decently mastered, proving Love's ability to work as a director. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was about average with little to recommend or fuss about but this is standard operating procedure for porn and the POV angle was the focal point. I'm not sure how the sound could be improved other than to suggest a microphone be deployed off the camera, perhaps even two of them to give a stereo feel to the dirty talk.

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Body of Review: Brother Love is one of the up and coming directors being hawked by the folks at New Sensations/Digital Sin as their answer to the multitude of POV directors filling the shelves of your local porn palace. I haven't seen all of his work but having watched POV Fantasy 1 and POV Fantasy 2, I think the company is on to something with him. His main thrust appears to be offering up various fantasies rather than generic motel rooms, trying new things instead of resting on his laurels, and going full out to participate as an active partner rather than sit back and passively enjoy the gals he's boinking. In such a crowded field, being able to differentiate his work makes a lot of sense and for the most part, it has worked well enough to elevate him compared to a number of talented directors who seem content to offer the same old scene time after time (kind of boring, yes?). Well, with the latest installment of the series, POV Fantasy 3, he pushed the envelop once more to offer some select fantasies that were a cut above average. Here's a brief look at the scenes, noting that while he may not be the largest guy in porn, he allows most viewers to "become" him by virtue of his penis size (it's tough to fantasize about being a guy in a POV scene when he's 13" and you're only 7 or 8):

Scene One: The Anime Whore: Kat, the 19 year old Asian gal on the front DVD cover, played a naughty anime schoolgirl turned bounty hunter. As one of the website's resident anime reviewers, this fantasy worked nicely for me and I hope to see more of it in future outings. Brother Love was the object of her oral fixation and you could almost see his glowing face in her neon blue hair. I'm not usually a fan of Kat but she worked him over so well here that I didn't mind and I only wish she had rambled off in some Japanese dirty talk as the scene progressed. She was especially aggressive in taking him in her pussy and ass as he spanked her, ending with her jerking him off to her face. In all, it was a solid scene to start off the movie with.

Scene Two: The Tree Sprite: Jenni Lee, made up to look like a forest nymph from a Shakespeare play, was up next as she pranced about with leaves on her head. I'll admit that this was a big risk on his part since she looked freaky but she also came off as a way for the director to literally "get back to nature". Brother Love enjoyed her oral attentions just as he liked her rubbing his penis all over herself before she popped it inside of her tight pussy and slowly coaxed out a load from his balls. As the scene progressed, the tempo picked up and she rode him fairly hard. Her hand to gland attention got a bit rougher than I like but she went back to oral loving and using her breasts for a nice titty fuck that most of us would enjoy. They banged some more and he dropped a large load onto her body.

Scene Three: Police Brutality: Julia Bond, the most attractive cutey of the show, was up next as a stripper cop who searched his home only to find his furnishings a bit feminine. Brother Love tried to defend himself but eventually caved in to her carnal needs as she stripped him and began to torture him for information. Except for hitting his nuts with a club, I wouldn't mind playing 20 questions with her either as one of her techniques involved blowing him. I don't think he was ever more erect in the movie than in this scene and given Julia's look, I could see why. She even tossed some salad as she stripped off her clothes but the strength of the scene was in how well she rode him in her sweet pussy. There were numerous positions and she was providing a lot of heat, even before he offered her some cop-pleasing donuts. She even used one of the delights on his penis to enhance some oral with the messy confection wrapped around the base of his shaft. That was pretty creative of them. It ended when she worked out some cream filling from him, jerking him off in a passionate manner. Whew!

Scene Four: The Roller Babe: Promise, a black gal playing a stripper on roller skates with a large lollipop in the cavernous room, was up next to work with Brother Love. In terms of looks, she was my least favorite gal (I like black gals but not overly skinny black gals), but I didn't want to prejudge the scene based on looks alone. Over the years, I've found a lot of below par looking gals to be fantastic in bed both on and off screen. In oral, she provided a very wet, sloppy blowjob to enjoy and I couldn't fault her for this aspect of the performance. In terms of riding him in her pussy, she started off with some doggy style boning with PTM (pussy to mouth) and salad tossing, always keeping a positive attitude, before a cowgirl ride that came off as energetic too. After a few more positions, she sucked out a load, and I'm glad I didn't skip the scene.

Scene Five: The Mistress: Karina Kay, a curvy little brunette dressed in a white outfit that truly enhanced her body, was up next as a mistress dominating Brother Love. He questioned her and she took it out on him with a whip (technically a riding crop) before she blew him (though always staying in charge of the young lad). There was the obligatory ball torture but the ride in her pussy was pretty heated too. I thought the scenario could've been pushed further but it was still edgier than most such scenes I've watched, giving it some replay value for fans. Otherwise, I could've used less of her kicking his gonads so hard but it was a good way to end the show nonetheless. It ended as expected with a load to her face but it wasn't a large load.

Summary: POV Fantasy 3 was yet another case of the so-called "Love Machine" offering up fun and frisky fantasies between himself and a host of attractive women of all backgrounds. By taking chances on what fantasies to provide, he set in motion a risky venture in a field where the pack mentality seems to rule. If you'd prefer watching the same women do the same guys in the same motel room, by all means look elsewhere but if you're wanting something slightly different (and who knows where he'll go from here), you'll know why I rated this one as Highly Recommended. Even the box cover looked different here so give the Brother a look and tell me if you've caught the wave he has to offer. Maybe he'll continue to push the limits of his own sexuality in future volumes and allow the gals to do even more heinous things to him or maybe he'll venture out in a new direction but either way, at least he's trying something original (compared to others in the field).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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