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Teen Sensations #12

Studio: DVSX » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/19/05

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Teen/Straight

Director: Alex Ladd

Cast: Tiger, Sunshine, Jersey Jaxin, Laveah, Haley Scott, Kinzie Kenner

Length: 2hr 8 min

Production Date: DVSX, 2005

Behind the Scenes: Has some good laughs with the cast and crew, but at 3 minutes it's not really a bonus.
Solo Scenes: Featuring all six girls: Running approximately 2 minutes each they're far too short to be worthwhile.
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Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 as expected. The sound is very good and all voices and noises can be easily heard. There are few to none outside noises or distractions. The Video is Full Frame Color. The lighting is very good and scenes well shot. There is the feel of porn, naturally, but it is done with great attention.

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Body of Review: DVSX's Teen Sensations continues with installment number 12 by offering more young ladies getting nailed and drilled. Each scene begins with a short, slow striptease and quick, silly skit before the girls share their perfect bodies with the camera. Looking for another typical teen flick, this volume may be just that.

Scene 1: Tiger

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial

Condoms: No

The disc starts off with the adorable Tiger in a pink top and denim mini-skirt. Everything about Tiger's body is perfect. She's trying to study for an exam, but her boyfriend won't leave her alone. When he starts to eat her out, she caves. She sucks his dick while he lies on the bed. This is a pretty hot angle, as she's bent over the bed during the act. Tiger looks even better riding her shaved pussy up and down the dude's shaft. She gives him a long, steady workout until he flips her over and bangs her from the side. The action moves smoothly and tastefully. The guy offers some typical thrusting and thankful stays pretty quiet until near the end when he gets more directive and vocal. Tiger takes a pop to the face for the end of an overall solid scene.

Scene 2: Sunshine

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial

Condoms: No

Sunshine is thin, petite and dark skinned with mosquito-bite breasts. Her hair is done in small pig tails which makes her blowjobs sexier. What starts as some simple cocksucking escalates into a three-way. Sunshine is bent and twisted in a number of positions as she screws and sucks. A cute girl, but overly vocal, Sunshine groans as she is banged and hums loudly on the dicks she sucks. This only makes the scene less exciting because the guys get into and offer their own noises to compete with hers. The action moves much slower here, mainly because it's harder for her to move around with her pussy filled and her lips wrapped around another cock. Sunshine does allow anal but it's just a reason for everyone to moan louder.

Scene 3: Jersey Jaxin

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial

Condoms: No

Next up is Jersey Jaxin. Jersey is a cute girl with a nice body and sweet face. Her tattoos and something else about her (maybe her association with Tom Sizemore's sex tape) give her a skanky vibe. Nonetheless, I like her, particularly her willingness to bend over the coffee table and have her cornhole tongued. After having her pussy licked she kneels on the floor and has her face rammed slowly. Jersey is most adorable here if anywhere; her puppy dog eyes stare to the camera as she slobs on the guy's dick. Keeping her gag reflexes tamed Jersey deep throats a little with the discs first true duck calls and heavy saliva emits. Once she starts fucking, her pussy gets very creamy and things get a tad messy. She rides his cock in cowgirl for quite a while (a position that's a tad lengthy for each scene so far) before being turned onto her side. The scenes don't flow very well here. There are only three major positions, cowgirl, reverse, and side, and these are cut up to offer 'variations' even though it just looks like they spliced them together poorly. Jersey takes a modest pop to the face after some humdrum banging.

Scene 4: Laveah

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal

Condoms: No

Laveah catches a ride back to some stranger's pad where she finds her long, red haired, freckled body subjected to some Hispanic looking dude. Laveah a cutie and straight forward, wanting to skip the touchy feely stuff and start sucking dick. As the scene starts and she's a blowin', the first thing I notice is that her hair is too long. And they both look silly trying to keep it under control. Despite this Laveah give good head. The favor is returned briefly and although I didn't care for this (red carpet always looks so strange to me) the act primed her pussy and readied it for the next scene. She rides his cock on the couch for a while and finally her top comes off to reveal two small, pale breasts with tiny, pink nipples. Laveah is a simple gal, but beautiful and watching her get banged is damn hot. She takes a warm load to her flat tummy.

Scene 5: Haley Scott

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial

Condoms: No

Haley's leopard print and neon green top just adds to her trashy look. The fifth cute gal on the disc, Haley has a trailer park feel. She's pale, a little heavy and loaded with eye-liner. After a brief foot massage from her beau, she lies stomach down on some strange massage/fuck table contraption. A massive hulk of a man rubs her body for a little while then starts munching on her crotch. When Haley starts sucking his dick she is sure to keep it moist with her spit by prodding the back of her throat. The fuck bench is put to good use as Haley is banged in a number of positions. Regardless, there is nothing far from the ordinary here, except maybe a few sloppy PTMs. Haley isn't terribly attractive and although she gives a good performance, she's not stellar. She does take a heavy and enthusiastic load to the face.

Scene 6: Kinzie Kenner

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial

Condoms: No

Kinzie Kenner is the absolute hottest girl on this flick and it's obvious they saved the best for last. After the two hours before this scene, it doesn't matter if Kinzie performs like a stump; just watching her will be well worth it. I'm reminded of Aurora Snow when I watch Kinzie. There's sweetness about her demeanor, a fire in her innocent, soft eyes. She looks like your hot high school valedictorian that everyone thought was a virgin, but fucks like a mad monkey. And fortunately she performs like magic. Her blowjob is a bit slow, hesitant perhaps, but when she rides, she rides hard and for the long haul. Her shaved pussy gets wet and creamy and Kinzie loves pulling her ass cheeks apart to show the camera. She also likes to talk quite a bit, which I usually don't like, but she's too cute to hate her for it. The banter between the two is strong and spread out so as not to get too annoying. Kinzie is by far the best looking and best performance. If the producers were hoping that she could save the disc, they're half right. She's a knockout, but by technical standards.

Concluding Words: I've come to enjoy DVSX's Teen series for their ability to offer actresses that at least look young. And with Teen Sensations 12 they haven't failed in this respect. All the girls in this film look 18-22ish and if they're older, their thin bodies fluff the illusion. Most of the young women here are exciting to watch and worth watching. What faults some of the scenes is a monotony and standard for the industry. Where the disc shines is in the first and last scenes. Tiger gives a strong performance and delivers nicely, while Kinzie steals the flick with her rock star body and high energy. I've never seen or heard of her before, but now know she's rather prolific, and will be on the lookout for more of her in the future. Unfortunately, neither of these girls can lift the film from a Rent It rating. The bonus features are promising but disappointing and even though I wanted to like the film, it was too lackluster. Rent It for some decent boning, but more specifically for Tiger and Kinzie.


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