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Swallow My Squirt #2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/20/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Squirt/Straight

Director: William H.

Cast: Tiana Lynn, Kinzie Kenner, Nikki Hunter, Georgia South, Angela Stone, Flower Tucci, Eva Angelina, Cytherea, Tiana Lynn, Randy Spears, Mark Ashley, Jason Horne

Length: 1hr 50 min

Production Date: Elegant Angel, 20005

Extras: Behind the Scenes Runs 18 minutes and is a mediocre look backstage--backyard to be correct. Some goofing around with the cast and your typical photoshoot. Entertaining, but not overly exposing.
Bonus Footage A compilation of extra footage from Scenes 2, 3, and 4. Runs 9 minutes and is nothing special.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 stereo as expected. Everything is heard easily and without problems. The Video is Full Frame Color and is equally pleasing. William H. does a nice job at directing and ensuring that not only are the images presented well, but that the actors give good performances.

Body of Review: Squirt (skwurt)
v., squirt·ed, squirt·ing, squirts.
1. To issue forth in thin forceful streams or jets; spurt.
2. To eject liquids in a jet.
The debates may never be settled on what exactly that liquid is, but team up Cythera, Flower Tucci and Tiana Lynn and you can rest assured there will be plenty of it. William H. returns with Elegant Angel's second installment of squirt swallowing babes. Each scene promises flying fluids destined to land in someone's terminal.

Scene 1: Tiana Lynn and Kinzie Kenner
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Condoms: No
Tiana and her man Randy Spears are lounging at home talking about their neighbor and how it might be fun to bang her. Tiana leaves to bring back the very sexy Kinizie Kenner and the two gals give one hell of an enthusiastic blowjob. Both of these gals are downright gorgeous, Tiana a phony blonde with a nice sized body and Kinzie who is a super hot petite gal. The oral segment is worth stealing the scene because both girls get nasty on Randy's dick, swapping spit and licking his balls clean. Tiana gets banged in missionary and pulls away from his thrustings every few minutes to hike her hips in the air and let her soup spray. As she smacks her pussy the squirt flaps everywhere and then shoots in a stream like a water fountain right into Kinzie's open mouth. After a few of these everyone is soaking wet. Tiana takes a break and Kinzie rides Randy. Kinzie is not a squirter but a squirt lover. She is always nearby awaiting the next dousing which Tiana delivers by the bucketfull. After about 10 minutes, Kinzie looks as though she just stepped out of the shower. The banging alone could drive the scene, so if you are a suirt fan consider it a bonus. The girls are so filled with energy to simply fuck on camera that even if you don't like the squirts, it's hard not to be excited by the onscreen sex. Tiana's well does eventually run dry but the three continue boning. Randy delivers a modest load to Kinzie's mouth and the girls swap. A very satisfying start to the disc. If only the rest can stand up.

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Scene 2: Nikki Hunter
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Anal, Facial
Condoms: No
I think I've heard Nikki Hunter's name more times than I've actually seen her perform. A pretty woman, sans the heavy makeup and Goldilock hair, Nikki gives a quick solo squirt while seated on a couch. Then enters Jason Horne and Nikki goes nuts. She's like a speed-freak on a hunt for her latest fix. And she thinks it's hidden in his dick. Nikki sucks, tugs, slobers, slaps, yanks and rubs Jason's cock in on and around every part of her face and mouth. In a wild frenzy she even does some rimming. Nikki is not my type; the fake-looking boobs, the yellow hair. But I have to hand it to her, she's a whirlwind in the sack. When Jason starts to fuck her, she's in ecstasy. In the squirt department, there's not as much here. It's more of the sloppy spray than the linear, jet type. Nonetheless, Nikki offers a good 5-6 squirts, some right into Jason's face. Nikkie lets Jason pork her ass for some time and she gives three more squirts, one hitting the camera lens Saving Private Ryan style. Jason also takes a nasty mouthful and spits it down Nikki's throat. It takes her second of hiding a gag before she finally gulps it.

Scene 3: Angela Stone and Georgia South
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Condoms: No
Angela and Georgia are on a big leather couch waiting for their scene. Georgia is the brunette with pretty, almond eyes. And Angela, well, she's a train wreck. She looks like she's already done the scene. I'm not sure what her deal is. Angela delivers some decent squirts but it takes her a while to get warmed up. Georgia then takes a ride on the dude's stick and she manages to squirt out some dribbly drops. This scene is far, far, far les exciting. Georgia is the only one worth watching, but her painfully thin body doesn't get as worked up as the previous actresses. And Angela isn't really worth watching at all, in any department. It was fun to watch Georgia get her pretty face doused and her makeup runny, but there there wasn't an equal amount of energy. Things seemed far too chaotic at times too, as though the direction was way off. Some squirts weren't centered or caught on camera and there was a good amount of solo work, while the other two pounded it out. Worth watching, but offers something of a breather in terms of the passion of the rest of the flick.

Scene 4: Flower Tucci and Eva Evangelina
Acts Included: Oral, Dildo Play
The very beautiful Eva and Flower take each other head on for one-on-one girl squirting. Eva has always been one of my faves, it's gotta be the glasses, and Flower is, from what I'm told, something of a squirt Queen. The two swap dildos and vibrators, tongue each other's pussies and Flower delivers some decent squirts. This scene moves rather slowly and is much more like a typical girl on girl. I liked it for what it was; Flower taking a dildo in the ass and spurting a small stream. But in terms of the number of squirts it doesn't hold up to the first half of the disc. When Flower does deliver good ones however, they are Kodak moments; Eva is plastered in cunt juice. In the final bit, Eva takes a mouthful and transfers it to Flower's mouth.

Scene 5: Cytherea and Tiana Lynn
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Condoms: No
Tiana Lynn returns with Randy Spears, this time pairing up with Cytherea. Since these two lovelies are supposed to be among the best of squirters, I'm expecting them to unroll the Slip-N-Slide mat. The scene starts with some typical cocksucking. Nice to watch, but no comaprison to Scene number 1. Then Randy bones Cytherea in missionary and within minutes she's spouting like Old Faithful. 15 seconds later, again with equal intensity. Another half minute or so, a small but strong spurt is sent into the air and into Tiana's mouth. It's no doubt, Cytherea is a pro at this. Part of the fun is trying to watch the insane amount of fluid coming out of her vagina and her expression; she looks like she is thrown into a fit of ecstasy--which add its own degree of sexiness. I was expecting a lot of squirting and Cytherea and Tiana do not let me down. There is squirt after squirt after squirt. And by the end of the scene everyone is soaked and glistening wet with juices. Feeling a tad left out, Randy does his own humble squirt into the girl's mouths for the grand finale.

Concluding Words: I'm not a doctor, so I can't comment on the biological properties behind female squirting. I'm also not a well-informed fan of the whole squirt-genre, so I won't be able to differentiate between onscreen pussy spray and your plain old golden piss. But I do know of Elegant Angel, and I'm always excited to see the newest film by director extraordinaire William H. With that said, I think--despite the never ending squirtilogical debate--that the two are bound to offer some of the best footage one can find for this fetish. I'm not a huge squirt buff; what I like most is to see the actor's reactions and to see the girl's bodies glistening and wet--whatever the fluid is. And there is plenty here. Even though there is a lagging moment or two and some gals don't really deliver, the squirts are too numerous to count. And, if airborn vaginal fluids are not your cup of tea, the straight-on fucking is intense, heated and difficult to resist. For those who want a boning flick with a little extra oomph, I recommend this one. For fans of that myserious wet stuff, this title is Highly Recommended.


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