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Semen Shots 8

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 11/26/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight/Cum Swallowing

Director: Unbilled

Cast: Sabina, Sue Diamond, Nikol, Lea, Angelina Sweet, Caty Cute, Dillion Day, George Uhl, Brian Heston

Length: 2hr 18 min

Production Date: Devil's Films, 2005

Extras: Chapter Selection Without act access

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 as expected. The quality is very good and throughout the film the actor's voices and sounds can be heard easily. The Video is Full Frame Color and is on par with what oen expects from adult films. There are a few occasions where the image is washed out with some harsh overlighting, but they are few and far between. Overall, the technical aspects are very satisfying.

Body of Review: Devil's Films latest installment of the Semen Shots series is volume 8. The series centers around beautiful women having sex and finalizing their scenes by shooting back a few ounces of cum in a shot glass. The idea sounds like any other attempt to add a little fuel to fire up the old and standard cumshot. But can it standup to such a classic? Let alone replace it? Let's see.

Scene 1: Sabina
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Anal, ATM, ATP, Cum Swallow
Condoms: No
Sabina is a pretty typical looking porn star. She's got the blond hair, long legs, but a gap between her teeth and some rolls on her stomach make her a bit of a turn off. She has a decent, shaved pussy and she doesn't look all bad sucking off her co-actor. There are one or two deep throats and one hearty gag before Sabrina begins cock riding. Sabina remains mostly in control until she jumps off for much needed PTM. Here her head is pushed into his crotch and there are many more gags. She gets down on all fours for some doggy followed by anal. Her face has a look of pain but she continues to moan with phony pleasure. This scene is pretty run of the mill for sloppy orals and general fucking. Both actors groaned a bit too much and since Sabina wasn't all that, I didn't leave too excited about this one. They screw for nearly 30 minutes until the guy unloads in a shot glass. The semen shot is about what I expected, it mostly sticks to the sides and Sabina has trouble getting it all out.

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Scene 2: Catty Cute
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM
Condoms: No
Catty Cute is a heavy-cheasted woman with nipples the size of my fist. She's not bad, a pretty gal with long blond hair. She starts on a bed, stroking her pierced pussy, before being interrupted by two naked men looking for some fun. She offers a little back and forth blowjobing with these two and then climbs on one for the usual vaginal/oral threeway. The two men give her a workout in a few positions, mostly reverse cowgirl. Catty lets them do a very tight fitting vaginal DP, but the guy on top keeps pulling out and returning, sometimes going off camera; it's obvious there's not enough room, yet still they try. This makes the act a bit distracting to watch and a little too forced simply for the camera's sake. They return to the usual threeway format but god it gets tiring. Nothing exciting comes from this scene. Catty is much prettier to look at, so I was hoping for an improvement. And while the energy is fair, no one is all too excited about their performances. The dudes unload into a shot glass and Catty tilts her head back to allow it to slowly pour down her throat. But just as it touches her tongue, she spills the damn shit. And even worse, the camera cuts and in the next shot it's mostly gone. What a fucking wasted scene. The entire disc revolves around the very concept of semen shots and they have the balls to put in a scene that is lacking it.

Scene 3: Angelina Sweet
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM,
Condoms: No
My first thought of Angelina is that this long legged creature is awfully skinny. She's not pure bones but slim as hell and her face is long and gaunt. With that tiny body must come a tiny mouth since she barely puts more than the head of a dick into it. After some lame oral, we find her pussy isn't as shallow as her mouth as she hammers down on the guy's cock in reverse cowgirl. The guy takes most of the control in this scene and so it seems that Angelina has to be told or positioned for every act. This doesn't make it seem as if she's having a good time and therefore far less exciting. Even though there are some decent shots of her bony ass getting nailed doggy style, the dude's directions and comments damper the scene even more. The guy's cum is as thick as glue, but Angelina pulls it out with her fingers and yums it down.

Scene 4: Sue Diamond
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cum Swallow
Condoms: No
Sue Diamond is another nice looking blonde. I've seen Sue in a few flicks before and generally liked her. Particularly her tiny pussy, which she rubs a few minutes before the scene. The oral isn't anything extraordinary except to see Sue's pretty eyes look into the camera. Sue is alot more vocal and energetic than anyone else so far. She looks damn hot riding cock and especially in cowgirl where we can see her nice, wide ass. I like this scene much better because of her energy and because the chemistry between the two is stronger. Sue smiles and laughs at times and when she gets banged off the couch, falling onto the floor, one can't help but laugh with her. Sue ends the scene nicely by swallowing a wad of cum that easily slides out of the shot glass.

Scene 5: Nikol and Lea
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Cum Swallow
Two lovely ladies play with each others tits and undress in the cramped corner of some room. Lea is the brunette with large boobs and heavy set body. And Nikol is the blonde. She has a very nice pair of small, natural breasts and actually looks a little like Sue Diamond from the other scene. The two make out on a nearby bed, rubbing their pussies and kissing before George Uhl joins the party. Some simple knob slobbing leads to Nikol getting spooned by George. This position is pretty hot as we get to see her cute body slammed while she makes out with Lea. Next, Lea climbs on in reverse cowgirl and her massive tits start bouncing everywhere. Nikol takes his cock out of her to give it a few good sucks before stuffing it back in her moist pussy. The boning is nice, clean, and straightforward. But one thing I don't like is that while one gal is receiving the goods, the other kinda lies around and does some mild fondling. I would much rather have seen her in the action, finding something to suck or tug on. Near the end, George positions them into a double decker and pokes around in them both. The condo act is rarely used it seems and this was nice to see. He spurts in a shot glass and the girls share it.

Concluding Words: My expectations for this film weren't terribly high. In the past, I've actually always enjoyed Devil's Films productions. I think what made me hesitant was the concept of shooting cum and the little I know of the viscosity of semen--it don't excatly pour. Nonetheless, I gave it a shot, so to speak, and, not surprisingly, I wasn't mistaken. About half the actresses found themselves digginng into the shot glasses with their fingers to pull out the white wads. Sure some trickled out, and on one occasion it very nearly 'poured' out. But, it didn't deliver the effect of the concept; which ( I think at least) is the idea of some hot chick ~slamming~ back a thick load as though it were an ounce of Wild Turkey. Maybe if they spurted their wad onto a shot of Wild Turkey. That would certainly help it flow some, and kill the taste I imagine. So I wondered what's the point, except to test some guy's sperm aim. But I understand people get bored with the same old stuff and that filmmakers are just trying to sex up an old dress. So I'm willing to let it slide. Like I said, my expectations weren't too high. There are other reasons that this disc just didn't sit well.

One thing that bugs me about this disc and helped greatly to usher it into the Skip It files, is that Scene 2 chops up the semen shooting scene such that it's hardly there. This was a real disappointment and coming at the second scene on the disc it gave me doubts about what was to follow.

But okay, putting the semen shots aside, how was the sex? Typical and tiring. The scenes ran near 30 minutes, which is a pleasure when they are enjoyable. Half the women were exciting to look at and half of that were exciting to watch. This made the action unenjoyable. A lack of decent extras, a cast that is second rate (despite a few ladies, Nikol and Sue mainly), and the ambomination of including Scene 2's finale make this movie a Skip It.


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