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Strap Attack 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/30/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Strap Attack 3: The Rules Have Changed

Evil Angel

Genre: Female Domination

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Lauren Phoenix, Karina Kay, Christian, Morgana, Apollo Max, Katja Kassin, Lexi Love, Jagger, Jasmine Byrne, Louize Mignon, Lorena, Toden Novais

Length: 176.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/1/2005

Extra's: The best extra was easily the 11 minutes of deleted footage that was excised from the movie during the editing process. Seeing extra sex is pretty much what a porno DVD extra's section is all about so any added footage is typically a good thing. The other extras were the photogallery, cast list, filmographies, and cumshot recap with a paper update catalog for Evil Angel in the DVD case.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Strap Attack 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Joey Silvera for distribution by Evil Angel. The lighting was mixed and that caused some issues with grain and shadows. There were some compression artifacts and the composition of the scenes left much to be desired on a regular basis, especially the two scenes shot in Brazil (I almost wondered if Joey shot them in fact). The fleshtones were accurate but it wasn't Joey's best looking movie. The audio was presented in stereo English (well, two scenes weren't but they were shot in Brazil so what do you expect?). They were on the light end of the spectrum and had no separation but even with the limited dynamic range; I wasn't expecting much of them given the fetish nature of the movie.

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Body of Review: Joey Silvera has been in porn for a very long time and as such, has probably seen a lot more than most people. This may have had the effect of making jaded which would explain the nature of many of his movies. His latest fetish release is Strap Attack 3: The Rules Have Changed, a series that started off with Strap Attack 1 as a showcase for female domination of men using strap on dildos. Out of the limited few such movies I've seen over the years, this Evil Angel series is easily the best although I'm waiting to see a few other titles when they come in this week to compare them. The gals took charge of the men after a limited scenario and the men seemed quite at home sucked and being boned anally by the gals. Keeping in mind that the men didn't prove themselves as homosexual in any way here (the sex was all women with men, however deviant), here's a look at the scenes, noting that a condom was used in the movie:

Scene One: Lauren Phoenix, the anal queen shown on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover and Karina Kay, shown on the far right hand side in the middle, were up first in a scene with bald Christian, who played a couch. Both gals were noted on the cover as first time "man fuckers" with Lauren listed as her last time too. It began with Lauren as a bitchy cheerleader fussing at Christian for getting her boyfriend in trouble. He was reluctant at first but soon found himself sucking her strap on dildo as she sat down and pushed his head down with her hand. Karina joined them and her outfit was akin to a stripper cop with PVC fetishware to enhance the effect. They dominated him and each of the trio sucked some cock here with Christian sporting some major wood as he sucked happily away. He was then led to the bed where he spread his legs for some anal penetration (receiving it this time) by Karina as Lauren jerked him off (and sucked him a bit more). They used some toys and Karina seemed more at home bending him to her will than Lauren but each gave him what he desired so strongly. He did get to ride some pussy and eventually some ass before the gals helped him rub out a load to their awaiting mouths.

Scene Two: Morgana, a manly looking gal with light hair as shown on the upper middle of the front DVD cover, had more belly hair than Chewbacca and muscles to match so I was thinking "she" was actually a "he". Once she took off her shorts for partner Apollo Max to suck though, it was clear that as large and penis shaped as her penis might've been, her gender was clearly female. She then picked up a dildo for him to suck, shoving it down his throat as he jerked off. She put it on and I noticed that he seemed no stranger to a cock in his mouth given his experienced method of blowing the dildo but the funny thing was that he blew her better than she blew him. She then took the plastic pecker to his pucker and plunged it deep inside his rectum as he jerked off. She put him in a headlock and pounded away slowly but he was a lazy fuck about it, probably preferring the real thing. After some more positions, she gave a little bit of pussy to the guy with him wearing a condom (good call on her part from what I saw) with him finishing off with a small load.

Scene Three: Earn Your Strap-On: Katja Kassin, the brunette on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover (and perhaps the leading anal queen of our time), and Lexi Love, the cutie featured on the upper right hand quadrant of the front DVD cover, were up next in a scene with Jagger. It took place in a dungeon and Katja was in charge of the "learning center" as she put Lexi through her paces. Lexi was the submissive here and made to suck him off with him getting to ride her pussy early on in the scene. Jagger and Lexi shared Katja's toy though so I knew he'd be on the receiving end soon enough (in Katja's first scene putting it to a guy). This led to him sucking the cock all by himself and soon found himself sucking Lexi's ass (and toy) before they double dicked him (though one at a time) from each end. He did some ATM and ended up getting planked heartily by the gals until her rubbed out a load on their faces. It was actually a pretty solid scene for all involved, even better than the last one.

Scene Four: Allways Tell The Truth: Jasmine Byrne, looking great wearing a stripper candy stripper outfit as partially seen on the middle of the lower front DVD cover, was up next with wad loving Christian. Given how good she looked, I'd have played at being sick myself although he got caught and paid the consequences for calling in sick at work. She choked him and took charge as she made him admit to being a liar (and twisting his arms behind his back). She claimed to be ready to teach him a lesson although I'm sure he could've broken her in half if he wasn't so turned on by the thought of her working him over. She made a makeshift blindfold and started beating him before offering up the strap on dildo for him to suck. He took right to it (again!) and she soon had him gagging but at least she gave him some oral too. She then rubbed his cock as he bent over on the bed and rimmed him before opening up his ass with her finger. She drove it home in a few positions and gave him some pleasure when he gave her a bone of his own to reciprocate. It ended when she fingered his ass as he jerked off. Whew!

Scene Five: Back To Brazil: Louize Mignon and Lorena, the two brunettes on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, spoke a foreign tongue as they walked along the street together, acting closer than mere friends would be. They picked up Toden Novais once he whistled at them and once back at their place; they tied him up with duct tape and blindfolded him. This led to them dominating him with some face sitting as they sucked him off to warm him up. Once Lorena stuck a dildo in his mouth though, he really got into the sex big time as he sucked them off like crazy. This led to him taking an anal pounding but his ass took them in readily (to the point where I had no doubt his ass had seen plenty of action in the past). This was probably the weakest scene of the bunch although fans of armpit licking will enjoy it more than I did I'm sure. He did rub out a load at the end but it was small and weak with Louize pissing (it wasn't even close to squirting folks) to finish up.

Summary: Strap Attack 3 was a title I felt confident was worth a rating of Recommended for anyone wanting something out of the ordinary and more twisted than you're probably used to seeing, even in an Evil Angel flick. A few of the scenes were exceptionally heated and even if you're not really into the fem dom acts showcased here, the chemistry and energy shown was pretty solid. Check this one out and I think you'll see why the limitations of the technical values weren't enough to kill the heat when the performers were hitting on all cylinders. Again, as a change of pace, this one proved most worthy of the fetish on display.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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