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Oral Antics

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Loaded Digital has assembled ten very different looking younger performers and opted to let them show off their cocksucking skills in Oral Antics. Here's what you'll find tucked away beneath the menus of this release…

Chapter 1 – Lyla Lei: At only five feet tall, this little Asian cutie is pretty tiny but what she lacks in size she more than makes up for with intensity. She puts her co-stars member into her mouth immediately and deep throats him non-stop throughout the scene, bobbing on it until she gags. As difficult as it looks, she sure seems to be enjoying herself as she gets pretty into it, moaning and groaning and asking for more. By the end of the scene there's so much saliva and gob on his knob that it looks quite alien but that doesn't stop her from continuing until he finally cums in her eye.

Chapter 2 – Tyla Wynn: Tyla starts things off gently, working his prick with her mouth before bobbing and gagging on it. It doesn't take her long to start with the fast bobbing deep throat action though, and from there they move on to some facial pile-driving. Spittle and saliva runs down her face and coats her in slime, but she keeps at it getting as much of his dong into her mouth as humanly possible and then some. From there she gets back on her knees in front of him and strokes and sucks him to a finish, resulting in a pretty hefty facial.

Chapter 3 – Keeani Lei: Tiny Asian Keeani walks into the room and says she wants to suck cock right now. Her co-star is only too happy to oblige, who can blame him – she's a true beauty. She warms him up by working on his head and playing with his balls using her hands. She asks him to grab her hair, he does, and then she gets more into it, deep-throating him and bobbing on him until she gags and almost seems to suffocate on him. Lots of spittle and saliva flies around, then she lies back so he can pile-drive her mouth. She gets down on her knees to finish him off, gagging and spitting while taking it all down before he unloads on her face.

Chapter 4 – Roxy Jezel: Cover girl Roxy starts with some slow sucking, then quickly gets things going faster and faster with her friend until she's bobbing and gagging like the rest of the girls have thus far. Following the formula, she lies back so he can fuck her mouth from above, getting slimed on the face while she sucks away. She gets on her knees and bobs on him some more, and then he pulls out and shoots on her face.

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Chapter 5 – Finesse Navaro: The third Asian girl in the movie so far, Finesse doesn't break any new ground here and follows the same routine as the rest of the girls. She starts slowly but that doesn't last long and within a minute she's gagging and bobbing and spitting all over the cock in front of her. She too lies down to get face fucked from above, and also finishes the scene on her knees. She doesn't get as slimy as the other girls, which is nice, as you can actually see her face as she goes to work which makes this scene a bit better than the other ones.

Chapter 6 – Destiny Deville: She gets on all fours on the couch with her pal, and whips out his dick to start sucking as soon as the cameras start rolling. She talks to the camera, gets really dirty and slutty with her vocabulary, and then really goes to town on him, spitting and gagging on him and jerking him really hard. She then takes off her bra and then gets back to going down. From there, not to break the routine, she lies down for the face fuck, getting slimed and gagging on him. She finishes things on her knees, and ends it all with a facial. I've gotta give this girl credit, she's into what she does, even if at times it borders on scary with her over the top enthusiasm and noise making.

Chapter 7 – Eve Lawrence: Eve begins her scene by quietly bobbing on her buddy's dick but soon starts deep-throating him and gagging a bit. She uses her tongue on his head a lot, which isn't something that a lot of the girls have done in the feature so far, which gives this one less of a 'by the books' feel. From there though it's back to the formula as she lies back and lets him pile-drive her face. She gets on her knees after that and finishes him off, taking a big wad of goop to her pretty face.

Chapter 8 – Lexi Love: Lexi kisses and jerks her partner for all of ten seconds before getting his dick into her mouth. She spits on his prick a bit before bobbing on him. She's a pretty tiny girl and her partner is quite large so she has trouble getting it all in but at least she gives it a try. She lies back for the face fuck, and manages not to get too slimy, again giving us a look at her face. Once that's done, she's on her knees to end it all with a facial but by this point her partner has turned into a John Holmes-esque lufa sponge and she has some difficulty getting him to deliver.

Chapter 9 – Kat: This scene starts a little differently in that Kat actually lets her co-star finger her for a little while before starting things. She also drops her pants so that the camera can get a good look at her fun parts before starting the suck session. She gobbles his cock pretty enthusiastically, bobbing and gagging on him as you'd expect. The facial fuck is up next, then he lies on his back and she hovers over him to suck him to a climax.

Chapter 10 – Courtney Simpson: When the final scene starts, she's already got the head of his dick in her mouth. She spits on him and licks him a bit before going to town on him, and then she gets on her back for the face fuck. She lets him bang her mouth for a few minutes and then gets down on her knees where she goes down on him until he pulls out and comes on her face.



The feature was shot on video but the quality of the image remains pretty stable on this DVD. Colors are well defined and don't bleed into each other as a lot of shot on video productions do. There is some mild shimmering and a few darker scenes exhibit some mpeg compression artifacts but these are few and far between for the most part. Overall, Oral Antics has a very decent picture.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is of pretty decent quality. Background music, minimalist as it is, has been mixed in properly against the recorded sounds from the sex scenes and I didn't notice any hiss or distortion present on the track at all. There were a couple of spots where the background music did get just a little bit too loud and some of the dialogue levels fluctuate in the mix but it didn't last long and the only reason I really picked up on it was because I was listening for discrepancies in the first place. The mix on this DVD is very fine.


First up is a behind the scenes featurette that features some candid interviews with the female performers that star in the production. Pretty much all the girls from the movie, starting with Lyla Lei and going all the way through the cast, are represented here as they talk about how they like to suck cock. From there we get some actual footage of the performers on set, doing what they do best which leads to some 'after cum shot' interview clips. At almost forty-five minutes in length, there's a lot of material here and while it's not really all that informative, some of it is amusing and it does give you a good idea of how things went on set in a more informal environment.

Next up are trailers for Babes Illustrated #14, Lethal Injections, Double Impact 2, and Dirrty Number 2. Rounding out the extra features are an instant pop shot access option, a web link, and some phone sex advertisements. The photo gallery advertised on the back of the packaging is not present on the DVD.

Final Thoughts:

Well, Loaded Digital has put out a pretty good looking DVD with a decent behind the scenes documentary to boot. If oral is your thing, this one should really appeal to you and you've got to give them credit for getting together a really good looking group of girls to perform for them. Some variation on the formula would have been nice to see as it's pretty much all the same from scene to scene but aside from that there are no complaints here and Oral Antics earns itself a casual recommendation.

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