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Boobs Of Hazzard, The

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

This Dukes Of Hazzard parody stars Amy Reid and Malibu as Lucy Jo and Bo, two southern girls who like to have a good time. When their pal Daisy (Carli Banks) gets arrested by Boss Lady (Mackenzie Mack) for wearing shorts that reveal too much of her supple body, the two girls have to save their friend before she's ravaged by the rich, dirty woman. Unfortunately for the girls, Sheriff Cooter (Lexxi Tyler) is on the scene and she's going to make their mission tricky. That's about it as far as plot goes – it's all very silly and really nothing more than an excuse to show the girls laying on a dock or washing a car before getting down and going down.

Chapter 1 – Malibu And Amy Reid: After the two girls lay on a dock and talk about how Amy is fast becoming known as the town whore, they rub water on each other's breasts and start to make out. They suck each other's tits for a bit, then Amy drops her pants so that Malibu can rub her ass cheeks as she gets down on all fours. Just as soon as it heats up, they pull the tease card out and end the scene, keeping this one fully in the realm of softcore. It does set the stage nicely for what is (and who is) to come, however…

Chapter 2 – Malibu And Amy Reid: After their get together on the dock in the last scene, the girls go out to wash their car. Of course, what with it being hot outside and all, the soon strip and pour soapy water all over each other. The suck each other's nipples for a bit and do a lot of deep tongue kissing to get things warmed up nicely. Once they're fully naked Malibu pulls out a dildo and uses it on Amy as she leans over the car. Soon Amy gets on her back and spreads so that Malibu can get in deeper with the toy, and then it's Malibu's turn as she sits on the trunk and spreads her legs so that Amy can move in to kiss her, then eat her out. She licks her box for a bit then produces a second sex toy and fucks her pussy with it. Malibu gets on all fours, still on the trunk of the car, so that Amy can fuck her doggy style with the toy. Once they've both cum, they kiss each other to end the scene.

Chapter 3 – Carli Banks And Mackenzie Mack: In the back of a van, Carli takes off Mackenzie's short-shorts and gives her a spanking. She sucks on her tits while her hands are tied and bound inside the vehicle. Mackenzie pulls out a paddle and spanks her some more, then rolls her over to fondle her tits. There's some mild licking here, but then Amy and Malibu tie Mackenzie up and free Carli.

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Chapter 4 – Mackenzie Mack And Lexxi Tyler: Lexxi, the sheriff, finds Mack all tied up and stops to untie her. The pull a blanket out of the van, lay it on the ground, and then lie back on it to begin kissing and making out. Lexxi strips, they play with each other's breasts for a bit, and then Lexxi gets Mack on all fours so that she can massage her pussy before fucking it with a clear, curved dildo. Once that's done, Lexxi gets on her back so that Mackenzie can fuck her with the same toy. She uses the toy and her tongue on her pussy for a bit, and then Lexxi spreads her legs while leaning on the van so that Mackenzie can fuck her from behind with the toy. Mackenzie then lies back inside the van so that Lexxi can eat her out and nibble her clit while working her snatch with the dildo. They both come and then hold each other for a bit, kissing and sucking on their tits, finishing up the scene.

Chapter 5 – Lexxi Tyler and Carli Banks: Sitting on a blanket at the side of the lake, the girls undress each other and start to kiss. Carli sucks Lexxi's breasts to get things moving in the right direction, and then takes off her pants so that she can use a purple vibrator on her pussy. After she fucks her with it, the two blondes move into a sixty-nine position and eat each other out using their fingers and tongues on each other in just the right way. They both come and close the scene up with some kissing and rubbing.

Chapter 6 – Malibu And Amy Reid: Inside the house with everyone off to bed for the night, Malibu and Amy decide to take advantage of their alone time and get it on. They undress and touch each other, kissing and rubbing up in front of the camera, then the tops come off and it's time to suck nipples. Carli walks into the room just as things are getting heated up and has a vibrator with her. Carli sits back in the chair and fingers herself all while Amy and Malibu are going to town. They switch up and it's Amy's turn to eat as Malibu gets on all fours to give her unlimited access. Carli breaks out her toy and fucks herself with it while the two girls continue their oral adventures. Carli comes and then leaves the room as Amy and Malibu break out a big pink vibrator with a clit tickler attached to it. Malibu fucks Amy's bald beaver with it until she comes. Malibu then lies back on the table so that Amy can use a white vibrator on her shaved and pierced pussy. They both come by the end of the scene, and kiss as the final credits roll up over top, fading the girls to black.

With so much porn falling into the degradation and fast and mean category, it's nice to see some deliciously dirty material that allows the performers to take their time and enjoy one another. The foreplay in these six scenes makes the main event even hotter and it shows in the actual sex footage. The girls are enjoying one another here and it shows – and we're all better off because of it.



In typical Pure Play fashion, the video quality is above average boasting nice color reproduction and excellent lighting and production values. Skin tones look nice, there aren't any hefty problems with compression artifacts or edge enhancement, and there's a reasonably decent level of detail present in the image.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is pretty solid. Dialogue comes through clean and clear and without any problems in terms of audible hiss or distortion. The hokey hillbilly background music that they've used throughout the production comes through nicely as well.


The best of the supplements comes in the form of a virtual lap dance courtesy of Ms. Malibu. She sits in a chair in front of you, does a nice strip tease, and finally gets naked, gyrating and bumping and grinding for your virtual crotch (that sounds weird). She's a pretty girl and it's nice to see her in some solo action here. This lovely little extra clocks in at roughly nine minutes in length.

Up next is Amy Reid's Model Diary which is a video taped discussion of Amy's past, where she gives us some information on here she grew up and her childhood, as well as how she got into the industry. She, of course, talks about her sex life and her work, and the beautiful aspect of this is that she does it all with no clothes on. This segment runs for about five minutes in length.

Pure Play has also supplied a blooper reel comprised of both sex and non-sex footage. It's moderately amusing to sift through this four minutes worth of footage, but nothing more than that.

Rounding out the extra features is an add for Danni.com and an add for some sex toys (molded latex versions of Danni's boobs, and a couple of vibrators). The behind the scenes material advertised on the back of the packaging is nowhere to be found on the disc itself.

Final Thoughts:

If you're looking for some girl on girl action that stays on the classy side of the hardcore line and that mixes some fun humorous and satirical elements with the sex, then look no further than The Boobs Of Hazzard. The girls all look very nice, the material is well shot and it builds nicely and while there could have been some heftier supplements, overall this is a very solid release. Highly Recommended.

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