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Bustful of Dollars

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

James Avalon's Bustful Of Dollars for Red Light District Films follows a pornographic filmmaker who decides to branch out and try to make a western film. What he comes to realize is that his experience shooting fuck films has in no way prepared him for what he needs to shoot a full on western period film, especially since his producer is proving to be a very big thorn in his side and the actresses he has carried over from his last production can't act their way out of a paper-bag.

Chapter 1 Briana Love, Lisa Marie And Some Guy: Briana walks in on Lisa Marie sucking a man's dick. He asks Briana to take off her top and show him what she's got. She obliges and strips, all while Lisa's still sucking. The girls both get done on their knees and gobble his knob for a while, and then Lisa Marie gets on all fours so that he can fuck her doggy style while Briana holds her ass in place. From there it's back to the land of blowjobs where the girls finish him off with their mouths and share his wad between them.

Chapter 2 Manuel Ferrara And Taryn Thomas: Taryn has Manuel's cock in his mouth when the scene starts. She deep throats him and uses her pierced tongue to work his shaft. She strips and lies on her side so he can fuck her spoon style for a little bit. They move around into a reverse cowgirl session, so that she can ride his prick with her asshole for a few minutes, while working her own clit back and fourth quite furiously. She puts his dick back in her mouth and then gets on all fours so that he can fuck her ass from behind while she works her fingers into her gash. From there it's back into her mouth, then she climbs up and rides him cowgirl style, still anally. She gets on all fours so he can fuck her ass missionary style before pulling out and creaming on her face.

Chapter 3 Leah Luv, Veronica Stone, Mr. Marcus And Some Other Guy: The two girls are on all fours, with their mouths gagged. Two men with riding crops slap their asses for a couple of minutes, and then they get down to spreading their cheeks and massaging them. The girls take the cocks out and start giving the two guys blowjobs, and then the guys lie back so that the two women can ride them, both cowgirl style to start off with. Leah gets on all fours so Marcus can fuck her from behind while Veronica gets on her back so she can get fucked missionary style, then shortly after climbing up top so he can fuck her ass reverse cowgirl. She gives him some ass to mouth action and then Leah and Veronica share his cock while Marcus pounds into Leah from behind. The girls switch up and start to fuck the guy they didn't start out with, then the guys pull out and shoot on Leah's ass so that Veronica can lick it up and spit it into her mouth.

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Chapter 4 Anna Pierceson, Charlotte Stokely, Manuel Ferrara: The girls are all clad in skimpy ranch hand outfits as they dance for the camera and show off their bodies. The two girls start to kiss, and then they take off their clothes and start to lick and flick their tongues around on each other. Anna eats Charlotte from behind, licking her asshole a fair bit. They finger one another and then make the other taste what's been left behind, and then Charlotte rides Manuel reverse cowgirl style. He sticks his thumb in her ass and has Anna suck it, then she eats Charlotte's ass out while he fucks her doggy style. Anna sucks him clean, then puts his prick back into Charlotte's pussy. She turns around and fucks him cowgirl style, and then both the ladies head down south to suck his dick at the same time. Charlotte continues to suck him while Anna plays with her ass, cleaning her fingers off with her mouth. He moves over and starts to fuck Anna doggy style, while Charlotte eats her asshole for a while. Charlotte climbs on top of Anna, also doggy style, so that Manuel can go back and fourth between the girls for a minute, then Charlotte climbs off and goes back to her lunch. Anna gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl while Charlotte licks her clit, then Charlotte rides him reverse cowgirl with Anna going back and fourth from his cock to her ass with her tongue. From there he slips it into Charlottes ass, while Anna works her pussy with her fingers and tongue. Charlotte maneuvers herself onto all fours so that Manuel can fuck her ass doggy style and she can eat Anna's pussy. Eventually Manuel has had all that he can take so he pulls out and shoots all over the girls faces ending a very long but very hot three-way.

Chapter 5 Veronica Lynne, Riley Mason, Nikki Nievez, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, And Some Guy: After some mud wrestling the cast hose themselves off and an orgy starts. Manuel moves around eating the asses of the women on the set, while Veronica sucks Erik's dick. Manuel gets his shaft sucked by Riley and Nikki for a bit, then Nikki rides him cowgirl. Pretty much everyone gets a chance to fuck everyone else in this scene, the girls move from one guy to the next using their mouths and pussies on them, until Erik has Riley anally. Eventually the guys are good to go and they shoot all over the ladies' faces as they swap spit and cum back and fourth with one another.

Chapter 6 Tiffany Rayne, Veronica Lynne, Veronica Stone, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, And A Mystery Guy: The three girls are spinning around on a merry-go-round, playing with themselves and strutting for the camera as it spins them round and round. Soon the three guys walk in and they each take a different girl on their individual section of the ride. The girls get down to sucking dick, and soon Veronica is getting it doggy style. Tiffany bends over to get fucked next, Manuel proves up for the job. Tiffany takes a cock in her pussy and her mouth at the same time while Veronica works her ass with her hands and mouth to keep things moving. They performers all switch back and fourth with one another and what starts as three sex scenes in the same room fast turns into a gang-bang. Veronica Stone rides Erik anally, and he goes back and fourth between her ass and Ms. Lynne's mouth. Soon each of the guys is in each of the girls all three of whom are sucking and fondling one another in a sort of pie shaped fuck fest until the guys pull out and shoot their wads all over the collective faces of the gals.



The 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen video was shot using high definition cameras and as such, it looks pretty sharp. There are some scenes where you'll pick up on some compression artifacts but aside from that there's little to complain about. There's a pretty decent level of detail present in the image and the skin tones all look nice and natural. Some obvious care has been put into the shot sets up and the lighting for the shoot and it pays off, as Bustful Of Dollars definitely looks a lot better than your average porno film.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround mix is strong and powerful. The background music really hits when the scenes that are more bass heavy kick in, and the dialogue is always pretty easy to follow. Some of the music buries the performers once or twice during the sex scenes but that thankfully isn't an ongoing issue throughout the presentation. Overall, the movie sounds very good.


Redlight has been wise enough to spread the extra features out over two discs to preserve the bit rate and to keep the video quality solid. Here's what you'll find and where you'll find it:


The only extra feature on the first disc in the set is a commentary track with director James Avalon. James gives a bit of background on the film and is joined by Veronica Stone (she's not mentioned on the packaging but she's here) when the film begins as they talk about what it was like to work long hours on the set and how it differed from the usual porno movie shoot. There are some really long gaps of silence as there really isn't any commentary over some of the sex scenes, which wouldn't be a problem if the audio from the movie came up overtop when the dialogue stopped, but it doesn't so you're just left watching everyone fuck in complete silence, which is odd. When Avalon is talking, however, he manages to get a lot of good information across about how the movie was made. Particularly interesting are his comments about his support crew and the many duties that they are responsible for while the movie is being made. A few of the other girls stop by and give their take on the on screen action as well, but again, with those long gaps of silence showing up all the time, it makes this a tough track to get all the way through.


First up is a Behind The Scenes documentary that runs for just over sixteen minutes in length. There isn't a lot of context to the piece but it's well edited with some cool background music playing out over top of some behind the scenes footage shot on set during the sex and non-sex scenes. A couple of the girls have quick little on camera interviews in which they explain what they like to do, how they ended up in the industry, and what they think of the feature. There's a very playful attitude about the girls as they go about their business, which makes this an interesting watch. The most interesting aspect of it is seeing how the scene on the merry-go-round was shot.

Up next is a bonus sex scene featuring Taryn Thomas, Ethan Cage and Marcus Leon. When the scene starts, some guy has his dick in Taryn's ass and is doing her missionary style. He pulls out and puts it in her mouth, then pulls out and jacks off onto her face. He's done but she's still horny, so Ethan and Marcus come into the room to take care of her. She sucks one guy's dick while the other fucks her doggy style. They switch up and she rides the first guy reverse cowgirl while blowing the guy who was previously doing her from behind. They pull out and come on her face, ending the scene roughly around the eight minute mark.

Rounding out the extra features are three still galleries: hardcore (sixty-three images over 6:10 minutes), glamour (eighty-one images over 7:58 minutes), and a scene gallery (a wealth of images from each of the six sex scenes shot for the feature on disc one). With over a gig of space left on the single sided, single layered second disc in the set, one can't help but wonder why more extra material wasn't added to it. The combined running time of the extra scene and the documentary is under twenty-five minutes, the rest of the supplements are still galleries. Adding a second disc does preserve the bit rate and that's great but it would have made more sense to fill up the second disc with as much material as possible even some trailers or something promotional in nature would have been better than blank space.

On a semi-related note, nice job on the menus by Red Light District. When you opt for one of the choices, the Morricone-esque music plays over top as the gunshots billow through the screen and lead you to the next one. It's a nice touch. The digipak packaging is also quite cool.

Final Thoughts:

Bustful Of Dollars is a solid movie, though the extras are lacking. Red Light deserves some credit for delivering a great looking and great sounding feature with plenty of hot sex and interesting ideas, but should have put more effort into delivering added content on the second disc. As it stands, this is still a very strong release with steamy scenes and some nice humorous touches as well. A solid recommendation, even if it leaves you wanting more.

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