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Hot Rides

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/5/05

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Hot Rides


Genre: Vignette

Director: Cliff Cummings

Cast: Texas Presley, Christian XXX, Luccia, Devlin Weed, Gianna Lynn, Derrick Pierce, Jasmine Byrne, Joe Friday, Randi Wright, Lee Stone, Haley Paige, Myah Monroe, James Deen

Length: 125 minutes

Date of Production: 9/10/2005

Extra's: For me, the best extra was the 8.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Eric Allen. It had some cute moments but also some nice action by the cast so of course I enjoyed it thoroughly. I also enjoyed the short (typically a few minutes each) solo scenes by most of the gals. For some reason, Myah Monroe was left out of this extra but fans of the other gals will appreciate the extra sex nonetheless. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, a pop shot compilation from the scenes and cast listing for the ladies in the chapter selection menu.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Hot Rides was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Cliff Cummings for DVSX. The colors were accurate, the grain minimal, the lighting pretty fair, and the composition of the shots pleasing to the eye for the most part. There were no noticeable compression artifacts or major amounts of video noise and my overall assessment of the picture quality was favorable. The 2.0 PCM (pulse code modulated) stereo audio was pretty basic but it didn't detract from the scenes in most cases. The music was a bit louder than I like but otherwise it was okay and the vocals weren't bad.

Body of Review: DVSX has been a company on the edge of success for some time now with a host of talented directors and a very straightforward set of formulas to follow. This benefits the viewer in that he'll almost always know what to expect of the action although it sometimes makes for uneventful porn too. Today's review is for their latest release, Hot Rides, a combination of attractive women having sex in scenes all tied to pimped out transportation, from motorcycles to cool cars. The sex itself was generally basic with most of it being oral and vaginal but fans of the performers will enjoy it nonetheless. Here's a brief breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used by the men:

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Scene One: Texas Presley, started off the tease section of her scene by stripping next to a beat up car that looked like something out of a ZZ Top video. She's the gal on the right hand side of the front DVD cover with the large tattoo on her arm and dark hair. While I hated the way her hair was pulled back (it sure wasn't flattering), her jeans and tight top were enhancing to her figure. Christian XXX was her partner and after she gave him a ration of shit for his car not meeting her standards, she flirted with him sucked him off. It was a skillful little bit of head and led to them screwing in the bed of the modified heap in her garage. She was too passive for my tastes this time (I've seen her do better) but she was still fun to watch take his shaft hard. The scene ended when she jerked out a load as she sucked him off (he took over at the last minute though, sadly enough).

Scene Two: Luccia, followed the formula of dancing in the background while a nice ride was phased in and out of the picture. She's not on the front cover but had that lean Latina body many of you favor so she was worth watching too. Her partner was Devlin Weed, as he offered her a chance at a record contract if she took care of his needs (acting like a player if you catch my drift). She "sang" to his personal microphone and did an okay job of slobbing his knob on the make shift stage in his office playroom. He gave her some minor licking before doing the sticking but she was even more passive than Texas was so the scene initially didn't appeal to me much. Pool table sex is highly overrated but she showed some potential when riding him in cowgirl fashion. The cheese factor of the setting (the pool table was cheap, the slot machine a crappy skill slot, and the room barren of anything interesting other than the performers) lowered the heat and this was a scene that never took off in my eyes.

Scene Three: Gianna Lynn, the hotty on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next as she teased in the kitchen as well as on the back of a motorcycle with a sultry look to her that appealed to me right from the start. Her partner was biker looking dude Derrick Pierce and he slapped her fine ass to test drive her engine before she took his small shaft in her mouth. All you bikers with small cocks now have someone to look up to and she worked him over well enough orally, using her hands, tongue, eyes and mouth to get him extra hard. She even made a mess by spitting on it but the strength of the scene was how she treated him as though he were the greatest fuck since…well…anyone else and she managed to be energetic as he boned her in a few positions against the counter top. It ended when he rubbed out a load on her face with the camera zoomed in but the load was as small as his dick and she deserved better.

Scene Four: Jasmine Byrne, another lean Latina but this one having a bigger following at this time, followed the formula as she teased the camera during the scene's opening montage. Her partner was Joe Friday, dressed like a street thug, who gave her a ride when she was stranded alongside the road. He kicked his pal out of the car to accommodate her and they pulled into a garage with her rubbing herself in her tiny black skirt and pink top. I wasn't keen on his arms being covered with Janine-style tattoos but at least his dick was big enough to give her mouth and pussy a workout as she went to town on it. Sadly, as good as she's been in other scenes, this time she let him do all the work and that weakened the replay value of the scene for me (and I'm a fan). Some of you will appreciate that she did anal though and ended the scene with a small facial.

Scene Five: Randi Wright, the gal on the middle of the front DVD cover, had a different look this time, mostly relating to the black wig (at least it looked like a wig) she wore. She was still a lean little hotty though and Lee Stone seemed to like her just fine, regardless of anything she might've changed. He road his cool decked out motorcycle (also seen on the front cover) with her on the back in a muff buffer black skirt, and the scene took place by what looked to be a residence (the camera settings must've been on automatic since everything but the couple was completely washed out). She gave him a good, if not great, blowjob, and that set the stage for them moving inside (with an abrupt edit) onto a yellow couch. They boned with him in charge the whole time and her barely moving her hips. The scene ended with the usual pop shot to her face and it wasn't bad to watch once but seemed limited in terms of replay value.

Scene Six: Haley Paige, one of the cutest gals in porn for a while now, and Myah Monroe, a kind of generic stripper looking gal with a bad attitude, were up last with James Deen. He played a mechanic for her sweet ride and he apparently did a shitty job fixing it so they worked out a deal that shut Myah's lame act up and satisfied the scene formula at the same time. The gals double teamed his shaft with some oral and he played with them handily as the same time. Haley did most of the sex acts in terms of taking a cock inside her pussy but she was holding back too much for my tastes. Speaking of tastes, they did some PTM taste testing with the usual variations before he jerked off to their faces. I was hoping for a stronger finish but Haley looked good.

Summary: Hot Rides had little to truly stand out from the crowded field but I gave it a rating of Rent It for the strength of the cast, the extras, and the amount of fuck for the buck included. The technical values weren't bad but the movie needed more spit and polish to really work as well as it could and live up to the potential of the cast. I sense that director Cliff Cummings has been around awhile, although not directing as far as I could tell, and may become an invaluable resource at DVSX if allowed to break free of the constraints someone imposed on him here. Maybe in future volumes of the series, the cast will be told to simply go for it and offer up stronger, more passionate scenes as a result. I still look for DVSX to hit their marketing niche and propel themselves upward to a place they ought to be but this wasn't the title to do that for them.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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