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Mission Possible

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/6/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Mission Possible (Private Gold 73)


Genre: Feature

Director: Gianfranco Romagnoli

Cast: Electra Angel, Zenza Raggi, Gilda Roberts, Franco Roccaforte, Mandy Bright, Nick Lang, Cindy Lords, Bob Terminator, Lauro Giotto, Monica Sweet, Clara G., Stefania Bruni, Cindy Lords, Katy Caro, Zenza Raggi, Frank Gun, Horst Baron

Length: 123 minutes

Date of Production: 3/15/2005 (box); 7/2005 (credits)

Extra's: This was one of Private's high end titles so I was glad to see it had a double disc approach to provide some great extras. The second disc had most of the extras, starting with a 17.5 minute long Making of… featurette that used clips from the movie and some comments from the director to convey some of the highlights of the movie. This was followed by a 22 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed a lot of the stunts and other scene set ups taking place. There was a lot more than that but unlike the last feature, it was geared more on the nuts and bolts of the movie's making than the finished product itself. There was then an 8 minute long Director's Interview where Mr. Romagnoli had a chance to more fully discuss his career and how it related to the making of this movie (essentially, Private built him up to the task over the years). There were trailers, several photogalleries, a crappy Production Notes section, and a set of cast profiles for some of the ladies. This combined with the double sided DVD cover finished up the extras. I would have REALLY liked a cast list here since the work involved in breaking down the scenes by cast was a chore (and I believe I have the identities at least 90% accurate or better) but this is a weakness Private has had for some time now and I don't expect them to change any time soon.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Mission Possible was presented in 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as originally directed by JF Romagnoli for Private. It often looked as good as a made for TV movie and the budget showed up all over the place in terms of visual quality. The lighting was professionally handled, the grain typically minimal, and the contrasts in the darker scenes well above average (typically, darker scenes look grainy and weak in porn but not here). The fleshtones were accurate and the composition of the scenes favored the attractive cast almost all of the time with a few little spots where the editing or original camera work didn't quite catch something correctly (cutting off heads, appearing to be at an awkward angle, and the like). There were no compression artifacts or video noise and this was one of Private's best looking releases of the year after Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island. The audio was presented with the standard choices of foreign languages but the main track here was the 2.0 Dolby Digital English track. It had some separation to it, primarily the score, and the dynamic range wasn't bad but the various background noises weren't cleaned up in post production (and weren't caught during the making of the movie) so the results were mixed. The good news is that the cast were all speaking English rather than those pitiful dubs the company has offered up in the past. While this certainly limited what they said to a minimum, it also worked better for me. Still, this is an area in need of work for future movies and I hope Private is listening as I'd like to see them return to their glory days.

Body of Review: Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island was arguably one of the prettiest looking pornos of the past year and it came, of course, from Private. This is one of the largest producers of porn in the world, certainly the largest that is publicly owned, and rather than rest on their laurels, they made another large budget movie to finish out the year with; Mission Possible. The movie was an action feature designed to combine the best features of mainstream hits like Charlie's Angels, Mission Impossible, and the sexual escapades of Private's usual offering with a dash of James Bond style antics tossed in for good measure (the theme music was clearly inspired by the James Bond theme for instance). Unlike some of the offerings of the past, the various plot elements largely worked here although I'd probably be safe in shying away from agreeing with the director's comments about foreign porn having better plot and acting (he must've been referring to gonzo or the lower budget porn). That said, the story involved a team of female commandos whose mission was to catch the bad guys and recover a list of secret agents taken by a former operative. While a standard plot in mainstream, it's never been handled all that well in porn so here's a look at the sex, noting that Private's idea of cast ID is to let you keep guessing:

Scene One: Electra Angel, a lean redhead with an all natural body, had the opening sex scene with studly Zenza Raggi; the leading man for many of Private's movies of late. The sex included the usual oral, vaginal and anal with taste testing and the standard facial at the end of the action. He truly seemed to want to get her off as he took his time to savor the experience and she seemed to be impacted by his actions more than a little bit. This elevated the heat of the scene substantially and gave the appearance of some nice chemistry.

Scene Two: Gilda Roberts, wearing a green patterned dress and complaining to studly black man Franco Roccaforte that she wasn't being properly treated by the authorities, found that he was more than willing to assist her needs more thoroughly than the others she had come across. I liked how she treated him as the sole object of her field of vision rather than act like the camera were her number one priority (another frequent complaint some of us have with Private's movies). She was too lean for me to really get into but it seemed to work for Franco and after snacking on her tiny crack, she gave the slightest bit of oral before they boned like old lovers. It started out in her fine pussy and then moved over to her tight ass after some PTM (pussy to mouth) and foot play. Admittedly, the anal was rough on her but he's a large guy so this is to be expected. She then did some ATM (ass to mouth) and blew him to completion over her face.

Scene Three: Mandy Bright, with lightened hair and all those sweet curves of hers I've come to appreciate over the years, was up next with Nick Lang on a couch after she served him some coffee. Her skimpy outfit was made for the floor and after some kissing that was where I suspected it would land but instead she wore it throughout the scene, from the oral to the hammering vaginal and pounding anal. There was the usual taste testing (PTM, ATM) and she was quite vocal with her moans here. She often came off looking like she had an itch to scratch but it wasn't her best work since he did most of the active screwing with her taking it rather than pumping away. It ended with an anal creampie that she licked after grabbing some spew with her fingers.

Scene Four: Cindy Lords, one of the finer looking brunettes in porn these days, was up next in a scene with muscular Bob Terminator and Lauro Giotto in a barren room. The only furniture they needed was the table she laid on and they trio went to work orally as soon as they stripped off her clothes. Her oral skills were exceptionally talented as she deep throated Bob and Lauro wasted little time in tapping her pussy after wetting it with his tongue. The guys swapped out after a bit and then went to DP'ing her soundly as she groaned away about it. She did some taste testing and eventually sucked both of them off to facials. It was somewhat mechanical in nature but her look alone added some extra heat.

Scene Five: Monica Sweet, Clara G., and Stefania Bruni, were up next in a prison scene after each were caught by the bad guys. To comfort one another, they masturbated and engaged in lesbian licking in the dank dungeon. Most of the action involved tongues and fingers since there were no toys in the cell. I would've preferred all three do one another though since leaving one to masturbate was kind of off-putting but it was one of the most erotic lesbian scenes I've watched from Private in a very long time.

Scene Six: Cindy Lords, Katy Caro, Zenza Raggi, Frank Gun, and Baron Horst were up last in something of a confusing scene that was actually two scenes mixed in together. The leading male of the scene ended up being Zenza but Baron started it and Frank joined in to assist with some DP magic. Like several of the other scenes, this one was edited into the action portions of the movie so it lost points on that score but it had some moments of mechanically superior boning. The setting of the indoor pool was a good one except for some of the background noise and all the usual sexual acts were covered here like they were elsewhere.

Summary: Mission Possible was one of the better Private movies I've seen in terms of sex and story. The acting was about what I expected since English was not the first (or probably second) language of the majority of cast members but let's face it; if you want a true action flick, you'll get the latest Tom Cruise movie, right? In any case, the ladies were very attractive; the sex fun and heated, and the production values were high end with a lot of great extras included on the second disc. I'm going to rate this one as Highly Recommended for all those qualities since it served well as both a stroke flick and a bit of light entertainment but with some minor polishing up of the rough edges, it could've been even better. If you like foreign feature porn, you could do a whole lot worse than this one. In effect, Mission Possible was a solid effort combining the best parts of Charlie's Angels, Mission Impossible, and Private's sexual outlook so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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