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Kill Girl Kill 3

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/16/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Kill Girl Kill 3


Genre: Vignette

Director: Eon McKai

Cast: Nyomi Zen, Kurt Lockwood, Katrina Kraven, Rob Rotten, Joanna Angel, James Deen, Tiger, Serena Sinn
Bonus Scene: Raven and Rob Longshot

Length: 108 minutes

Date of Production: 6/5/2005

Extra's: For me, the best extra was the 45 minute long Bonus scene between Raven and Rob Longshot that was made for Kill Girl Kill 2 but was edited out of the movie. This was a good choice since Raven looked very unhappy throughout the scene and it suffered greatly as a result. In general terms, I'm sure Eon could've dolled it up with special effects, dubbed in some off camera vocals, and edited the heck out of it to make it look better but the couple had no chemistry together and it showed. I liked it for that reason; it served as a contrast to most porn and Eon's to be congratulated for having the balls to show his failures that were so bad they weren't included in the movie, even at great expense. In terms of enjoyment though (rather than the intellectual exercise of dissecting scenes that didn't work), the best extra award here would be a toss up between the 10 minute long Behind the Scenes feature directed by Alice Suicide and the audio commentary by Eon, his crew, and some cast members. The BTS was too short but had some laughs (thanks Kurt!), some glimpses into the people involved with the movie, and some nudity. The commentary was much like that in previous offerings; while they rambled on a lot, the entire mindset behind the movie was revealed. I have mixed feelings about Eon's works (those that I've seen at least) but the slice of reality-his reality-heard on the commentary tracks have provided a bit of insight to his mindset in what he's shooting for, where he fails, and where he's going. As such, even if you don't like his movies much, you may well find the commentaries fascinating. The other extras were the usual photogallery, trailers, spam and double sided DVD cover (nice art by the way by geaphiles!).

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Kill Girl Kill 3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Eon McKai for VCA Pictures. Eon's general approach to porn is to shoot color, black & white, and use special effects to combine into something different. Whether "different" is for you will depend on what you like to see. Personally, I prefer flat lighting, no grain or shadows, and camera angles and composition of shots that enhance the look of the gals (and enhance the sexuality of the action). I don't mind experimentation but a little bit of it goes a long way in my book; something that might limit my worth to you if you're a fan of Eon's work. Still, as Eon releases more movies, his work looks better each time (although a friend told me that I was getting used to his style; she's a nut). This time, the lighting was better (although he washed the cast out far too often), the technical aspects generally improved and the purely technical matters well handled in most cases. There were no compression artifacts and the video noise minimal too. The audio track was the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo but the grunting, groaning and vocals all took back seat to the music track much of the time (or worse, there was no music and dead silence from them). In short, audio is one of the areas that Eon needs to polish up on a bit.

Body of Review: As scores of new directors enter porn with claims of trying to provide something for their generation, many fall into the trap of compromising away the aspects that make them unique in order to get more work. This leads them down the path of becoming like everyone else, not always a bad thing but certainly a limiting thing if you catch my drift. One that has made few compromises in his limited career is a guy by the name of Eon McKai. I never saw his first title, Art School Sluts, and I wasn't enthusiastic about his last two releases, Kill Girl Kill 1 and Kill Girl Kill 2, but there's definitely a reason why he sells so well. Exactly what that reason is remains unclear but he has an edge that works for some people. This holds true in his latest effort, Kill Girl Kill 3, a show I actually liked more as a whole than as the sum of its parts with Eon's tendency towards Goth porn well established as central to who he is. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms weren't used and the gals were not the glamour shot types found in most porn made these days:

Scene One: Nyomi Zen, a skinny Asian gal as seen on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover with her tongue out, was up first as she walked along the street in gothic hooker-ware clothing and boots. There was a lot of tease footage with her cotton panties the emphasis as she pranced about, climbing the stairs to meet up with Kurt Lockwood. He readied her with his hands and gave her a taste of the ooze that came out. This led to her blowing and rimming him in a gag fuck but he gave her some oral too. They screwed in a bunch of positions but he did most of the work which weakened the scene for me. I like energetic performers that are into the sex, not passive gals lying back and taking whatever comes their way. She rimmed him at the end as he jerked off and he eventually popped a load onto her face but it wasn't anything special for me.

Scene Two: Katrina Kraven, the most experienced performer of the gals and easily the most talented of any of them (male or female), was up next with Rob Rotten. He was missing his trademarked green Mohawk hairstyle but he still had more tattoos than she did and she seemed willing to let him go to town on her pussy as he sucked away. There was some choking and spitting (in the commentary, Eon claimed to have edited out most of the spitting) but both of them got into the sex once he was through licking her pussy. She showed him how to do it when she took over orally, although he held her head to force her deeper more than once. The sex was vaginal and anal but she seemed submissive too often this time, even as he hammered away at her hard. I don't think I've ever disliked her work and I thought this scene wasn't her best but it did show a different side of her that fans will appreciate.

Scene Three: Joanna Angel, the New York Goth chick that hasn't been in a lot of scenes but seems to appeal to a lot of people and sometimes referred to as the "Avril Lavigne of porn", was up next with James Deen on a couch. Okay, she may not be good looking in the sense of the general idea of a porn gal (she's the gal featured on the middle of the front DVD cover) and her skills weren't actually the best I've seen today, but she does offer an interesting alternative to the more "professional looking" porn I'm used to (and the same could be said for Eon's movies as a whole). Her oral was well done with hand to gland action adding to the friction and a lot of slobber giving it a messy appeal but her tease midway through the scene was pretty cool too. Mixing it up is often a good way to attract the eye back to the action rather than rely on the usual conventions. He then slapped her around a bit, fingered her, and then took her hard. She didn't do a lot of anal and the scene in general had him doing most of the work but her growing legion of fans will enjoy her here as well as any of her other scenes (I've seen 3 or 4 out of 5 of them). It ended when he held her head steady, jerked off on her face, and she spit it back out.

Scene Four: Tiger, the ragged looking gal shown on the upper right hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up next with Kurt Lockwood on the worn couch by the television sets. He was dominant here and held her down as he spanked her, held her arms over her head, and positioned her for the scene. She was a playful slut in her first scene so while it was a bit raw in terms of flow, tempo, and skill, she gained points for giving it her best with enthusiasm. She was another gal that I wasn't physically attracted to but she showed enough potential that fans of fresh meat will probably find her appealing. She also tossed some salad (rimmed him) during the blowjob portion of the show. He didn't give her a lot of oral satisfaction in return, preferring instead to start plugging her pussy in a few positions. She let him do most of the work but they were soon getting nasty with anal (which led to a lengthy conversation about performers who claim later that they were "forced" to do anal for more money after initially agreeing to do a vaginal scene-skipping mentioning by Corina Taylor by name) and included some ATM for good measure. She got better with time but I'd like to see how good she is in a year, especially with some learning about what works on camera. He popped off on her chest and face at the end and fans of lean black gals might want to give this gal a look.

Scene Five: Serena Sinn, another brunette in the mold of Katrina in terms of looks and tattoos, was up last as she showed that even a newcomer could offer a decent scene when partnered with James Deen in the formulaic setting. She gave one of the sloppier blowjobs of the show, following the standard practices of hand and eye deployment to enhance the act. He slapped the back of her head for effect and was soon banging her pussy and ass as he choked her. It was a by-the-numbers scene but she looked to be struggling with it more often than not for some reason. In large part, she did seem to add some of the freshness factor some of you like but if you watch closely, you'll see her catching herself and altering her facial expressions to portray as though she liked the scene. It ended when he popped off a load onto her sneaker and rubbed it on her face. I didn't think that was all that great (the commentators seemed enthused about it) an ending but it fit in with the show well enough.

Summary: Kill Girl Kill 3 was good enough for me to rate as Recommended based on the talents of the cast, the solid extras, the amount of fuck for the buck and that elusive quality that director Eon McKai provides in his movies. Given the comments on the commentary, I'm sure that no one at Hustler/VCA listened all the way through but Eon himself was very diplomatic and distanced himself more than a few times from what was said by others. In terms of strokability, the movie was better than the last two volumes in the series and I think Eon is closing in on his true porn niche as a director. I hope I get to see where he winds up given the direction he's going in but check this one out to see what I mean.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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