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Anal Infatuation

Studio: Simon Wolf Productions » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 12/17/05

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Genre: Scene Compilation
Director: Various
Cast:: Vanilla Skye, Fiona Bones, Heather Pink, Tiffany Hopkins, Cherry Poppens, Rachel Luv, Asia, Melony Malone, Missy Monroe, Joey Ray, Barrett Blades, Nick Manning, Randy Spears, Clarke Kent, Alberto Ray, Talon
Length: 139 mins
Production Date: 2003 - 2005

In a Nutshell - Nothing Sensational or Spectacular
As with any scene compilation, you are getting varied sequences shot by different crews at dissimilar locations. While the technology stays more or less the same, the technique can fluctuate wildly. In general, the image here is fine - clear and sharp with good color correction and proper contrast balance. A couple of the installments are overly dark (Nick Manning is usually tan, but he's not ebony) yet, overall, this is a decent collection of 1.33:1 full frame transfers.

In a Nutshell - We Get a Bonus Scene - and it's a Squirter!!!
Yep, from Juicy G Spots, we get our man-ning Nick and brown-haired babe Ariana doing the monkey mambo in front of a fireplace. The highlight is a healthy display of female fountain flow during a nice bit of anal reverse cowgirl. Nick drops his loads, yells like a dork, and the scene is over. A 3 out of 5 by and large. The rest of the added content - photo gallery, previews, etc. - is all standard operating porno world bullshit; nothing to get all worked up about.

First Impressions:
Scene compilations are like the dreaded sitcom clip show. Occasionally, they deliver the non-derivative goods. But other times, the constant barrage of similar sequences and subject matter gets to be a tad much. Lovers of anal will foam over this fetching collection of filth. But every installment is basically the same, with only the talent changing. Positions are overly choreographed and a few of the ladies act like taking it in the booty is something new to them. Such virginal variables may make this title more tantalizing to the adult entertainment fanbase, but its really nothing more than a hinder highlight reel, with some of the better bits tossed to the cutting room floor to make room for the ramming.

The Sex Scenes:
While it seems odd to concentrate on the guys in an adult review, it's important to note that Joey Ray and Nick Manning make multiple appearances here. Some find Joey a bit bulbous and dumpy while Nick has absolutely no internal monologue. Every thought he has, be it sexy or silly, comes pouring out of his mouth during his humping. He's like a drag dominatrix, talking dirty and dopey at the same time. If you find these guys grotty, you may not enjoy this set. They appear in six of the nine scenes. Here's what else you get:

Scene 1: Melony Malone, Joey Ray, Barrett Blades

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Acts Performed: Blowjob, Tit Sucking, Anal Spoon with Head, Pile Driving, V to M, Anal Doggy, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, DP in Reverse Cowgirl Mode, $hot on Face, Oral Clean-up
Score: 2 out of 5
As DP scenes go, this one is pretty good. Joey does most of the work, while Barrett seems lost among all the flailing flesh. If you look at the total running time of the title, you see that nine (!) scenes have to occur in 140 plus minutes. That's about 15 minutes a pop, and they sure zoom by quickly when the sex is as scattered as it is here. Once the positions are performed, the perfunctory money moment makes this feel like the most chaotic rush job in the world.

Scene 2: Heather Pink, Nick Manning
Acts Performed: Cunnilingus, Fingering, Blowjob, Deep Throating, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Digital Manipulation, Straight Anal, Anal Scissors, $hot in Mouth
Score: 2 out of 5
Heather is one of those gals whose awkward body language suggests she's none too happy about taking Nick's meat up her rectum. She looks pained and perplexed as Nick mouths off about his proposed prowess. Still, the couple copulate well, and the resulting Eros is one of the few instances of actual heat on this entire DVD.

Scene 3: Rachel Luv, Randy Spears
Acts Performed: Salad Tossing, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Anal Tongue Fucking, Blowjob, Face Fucking, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Digital Manipulation, Straight Anal, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 2 out of 5
It's odd with Randy Spears. He is such an old pro, that when he's paired with a very young gal, the age difference gives the scene a very amateurish, near sleazy dynamic. This may not be a bad thing for younger fans looking for a little patriarchal authority in their dicking, but someone the Dirge's age just feels creepy watching a middle aged actor fuck a barely legal babe. Still, they get a good head of XXX heat going, which is more than can be said for most of these scenes.

Scene 4: Asia, Nick Manning
Acts Performed: Cunnilingus, Anal Fingering, A to M, Blowjob, Deep Throating, Reverse Anal Cowgirl, Anal Doggy, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 2 out of 5
Maybe it's Nick, but Asia is another ass-shy subject. She is a very petite little thing and Nick just penetrates her like a space invader. She squirms and writhes and for a moment or two, it's exciting. It grows very dull, very quickly.

Scene 5: Cherry Poppens, Joey Ray
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Tit Play, Anal Spoon, Alan Reverse Cowgirl, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 1.5 out of 5
Cherry is usually a very active participant in her scenes, so to see he lying like a lox as Joey pounds away is not your typical Poppens hardcore happening. The sequence may have come early in her career, before she turned into an "I'll do anything - and anyone" Hellion whore on wheels. Instead, this is very bland boning - antithetical to any arousal you may be anticipating.

Scene 6: Tiffany Hopkins, Nick Manning
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Deep Throating, Mish, Anal Cowgirl, Anal Doggy, Pile Driver, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 2 out of 5
FINALLY, a pairing with Mr. Manning that makes sense. Tiffany takes on this vocal Viking and the two hit it off immediately. Too bad the scene is so short. Before you know it, Nick is giving his patented "dropping loads" speech to the entire set as Ms. H takes a trap full. A longer sequence would equal a much higher score.

Scene 7: Fiona Bones, Clarke Kent
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Anal Spooning, Anal Pile Driver, A to M, Gaping, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 1.5 out of 5
Suitcase Pimp Alert!!! Who is Mr. Kent when he's not banging on Ms. Bones loins? This plays more like an audition tape than a full-fledged professional porking. Both performers are barely passable and - once again - the pop arrives just as things are getting quasi-interesting.

Scene 8: Vanilla Skye, Alberto Ray, Talon
Acts Performed: Kissing, Fondling, Tit Play, Fingering, Blowjob, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, A to M, Anal Scissors, Anal Cowgirl, DP in the Cowgirl Mode, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 2 out of 5
Our final DP sequence of the set and its a dozy. As long as Vanilla and her violators keep the positions flowing and the sex stimulating, the scene is sensational. Then we get stuck in some kind of double dicking void and all the passion disappears. During this 15 minute sex installment, our trio does Cowgirl Mode fucking for a good two-thirds of the time. That's not exciting - it's exasperating.

Scene 9: Missy Monroe, Joey Ray
Acts Performed: Cunnilingus, Fingering, Blowjob, Anal Spooning, A to M, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, $hot in Face, Oral Clean-up
Score: 2 out of 5
Joey and Missy make a good couple. Their suck and fuck is formulaic and forced. The anal is initially interesting and then becomes stale. And again, the pop arrives before any passion or possibly arousal.

Disco Dirge Peter Meter Rating: 2 out of 5 (Rent It)
Cohabitation Certification: Granted
There is just too much of the same thing here - not the same GOOD thing, mind you, just the same thing. From the overuse of the same actors to the reliance on similar positions and pops, Anal Infatuation should have been called Anal Imitation. All the scenes -except one or two - are more or less interchangeable with the others. For fans of anything and everything butt oriented, this is definitely worth a Rental. But most porn fans will grow weary of the constant repetition and lack of any real spark or chemistry between the actors. This is by the numbers nookie at its most uninspired and uninteresting.

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