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Sapphic Liaisons

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/19/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

This latest girl on girl effort from Michael Ninn doesn't stray too far from his tried and true formula but it all works really well. The women look hot, the production values are typically great and the sets and set pieces are interesting, erotic, and far classier than most modern porn tends to be. There is no plot to be concerned with, just five scenes of pretty girls getting down with each other.

Chapter 1 Nikki Blonde And Wanda Curtis: The two girls start the scene off, hand in hand, wearing some formal gowns and the opening somehow manages to conjure up images of Jean Rollin's lesbian vampire movies (am I going to highbrow here for a porno review?). Nikki sits down, lifts up her skirt and starts playing with herself, her playmate has disappeared, they're no longer on the balcony, Nikki's in a room alone. After pleasuring herself, Wanda enters and they hold hands again and start to kiss each other. Wanda licks her way up Nikki's legs with her tongue, and there's some foot fetish play and some high heel action. Nikki starts to finger Wanda who is bent over for the camera, until she climaxes, putting her finger up her own ass. Next it's Nikki's turn, as Wanda sits her down and spreads her legs so that she can eat her out. She gets underneath her and puts her mouth on her muff, then gets her on all fours so that she can use her fingers and her tongue on her, massaging her lips and the outside of her pussy with her fingers for the close up. Wanda then gets her ass up in the air so that Nikki can do the same for her, as she gets a pussy rubbing from her friend, followed by some light ass play courtesy of Nikki's index finger. A solid scene, if a little on the long side (it's over half an hour and makes up over twenty five percent of the running time), it's pretty intense watching it build between these two. It starts off very slowly and just goes from there, but the end result is some undeniably hot stuff and the two girls look great together.

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Chapter 2 Jodie Moore And Vicki Broone: Both girls are dressed in business attire, appearing very studious as the narration explains that this is Jodie's first time with another woman (hey, it works in the context of the fantasy world we're pulled into here). She lets Vicki suck on her breasts to get things going, and they deep kiss each other a fair bit as foreplay. The clothes slowly come off, they've both got black nylon stockings on, and Vicki seems into licking them. Jodie spreads her legs and Vicki eats her shaved pussy out, really working her lips with her tongue and her mouth. The girls kiss some more and then Vicki stands up and spreads her legs so that Jodie can suck her pussy, pulling on her lips and stretching them playfully and using her fingers on her for added effect. Jodie lies back on the desk and then the two girls go into a sixty-nine and work one another until they both come. Can you say hot? Cause that's the only way to describe this scene. Everything about it is completely erotic, from the way the girls are dressed to the way that they touch each other to the way that they pay close attention to the specifics of each other's anatomy (it might sound weird, but it works here). Good, good stuff the fact that they're both gorgeous certainly doesn't hurt either.

Chapter 3 Anna Karin, Jodie Moore And Linda Shayne: The three girls strut around a bit on the staircase, the two blondes kiss while the third player watches. After each of the girls treats the camera to a bit of solo play, they all sit down together and masturbate with each other using glass dildos on themselves. Soon the masturbation session leads way into a girl on girl on girl scene. They fuck each other and suck one another using their tongues and their toys with a fair bit of obvious skill. Linda spends a lot of time sucking her dildo and seems to have a bit of an oral fixation but that's okay. Jodie gets her box munched by Anna, while Linda's toy fucks Anna. This was a good scene, but there should have been a bit of variation in the three-way action as once it starts it doesn't change up much at all. The saving grace is the fact that the group masturbation session is hotter than Hell, as are all three of the women involved.

Chapter 4 Judith Bodor, Laura Capri And Veronika: when the scene begins, the three girls are pouring milk on each other and tongue kissing. It's a bit of a collage, going back and forth from one girl to the next, sometimes they're together and sometimes they are solo. TV monitors flicker white noise in the background Judith treats us to a milk covered clit solo while the other two girls stand behind her clad in plastic wrap kissing each other and touching each other. Soon all three girls get buck-naked in the tub with each other and start pouring milk on their bodies. It then cuts back to just Judith in the tub as Laura and Veronika get into the oral, as Laura's pussy gets eaten with her legs spread wide on a ladder. The two change up and she gets a dildo inserted into her box, lots of bumping and grinding ensues and then the scene ends. This looked like it was going to be a threesome but really wasn't. The scene didn't disappoint in that regard as the kink factor is amped up a bit compared to the other scenes but it would have been nicer to see more oral here. Regardless, it's an above average scene and the contrast of the milk on the skin of the woman involved makes for a nice visual.

Chapter 5 Judit Vecsey, Laura Capri And Michelle Wild: In a room decorated in fine Victorian art and furniture, Michelle strips down for the camera. She fingers herself and masturbates in front of the camera, then we switch over to Judit, who does the same thing strips down and masturbates. She's wearing a black widow and some thigh high black stockings and looks fantastic. Laura's up next, she strips and diddles herself and we get to watch as she works her pussy from behind while down on all fours. Judit and Michelle meet up in the middle of the room and give their silent partner a show as they start to kiss and then to suck on each other's breasts. Judit spreads Michelle's legs and eats her out and then Judit gets down on all fours so that her pal can work her snatch from behind with her mouth and her fingers. Finally Laura walks into the action and the two girls strip her down completely. Judit heads south and sucks her pussy, then Laura returns the favor while fingering Michelle with her free hand. Soon Laura's fingering both of them at the same time and they climax before finishing Laura off by sharing her pussy between them, using their tongues on her until she comes. Like the first scene, this one builds really nicely starting with some lighter foreplay, then some heavier warm up action before delving into the main event. The girls seem really into each other and look great, and this is a fantastic scene that's full of heat.



Michael Ninn has been doing this long enough that the man knows how to make a porno film look good. Sapphic Liaisons is no exception and his blend of cyberpunk visuals and fetishistic sex looks quite good on this digital video production. Some of the colors are intentionally muted and flat looking but this is a stylistic choice and not a fault of the transfer. Print damage and video noise is not an issue on the 1.33.1 fullframe transfer and while there are some mild compression artifacts evident in some of the blacker areas, for the most part this movie looks quite good. The first part of each scene looks a little hazy, but this is obviously an artistic choice as it clears up soon enough it gives each scene a sort of dream like/fantasy quality that works quite well in the context of what we're watching.


The English Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound mix features no subs or alternate audio tracks but does come through the receiver clearly and without any problems. Bass response from the subwoofer is lively and active and the background music has just enough punch to it to liven up the sex scenes even more than they already are.


In addition to the standard photo gallery (roughly eighty hardcore images of the girls from the shoot), there is also a behind the scenes featurette (just under twenty eight minutes in length) that doesn't really have any dialogue or narration but does contain some fun outtakes and nice footage of the girls off camera. In addition to the more candid/behind the scenes footage, however, there are some quality outtakes in here that add to the heat of the footage from the feature, including some more girl on girl love and concluding with some nice masturbation footage.

Final Thoughts:

Sapphic Liaisons is top-notch stuff from a season pro of a director. The feature makes use of some top talent, puts them into some very hot fetish and fantasy-oriented situations and lets them go at it. The action is hot and consistent and the girls all look exceptionally good. Highly recommended.

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