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Spank Me I'm A Bad Girl

Studio: Colossal Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/26/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Spank Me! I'm a Bad Girl

Colossal Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Bobby Manila

Cast: Alecktra Blue, Anthony Hardwood, Avena Lee, Kurt Lockwood, Alicia Alighatti, Tommy Gunn, Brooke, Justin Magnum, Candi Summers,

Length: 179 minutes

Date of Production: 5/18/2005

Extra's: The best extra was easily the 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where the performers all got a chance to outline their scenes and provide some feedback as to their personal limits. I wish it lasted longer but the movie was rather lengthy so I couldn't complain too much about it. There was also a slide show but it did nothing for me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Spank Me! I'm a Bad Girl was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Bobby Manila for Colossal Entertainment. The fleshtones were a bit over saturated but otherwise the lighting was fairly flat with few shadows and little grain to be seen throughout the scenes. The composition of the shots wasn't always favorable to the females but in all but a few spots, some care was utilized to enhance their looks and it was appreciated given the multitude of poorly executed shows I've watched of late. There was some minor mosquito noise at times but no compression artifacts and I thought that while Bobby had some room for improvement, he did a decent job here with the picture. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English audio was about as average a track as could be with some very hollow points on hand due to the cavernous nature of the living room and the lack of separation between the channels was standard for most vignette based porn.

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Body of Review: Colossal Entertainment has been making some strides towards offering better titles with lengthier running times and better extras of late, as well as improved technical matters. This leads me to believe that they're ready to take the next step and start unveiling a plan to the world as to how they'll gain market share, especially since it'll be at the expense of other companies that are likely more established. Their latest title was Spank Me! I'm a Bad Girl, a set of five vignettes where the ladies all took a pounding to their lovely tushes before some hardcore oral and vaginal sex. I know that hardly qualifies as a fetish compared to some of the more extreme porn on the market but there was an extensive amount of backside beating so fans would do well to check it out based on that factor alone. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes based on cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all by the men:

Scene One: Alecktra Blue, the gal on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first as she teased the camera in her flowery undies on top of a large chair. Her lean, firm body and dirty talk worked well enough to get partner Anthony Hardwood into the eye of the camera where he spanked her with a lot of energy as he tasted her crotch and ass to ready her for the action. She did some oral on him but initially, it wasn't as energetic as she did later (with PTM at that). He hammered away at her fine little pussy while slapping her meaty ass but her strength was in how well she rode him by meeting him thrust for thrust. They screwed in just about every position with him rubbing out a load onto her face at the end in this decent scene.

Scene Two: Avena Lee, the cute brunette on the middle of the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next in a scene with Kurt Lockwood as she bent over for his use while wearing a blindfold. He used a riding crop to drive home the point that she was a bad girl and she agreed with his comments as she remained pliable to his will. He fingered her, fed her a taste of her own juices, and had her stroke him off as he offered up his cock for the sucking. She then lost the blindfold as she sucked away like an accomplished fellatio expert. I didn't think the cover did her ass justice as it looked far firmer and rounder in person but her paunch made me wonder if she had a surprise package on the way too. In any case, she was better orally than Alecktra but she was too passive when receiving his meaty thrusts so the tradeoff will color the value of the scene for you depending on individual tastes. Kurt's load was certainly larger to her face but his aim lacked as he missed the target more often than not. Fans of choking will appreciate his efforts here more than I did so keep that in mind too.

Scene Three: Alicia Alighatti, the brunette featured on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next in a scene with muscular Tommy Gunn. He wielded the riding crop this time and tapped away at her lean ass but she seemed turned on by it even though the sound effects seemed to make it more hurtful than the slight reddening she took as a result. He liked taking her over his knee to continue the spanking and she didn't mind it but the oral wasn't as inspired as her vaginal ride on his powerful shaft by any means. Depending on the position, she alternated between being on fire and going through the motions so this was another scene that had some measure of merit but wasn't the best I've seen from her. Like the other scenes, he jerked out a load but this one went mainly in her mouth and she energetically stroked him off to a fine finish; reinforcing my belief that she was very talented orally.

Scene Four: Brooke, a cute bleach blonde with an ample sample of an ass, was up next with English Justin Magnum in the living room. Instead of the riding crop, he used his hand to spank her (this made for a funny moment in the BTS feature too) but wasn't as enthusiastic about beating his partner as some of the others were. On a positive note, he spent more time going down on her as well so the scene seemed to be slightly enhanced in terms of the woman's pleasure this time. From the flush nature of her skin and the nipple erections, not to mention her faster breathing, I thought she responded well to his attentions (to the point where she allowed him some time with the riding crop). Her oral was weak but once she was properly positioned, she rode him rather well, especially in the reverse cowgirl position where she truly shined. His load was minimal at the end but it showed some fine potential by Brooke.

Scene Five: Candi Summers, a lean gal with neon red hair and some skimpy lingerie, was up last as she was waiting in handcuffs (the leather kind) on the stairway before Kurt Lockwood threw her over his shoulder and carried her away. She had a wonderfully fleshy ass and the palest white skin of the cast as she allowed him to do "anything" he wanted as he worked her butt over with his hand. The audio was slightly out of synchronization as he tapped her cheeks (making them very red, very quickly) but this didn't impact the quality time they spent together as they each seemed turned on by the other throughout the scene. Like some of the other scenes, he used her panties as a gag to keep her mouth full but the best thing he used for this end was his penis, something she took to like a fish to water. She might not have been as experienced as some of the others but she was willing to learn on the job, after which came a healthy screwing in her tight little pussy. She was enthusiastic with the riding portion of the scene too and I can't begin to describe how sweet it looked to see her ass wiggle during the doggy position screwing (as he spanked her). The load wasn't great this time either but aside from her closing her mouth like his semen were made of toxic waste, it wasn't a terrible facial.

Summary: Spank Me! I'm a Bad Girl had a fine selection of ladies working their talents to the fullest after getting some heated spanking by their male partners this time. It wasn't the most varied set of scenes going but one good thing about using a formula is that a consumer can know what to expect. This helps eliminate any false advertising and makes reviewing the scenes a bit easier in some ways, although I'll admit that providing a laundry list of what happened would've been easier than trying to determine who was more into the action. I'm going to rate this one as Recommended, although I would've liked better extras, a bit more polish on the technical values, and at least a few anal scenes. Still, with nearly three hours of fuck for the buck, fans of spanking could do far worse as each gal took more than a little reddening of her cheeks here.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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