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Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx

Studio: VCA » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/27/05

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Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx

VCA Pictures

Genre: Compilation, Tiffany Mynx

Director: Wesley Emerson

Cast: Tiffany Mynx, Chanel, Tony Tedeschi, Christina Appleighe, Jonathan Morgan, PJ Sparxx, Randy West, Mike Horner, Melanie Moore, Cody Adams

Length: 86.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1993

Extra's: Sadly, the only extras this time were three trailers, a photogallery and some spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx was presented in the original 1.33:1 ratio full frame color the scenes were shot in by various directors for VCA Pictures. The movie came out in 1993 but the interview portions of the show looked pretty good, even by today's standards. The scenes were a varied lot though, even with most of them being made within a year of this compilation, with some looking pretty solid and others looking washed out with lots of grain. If you've seen other volumes in the series, you'll understand the variations in quality that I saw but none of the scenes was completely unwatchable. The DVD transfer was as basic as could be but no compression artifacts were obvious and it looked somewhat better than the VHS version from my remembrance of the original release. The audio track was a cleaned up 2.0 monaural Dolby Digital and the scenes sounded about as average as I expected them to sound. There was no separation between the channels (real or imagined), there was a slight hum in the background of some scenes (as though the volumes weren't recorded well enough when they were shot and needed to be jacked up for the compilation), and the droning music was about standard with the vocals okay in most instances.

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Body of Review: Tiffany Mynx has been in porn a long time but remains a big attraction for the kind of heated, passionate, energetic scenes she can muster with just about any partner offered her. That she is still one of the leading anal queens is just icing on the proverbial cake but longevity in porn is rare for women so those that make a go of it for over ten years can rest assured that they are far above the norm in this regard. One of the more interesting facets of reviewing porn is that I sometimes get to see older titles with such notable hotties as Tiffany, with today's review of Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx being a case in point. That she's still around making even better scenes is a given but the fact that she was making "best of" compilations a dozen years ago should tell you that her fan base is large and admiring. I'll be up front in stating that I think Tiffany is more attractive with age (like a fine wine) but seeing her seven scenes here was intriguing based on her long term popularity. Here's a look at the 1993 classic in terms of the scenes and cast, noting that there was a bit of heat to be had.

Scene One: The DJ: D-Piperoni: 1992: Tiffany Mynx, the hotty on the front DVD cover, wore some black lingerie as she had a scene in a recording studio with brunette Chanel. While I maintain that Tiffany looks better today than she did back then, she was still quite fetching and her small patch of pubic hair looked good on her as Chanel licked and sucked her pussy. Tiffany was mostly a receiver here and in the interview she claimed it was her first lesbian scene but I'd like to have seen more energy from her.

Scene Two: The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty: D-Piperoni: 1993: Tiffany Mynx, with lighter hair this time and a leaner body, was up with ghostly pale Tony Tedeschi in a basic office setting where each gave the other oral after he took off his large cowboy hat. It was way too short a scene and the basics of a short blowjob, moderate cunnilingus act, and then a few minutes of poking her tight pussy were barely a warm up compared to her more recent work but she was cute and as a historical footnote, the scene was worth a look.

Scene Three: Crease Master: D-Gregory Dark: 1993: Tiffany Mynx, still in possession of her big hair, and a similarly coiffed Christina Appleighe, who looked much like Julie Meadows, were in a bedroom scene with the talented Jonathan Morgan next. The scene started underway and the droning music wasn't half bad as the gals energetically took care of him with vaginal and oral sex; double teaming his shaft as though it were a candy cane. Tiffany even went for a bit of foot sucking on his toes, licking up the leg to get back to his balls in no time. Like the other scenes, modern porn had jaded me to this kind of short scene but there was a sense of spontaneity that I found especially appealing this time, ending with a pop shot on the ass.

Scene Four: Rocket Girls: D-Stuart Canterbury: 1993: Tiffany Mynx and PJ Sparxx, both in lingerie that enhanced their looks, were up next in a science fiction setting with the legendary Randy West. The gals used a strap on dildo to heighten the mood but the technical values were really lame here with a truly bad picture looking like the source material fell into a pool of mud and sat for days before working its way onto this compilation. This is how I remembered the scene looking so the DVD mastering had nothing to do with the lack of picture quality here and the oral with vaginal sex wasn't all that special except for Tiffany looking so cute.

Scene Five: Servin' It Up: D-Henri Pachard: 1993: Tiffany Mynx, in another bedroom scene set somewhere back in time (with the olden fan adding atmosphere), enjoyed a romp with Mike Horner back before he lost (or colored) his hair. He spent a lot of time going down on her and she spent less time blowing him before a relatively quick screw that ended in a facial. The doggy position worked well but the rest of the action seemed to be a result of them holding back.

Scene Six: Backdoor To Cannes: D-Stuart Canterbury: 1993: Tiffany Mynx, gave a decent scene with Randy West another shot as she blew him, took him in her pussy, and then had a limited anal romp. Compared to how awesome she is at anal now; this scene was extremely tame but it served to offer a nice contrast to her modern skills and show how far she's come in terms of ability. The composition of the shots sucked donkey balls and technically it was lame but this was a young Tiffany Mynx so I'll take what I can get.

Scene Seven: Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx: D-Wesley Emerson: 1993: Tiffany Mynx, Melanie Moore, and Cody Adams were up in the final bedroom scene of the movie where the gals began with some lesbian antics before progressing to bigger, and harder, things. This scene was made for the compilation about 12 years ago and while it wasn't great, it did offer a decent picture compared to some of the other scenes here. There was oral, foot play, vaginal and lesbian sex but also some better anal than took place in the previous scene to enjoy as well. The motel room setting wouldn't have been my first choice but considering the contemporary nature of the other scenes, it fit right in.

Summary: Deep Inside Tiffany Mynx was worth a Rent It to me although I'm sure some of Tiffany's fans will want to pick this one up when they find a sale. Her recent work is far superior in almost every way but I know some of you think a gal in porn over 21 years old is an eye sore so you'll have to balance this factor out when deciding what to do with this release. Tiffany had blonde hair, a lean body, and was still learning her trade and this might suit you as a reference for her earlier work but she has so many fine scenes that it won't get a lot of play for most of us. The technical values were limited in many cases and there was nothing new on the DVD (that would've been nice) that the VHS version didn't have but check it out if you like the hotty known as Tiffany Mynx.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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