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Booty Island

Studio: Nectar Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/27/05

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Booty Island

Nectar Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Eric Avalon

Cast: Jessica Oliveira, Ellen Padilha, Princyany, Alayah Sashu, Mayara Rodrigues, Pietra, Pantera, Ariane, Jolce, Vitor Assuncao, Bad Boy, Ricardo Ramos, Roge

Length: 115 minutes

Date of Production: 8/8/2005 (box); 8/20/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The only real extra was the 10 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed the cast and crew at work on the movie. There were no vocals during the presentation, just some music as the cast paraded around nude or as they had sex. It looked like fun but was too short for my tastes. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and a double sided DVD cover but that's it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Booty Island was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color in most shots with some non-anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1) work added in on occasion by director Eric Avalon. The entire movie looked somewhat airbrushed with the lovely backgrounds of a tropical paradise taking center stage. There was some grain and minor video noise, most of which was the result of uneven lighting (even outdoors there were problems with shadows and the like), but I'd be misleading you to say that the gals looked bad due to compositional problems. The use of slow motion photography was my biggest pet peeve here and it certainly detracted from how hot the gals could've been but some people like that kind of thing (I don't mind it in small doses but a little goes a long way if you catch my drift). There were no compression artifacts though and the overall look of the show wasn't bad. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio was all done in music with the occasional moan or groan. This didn't work for me either as I like to hear the gals having fun, even if it's in a foreign language. Still, it was pretty music that didn't make me want to toss a brick at the television set even if I lowered the volume to make it more like light background music in an elevator as a result.

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Body of Review: With Caribbean flavored movies like Pirates, Seymore Butts' Butt Pirates, and Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island all coming out earlier in the year, is it any wonder that other companies would follow suit and try to invoke a sense of style and desire like only lush tropical locales can? This being the case, director Eric Avalon's Booty Island sounded like a winner to me although his last stylish offering, Brazilian Island, had some major problems in my eyes. The lack of a dominant vocal track, the overuse of slow motion, and a host of other problems plagued my enjoyment of that release and they were all displayed in full force here too. The cast was virtually identical and the other elements led me to think they could've been shot the same day but each had its own merits so here's a quick look at the movie, noting that no condoms were used and most of the cast is fresh to the domestic market:

Scene One: The setting established as a wealthy house on a large estate, the first couple provided some eye candy in the form of a lean hotty in a red bathing suit and a muscular man skilled in the art of performance dance (using a rainbow colored veil to twirl about with some degree of precision). Her fine ass distracted me and he responded well to her oral loving, both as kisses and a blowjob, on the steps of the Villa. The erotic nature of the scene was better than most of what took place in the previous movie, even though the technical matters bugged me more than a little bit on occasion. The primary sex acts were oral and vaginal but some anal took place too with her just as active as he was throughout the scene. I thought she enjoyed working with him and it's a shame that I had nothing to identify her with given the strength of her performance that ended with a pop shot to her face.

Scene Two: The next scene was set on the deck of a ship in a harbor with two cuties rubbing each other in their bathing suits. The brunette was familiar and the blonde not a bad looking gal either as the two lean ladies erotically played with one another. The scene wasn't overly developed as the action stuck with industry staples lick oral and toys but there was just enough tease here to enhance the mood, despite the audio track and slow motion.

Scene Three: The next scene took place in a small alcove where a redhead and curvy gal with light brown hair began what appeared to be a lesbian scene. I like lagoons and this one was visually interesting as the two all natural gals teased the camera as much as each other. By the time they were all worked up, a male joined them to further the scene beyond the minimal eye candy the last scene had, with the gals double teaming his meat orally, doing vaginal, and even anal before the facial pop shot. He was a darker, muscular brute that contrasted nicely with the ladies. The standing screw and boning on the rock weren't comfortable looking but this could've been a really hot scene for me if done in real time more often (it'd cut back and forth).

Scene Four: Back at the house, it was night time and the chanting style music towered over the scene as a physical presence when a perky little redhead in a bright green bikini started teasing the camera on the back lawn in slow motion. While she wasn't the best looking gal of the show, she was easy on the eyes and had a perfect little ass that sure gave me some ideas of what to do with it but her partner, a dorky looking guy, seemed equally impressed as he caressed her and enjoyed the moment far better than I would have. Sexually, the scene was limited to oral and vaginal sex but she was very passive during the boning portion of the scene except for a couple of moments that were edited in over and over again (like a loop). It was okay to watch once but the wasted potential bummed me out a bit.

Scene Five: The following day brought some overcast sunlight to a couple of brunettes with all natural bodies and a flair for oral loving. The action took place on a boat and except for the out of focus nature of a good portion of the scene, it was pleasant enough to watch as they sucked and fingered one another handily. Their physical attributes aside though, the action was tame and hampered by the technical matters for me.

Scene Six: The last scene took place with a average looking redhead wiggling on a rocky Cliffside in front of the ocean. She was skinny and the scene was mostly notable for how she took on two guys at the same time, sucking and fucking with a DP offered up as the sexually hardest part of the show. Her regular grimace during the screwing parts of the scene were enough to tell me she wasn't happy and the forced smiles she put on when the camera was obviously pointing her way did little to convince me otherwise.

Summary: Booty Island was another attempt at style over substance but it almost pulled it off this time so I'm rating the DVD as a Rent It for couples. The cast was generally attractive enough and I'm sure that limiting the technical effects like slow motion would've done wonders at improving the heat quotient this time given the look of the ladies in most scenes. Still, providing a second audio track, one with a lighter score and louder vocals, might've helped this one too so perhaps those of you wanting something slightly better than average will accept the flaws and work through them until director Eric Avalon considers improving his movies.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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