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Evan Essence

Studio: Inpulse Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/27/05

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Evan Essence

Inpulse Pictures/Lennox Films

Genre: Vignette

Director: Giovanni

Cast: Lisa Marie, Evan Stone, Gen Padova, Jack Lawrence, Selena Silver, Lainey Baron, Sergio, Kris Slater, Jassie, Damien Childs, Scarlet O'Whora
Non-sex role: Devas

Length: 85.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/25/2003 (box): 11/15/2003 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was easily the 16.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Sindee Coxxx. It was fun to watch and while I would've preferred the emphasis to be on the women more than the men, the entire DVD is geared the other way so I really can't complain (the cover advertised it as such). There was also a trailer, a double sided DVD cover, and a photogallery for those keeping track.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Evan Essence was presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen picture with a 1.85:1 ratio as shot on Sony High Definition equipment. I'd rather they go the rest of the way instead of making a letterboxed flick that wouldn't take advantage of the recording format's quality but it was a step in the right direction. There was minimal grain but some video noise and compression artifacts from time to time with the majority of scenes taking place with low level lighting to enhance the mood of the scenes (for women) rather than the preferred flat lighting I like. The use of various special effects was sometimes distracting but I thought it was handled fairly well most of the time, reminding me a little bit of Digital Playground's movies by Celeste. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo with a strong emphasis on the music which was tailored for the time period of each scene rather than a lot of vocals. I prefer a stronger use of vocals in porn or at least a healthy mix so I can't say I was enthusiastic about the audio here, even though the music was largely enjoyable.

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Body of Review: Evan Stone is often considered one of the studliest guys in porn for his muscular body, rugged good looks, and lengthy mane of hair that more than a few of my female friends have commented on (in favorable terms mind you) over the years. I don't take it personally when they ask me to try and set them up with Evan since he has something most women get wet about. Having seen him for years in scenes and BTS features, I can safely say that he truly adores women beyond what most of us men consider healthy but this adds to his mystique I suppose and provides reason for his latest movie, Evan Essence. The show is a series of time and music related vignettes that are supposedly designed for women to enjoy rather than male dominated porn most of us are familiar with. As a lesbian trapped in a man's body, I took some issue with this since my own belief is that women have as varied sexual tastes as men, if not more so, but it was a nice form of lighter erotica that a number of gals will likely appreciate well enough. That said, here's a look at the scenes by cast and actions, noting that condoms were used and there were no cast credits so if I inadvertently made a mistake in the who's who portion of the show, blame Inpulse Pictures for failing to label the cast:

Scene One: 1920's: Lisa Marie, playing something of an old fashioned gal from the 1920's, wrote in her journal about the mighty Evan Stone, as he played a record on the ancient piece of equipment he had as part of the scene. The stylish action was oral and vaginal only but it was the tenderness and mixture of color with black & white sequences that added to the atmosphere of the scene. The two spent considerable time warming up with the kissing and massaging of each other before the oral and vaginal sex. He jerked off the load to her stomach and the scene faded out with the appropriate music adding something to the chemistry they shared.

Scene Two: 1940's: Gen Padova, looking very much like a character out of a film noir release from the 1940's, was up next as she hooked up with reporter (or perhaps detective) Jack Lawrence in a minimalist setting by a brick wall. This scene also made effective use of music that lent an air of authenticity to the time frame of the scene with both took it slowly to warm up rather than jump each other's bones right away. He sat her up on his counter and started going down on her in such a manner that she appeared to be getting off, using his fingers and tongue to probe every nook and cranny she had exposed. She then blew him after pouring wine on his cock to flavor it and this lasted a very short time before the two were bumping uglies like old, dear friends. The vaginal boning was kind of boring for me as she didn't participate much (she laid back for him to make all the motion) and he popped off on her stomach to close.

Scene Three: 1950's: Selena Silver, Lainey Baron, Sergio, and Kris Slater, were up next in a 1950's scene where the guys were cleaning up their classic car (a 57 Chevy?) as the gals watched them. The guys wore sweaty t-shirts that seemed to work wonders for the ladies in their poodle skirts with each gal pairing off with a guy (Selena liked Kris and Sergio liked Lainey) for some necking. The gals were the general aggressors here; a fact I liked more than a little bit, and they offered themselves up nicely to the guys but the overall sexual themes were similar to the other scenes in terms of what was done and how it was done before the camera. To me, Selena's ass looked sweet as could be as she bent over for some boning from behind. The pop shots were standardized and minimal but some of you like pops to the chest so consider yourselves lucky if you do.

Scene Four: 1970's: Jassie, looking all the world like a flower child with her long straight hair and skinny body, was up next in a scene where mechanic Damien Childs worked on a Trans Am by the brick wall. If you like gals with few curves, you'll love her just fine and the two seemed more balanced sexually than most of the other scenes were, even to the point where the little disco mirror ball helped set the mood. She was an okay oralist but the sexual insertion scenes were only about average with her calling for him to fuck her before he jerked off onto her itty bitty chest.

Scene Five: 2000's: Scarlet O'Whora, as a club bunny DJ groupie in a retro-dress, was up last with the mighty Evan Stone, who played the DJ in question. She couldn't keep her hands off of him and painted him in black light paint that looked very interesting as it glowed all sorts of colors in the night club. He was basically her easel and she made him a piece of living art before the two started in on one another. I'll admit that there was an erotic quality to the scene and even the thumping (some might say "droning") soundtrack didn't interfere with the heated chemistry the two had together. Each seemed ready, willing, and desirous of playing the sexual game so the limitations of the formula did not get in the way of the heat for me. They did eventually take it all one step further for some moderate anal sex but it was slow geared to exploration rather than the forceful style most gonzo titles would show. He jerked off over her body to make her a canvass of his own and the movie thus ended.

Summary: Evan Essence was likely a better movie for women than men given the limitations of the sexual activities going on in the various vignettes but it was still worth a rating of Rent It from me and we all know how many pornos I've watched in the last 25 years (i.e: far too many). There was more than a little style worth emulation by other directors but the truth be told, I wanted something more much of the time. I've watched similar efforts by numerous directors and I think the best way to describe this one is almost as if it were a man's guess at what a woman wanted rather than the straight up, un-distilled version. I'm sure my associate and friend, Goldenmuse, will offer some input on this title in the near future but from my point of view, check it out before buying as it doesn't stray too far from the pack.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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