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Pleasures of the Flesh #12

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 1/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight

Director: Tony Vidson

Cast: Jasmine Rouge, Veronica Da Souza, Stacy Silver, Morgane, Tanita Black and Tanya Pearl

Length: 2hr 20 min

Production Date: Digital Sin, 2005

Chapter Selection Without Act Access
Behind the Scenes Runs 15 minutes. Montage footage, mostly of photo sessions. Very little talking or interviewing, but some nice footage of the model's walking and posing.
Extra Scene From some other movie and featuring a loud-mouth, Indian looking woman--I don't know what movie or who she is because of the poor quality of the disc's menu.
Act Recap

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is standard 2.0 and the quality is quite good. Although the few dialogue here is a bit low the vocals during the sex was easily heard. There is no music during the acts, so all sounds are present. The Video is full frame color and below standard. The first scene is near ruined with a hazy overlighting or glare that is present through most of the scene. This problems dissappears but reemerges in the final scene in a much weaker intensity. The footage and editing is very satisfying but the first scene dropped the grade enourmously.

Body of Review: This is Digital Sin's 12th installment of the Pleasures of the Flesh series which continues to satisfy those with the simple hunger of decent, hardcore sex. Five scenes and a cast of six European women offer up a decent dish of threeways and general boning.

Scene 1: Jasmine Rouge
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, PTM, DP, Facial
Condoms: No
Jasmine Rouge is a stunning European blonde. Perfect in every department this girl should be doing some high class modeling instead of sucking dick, but lucky for us she is doing the latter. She begins her scene giving two young men very enthusiastic and sloppy blowjobs. The first thing noticeable about this scene, besides Jasmines long, slender legs and perfet cans, is the heavy lighting. The contrast is way off and the edges of everyone glow making the image very difficult to watch. As the guys take turns banging on Jasmine's cute pink pussy, she keeps the other guy happy with lots of tongue play. Her excitement wanes a tad during the intercourse; she seems more into giving head than getting fucked. But that doesn't matter much. She could be picking up trash on the freeway and still be hot to watch. Anal comes nicely with a slow easing in. This proves to be strong scene. The sex is straightforward and exciting, but nothing extraordinary. It's Jasmine's hot looks that are in the spotlight and just watching her get banged is enough. Unfortunately, the heavy lighting or contrast grows worse and ruins this. What a waste and a real insult to Jasmine and a potentially good scene.

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Scene 2: Veronica Da Souza
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Condoms: No
Veronica (cover featured) is a raven-haired beauty who is nice and full-bodied. With perfect, meaty thighs and ample breasts, Veronica's figure is for those who like a woman right in the middle. As she struts her stuff on a balcony we get to see her nice round ass beneath her mini-skirt before she moves inside to suckoff the guy inside. The blowjob offers nice POV shots and Veronica's sexy eyes stare into the camera. Some spitting, a quick titty-fuck and then the guy reciprocates with a long session of oral on her hedges--which could use a little trimming. The guy goes beyond the usual two-second-tongue-touch and really lays into her pussy occasionally venturing south to lick her asshole. Veronica's pussy gets really wet and the guy dives in, pumping long and hard coming out only to let Veronica taste her juices. Veronica is a wild bird, not nasty or slutty, but just enjoying every bit of her scene and aware of the fact that she's fucking hot. An increadible standing doggy shot and even some footjobing make this a rock solid scene. The harsh lighting from the first scene is here, but barely noticeble and doesn't cause any viewing problems. Veronica takes a well deserved wallop of spuge to the tongue.

Scene 3: Stacy Silver
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, ATM, ATP, Facial
Condoms: No
The third gal of the disc is Stacy Silver. From the beginning this faux-blonde appears sluttier than the other gals. She's a little more buxom, has tattoos and a tongue piercing. Stacy is very noisy in the oral department. Just about any sound related to sucking can be heard. Within a few minutes of sucking two guys, she hops on one for a ride. The threesome offer a number of positions and rotations, but nothing too exciting. Stacy isn't really my cup of tea. She's pretty and fun to watch, but something about her onscreen just isn't too appealing. The guys bone at her for a while and it's the usual stuff. A terrific pussy fart breaks the monotony and then one guy moves into anal which gets a little rough and seems to cause Stacy a bit of pain. Yet she trucks on. A number of anal gapes and some ATMs and cheek stretches mark the scene, and disc, as a bit harder than some viewers might enjoy. Near the end there is some unexpected ass to pussy to ass to mouth action followed by a dp. If Stacy is more to your liking, viewers might find more interest in this scene. For me it was a tad boring, despite lifting the action level of the disc.

Scene 4: Morgane
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Condoms: No
This is the third faux-blonde on the disc and the most fake looking. Morgane is a pretty woman, but very plasticy. Her boobs are done and her face looks like it's had some heavy reconstruction. Then again it could be all the layers of makeup. For this reason, she's not a big turn on, despite a petite and legy figure. Her skin is also a ridiculous gold color and it kinda bunches up like a thin rug whenever it's touched (liposuction?). Morgane goes through the motions with her male counterpart. The sex isn't very exciting, it seems awkward for them both. And I imagine the fact that they are boning in an empty jucuzzi doesn't help. The two go through a number of acts and positions with the gracelessness of a pair that can't quite get comfortable. This hold pretty true for everything until Morgane climbs into reverse cowgirl anal and allows herself to get banged from below. Too many edits and position changes generally mean a break in the action and so it was difficult to get into the rhythm.

Scene 5: Tanita Black and Tanya Pearl
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Condoms: No
Tanita and Tanya are the youngest ladies on this disc and their age (or appearance of youth) seems out of place. It's almost as though this scene was simply tacked on the end to meet the standard 5 scenes. Regardless, the two are here alone on a couch and dressed in skimpy pajamas and knee-high socks. They call up a friend for a little man action and the two chomp down on his meat. Tanita and Tanya are hot girls in a baby-doll kind of way, but neither are terribly exciting (made obvious in the behind the scenes where the two are frumpishly sitting by waiting for their scene). The girls take turns slobing on the guys knob and spend an ample amount of time on his nuts. Neither girl appears very comfortable, instead going through the actions with some hesitation and direction. When the guy puts a finger in ones ass it comes as with a bit of surprise and pain. A Ted Nugent conodminium near the end is exciting but not played to the full extent and the scene only hits a highlight when Tanita Black is banged doggy and her face is slammed into Tanya's open ass. Besides this girls seem unexperienced (it seems there are only 2 films between them both) but will grow into things with time. A weak facial ends the scene.

Concluding Words: This disc has its moments. Mainly, its strengths lie in the attractiveness of the women. Jasmine and Veronica alone give the disc worth a look based on their stunning bodies. And the fresh, young starletts Tanita and Tanya have potential and are worth watching for their awkward inexperience. This sort of bookending is pretty typical of adult films; place the good stuff at the beginning and end; start and end strong and maybe the consumer will forget about the drek in between. What lies in the middle of this flick is mediocre, run of the mill talent. The girls are good looking and Stacy Silver offers enough nastiness to share with the other gals, but it doesn't negate the fact that they're simply not appealing or fun to watch. Not every scene on every disc will be blockbuster, I know. But it seems unfair to compile such a varying range of performances--except of course to generate sales. And the placement of Tanita nd Tanya at the end seems like an afterthought because their young, teeny bopper look is completely out of wack with the first hour and a half. The poor video quality of Jasmine's scene is equally bothersome. And both are insulting to the performers. As a whole, the disc is worth watching, perhaps owning, mainly for the first two acts. There are some extras here (nothing worth rushing to) but one will have some difficulty finding them. The extra's menu titles are burned into the background and barely noticeable, so one has to kinda 'hunt' for them. Scenes 1,2 and 5 drive this disc and damn near save it from sinking to the bottom. I'm recommending this mostly for the actresses represented here and not the studio or production which seemed in too big of a rush to make this disc. Recommended.


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