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Strap It On #3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/15/06

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Strap It On #3

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Lesbian

Director: David Luger

Cast: Ryder, Nevaeh, Ariel Summers, Ashley Steel, Azalea Lee, Sonya Vidal, Codi Milo, Heather B., Aaliyah Jolie, Brea Bennett

Length: 172.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 8/31/2005, 9/7/2005, 9/13/2005, 10/3/2005, 10/14/2005

Extra's: Given the length of the movie, the need for extras wasn't as pressing but the inclusion of a bonus scene was a good idea nonetheless. In this case, it amounted to a couple of gals having lengthy masturbation scenes full of tease and fun; lasting almost 27 minutes. There was also a photogallery and a double sided DVD cover but the extra sex was far more appreciated in my book.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Strap It On #3 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director David Luger for distribution by Platinum X Pictures. The lighting was decent most of the time; leading to fairly limited amounts of grain and video noise and the fleshtones seemed accurate but there was still less heat than usual this time. I thought the composition of the shots was generally fine but most of the gals were newcomers and they seemed less experienced with making the scenes look like they were into the action. I saw no compression artifacts and the only true "flaw" for most of you will be the barely noticeable watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen during the movie used to combat piracy. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English was about the same as always and the generic music that started off the scenes didn't last long enough in most cases to offend me.

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Body of Review: David Luger has long been a straightforward director of hardcore gonzo porn for a few companies, focusing his efforts on Red Light District and Platinum X Pictures. Now that he's seemingly moved on, his movies already shot for the company will serve as something of a testament to his staying power as a director. While rarely cutting edge or outlandish in terms of the types of sexual activity he showed, I'll be the first to admit that on average; his talents were undeniable. That said, his latest release for Platinum X Pictures is Strap It On #3, the sequel to the lesbian oriented Strap It On 1 and Strap It On 2, where the premise was for gals to couple up and use strap on dildos on one another to get off. My biggest complaint with the series so far has been that a number of the gals didn't seem to be into the action beyond what they were paid to do and this was the case in a few of the scenes here too. So, without further ado, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that all the scenes contained the kind of strap on dildo action advertised:

Scene One: Ryder and Nevaeh, a couple of 19 year old bleach blondes, were up first on the couch. They spent a fair amount of time showing how envious they were of each other's breasts with the contrast between the all natural set and implants kind of interesting to me. This led to them feeling each other up and tasting one another as they warmed up for the scene. The sex was pretty basic in terms of lesbian action and each ate the other out before the inevitable strap on dildos were employed. In terms of sexual skill at wielding the toys, both seemed inexperienced but it wasn't a bad ride and they did the usual taste testing too. For the most part, I enjoyed watching the scene but the replay value wasn't really all that high for me.

Scene Two: Ariel Summers and Ashley Steel, the two gals on the front DVD cover, were up next as they teased the camera with their asses high in the air (Ashley went first). Some fluffy music played in the background as this happened and I admit that while the tease action was a bit mechanical, it worked rather well given the ample samples both gals had to show off. The two gals were then placed together on the bed without an interview and there was something about the way they stroked one another that elevated the scene more than a little bit for me. In essence, they had more chemistry at the outset of the scene than the last gals and their all natural bodies contributed to the heat as they kissed, sucked and fucked as anticipated, given the theme of the movie. The dildo used by Ariel was one of those jelly types and Ashley was quite vocal in her ride on it. This led to a more standardized, but no less heated ride, when their roles were reversed. There was then some anal play in this very pleasing scene. Whew!

Scene Three: Azalea Lee and Sonya Vidal were up next as they played with one another outdoors in a lawn chair on a concrete deck. The hair colors this time were black and brown with the body types lending some contrast too. These gals were less stereotypical performers than the previous ones in my eye although both have had some on camera fun in the past. They seemed a bit less at ease than the other gals too which lent an air of anticipation for me though much of that was diminished when they went inside on the couch. Perhaps it was the possibility of getting caught or the rough neighborhood (car alarms were going off in the background for example) that changed the dynamic but even inside the house they showed some minor moments of hesitation. Each gal did an okay job with the raven haired hotty being the more sexually aggressive. It didn't have as much replay value for me but it was pleasing to watch once or twice.

Scene Four: Codi Milo and Heather B. were up next as they teased the camera outside by the pool and on the deck. This was a less adventurous bit of tease in my book and I only wish they were better at it but once they went inside, they showed some serious sexual skill. Fans of implants will be happy here and there was a bit more dirty talk between the gals but the action was very much the same with the gals licking and sticking each other on the couch. On a positive note, while the scene seemed to be "gay for pay", the gals did manage to give a fairly decent performance (if not the most coordinated coupling of the show).

Scene Five: Aaliyah Jolie and Brea Bennett were up last as they played in the backyard by the swings and deck. The gals shared enough physical characteristics that they could be cousins or even sisters with lean bodies, all natural breasts, long straight hair and an appealing overall look. They made out on the couch as though they were new to lesbian antics but the dirty talk employed as they described the coming action seemed a bit more natural than most of the other scenes and the simple fact was that they were good at what they did. The skill with the dildos by both gals (receiving and giving) showed me that they'd worked with them before and each gave an active ride. I can't say that they were as good as Ariel and Ashley but the scene had some solid replay value for me.

Summary: Strap It On #3 was not the same kind of heated, chemistry filled lesbian flick that Evil Pink 2 was but it had merits of its own with regard to the cast of generally new gals having fun with the requisite action. I'd be remiss if I said that the action was consistently heated and that the gals all seemed to be on fire when doing one another but the technical qualities were decent and there was a lot of fuck for the buck. So, since it lacked some of the replay value needed for a higher rating yet came across as a pretty good attempt to provide the kind of stroke material David is known for, I gave it a rating of Rent It with the caveat that you might consider it more worthy of your hard earned dollars if you are really into the concept offered up here (newer gals, lesbian action, a bit rough around the edges since they lacked the polish more experienced gals have, and strap on dildos).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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