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Making of Malou, The

Studio: Black Widow Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

The Making of Malou

Black Widow Productions

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: not credited but included more than one guy working the camera during the various scenes

Cast: Malou, Emily DaVinci, Andy, Jane, Crystal, Crystal Ray, Tanya, Tawny

Length: 96 minutes

Date of Production: 3/2005

Extra's: The only extra was some spam and a "sort of" trailer for the movie.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: The Making of Malou was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was apparently shot in by at least two uncredited directors for release by Black Widow Productions. The lighting was far better than average for an amateur (or Pro-Am) flick but there were various visual flaws observed throughout the show. If you're used to professionally shot porn, you'll think this was done with a home camera and incredibly tiny budget but if you're a fan of those crappy Homegrown or other amateur movies, you'll think it was looking great. The camera work wasn't always flattering to the ladies but it was okay enough with one of the directors (or cameramen) doing a much better job than the other). There were some moments containing video noise but they weren't common and I thought the show looked okay for what it was meant to be. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English and was hollow but I could hear the cast as they faked their roles well enough.

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Body of Review: With all the new companies popping up on the porn landscape, it's sometimes tough to keep track of them all. One that shows some promise in terms of providing something a bit different is Black Widow Productions. Owned by porn entrepreneur Ric Williams, the company has a goal to import a lot of foreign porn we'd otherwise never see; much of it along the lines of amateur material like what we'd see domestically. Their latest release is a little movie called The Making of Malou, a show with numerous vignettes of gals masturbating or couples screwing for the camera. Here's what the back cover said: "Meet Malou, Denmark's freshest Sexport and the hottest new blonde of the century! With a face to rival any Hollywood starlet and a body to match, Malou has to be seen. This Danish Dish is being served now in America. Watch as she delivers X-rated action this is nasty, kinky and out-of-control! Raw sexual hunger drives her and her gorgeous friends to provide the action in this two hours sexfest! Seven blistering scenes between Pro & Amateur teens, explode with passion for your pleasure!" If this sounds pretty good, let's look at the scenes by cast and action to see what really took place:

Scene One: Malou, the hot blonde with the all natural body on the front DVD cover, started off her interview on a couch by saying it was her first movie wearing a shirt that said: "I've Got A Killer Pussy". She stripped it off to reveal a very appealing body, albeit on the lean side, straight from Denmark. This led to her teasing the camera as she took her clothes off and some warm masturbation footage that included the use of a vibrator. Sadly, this was all that took place although I have to admit it got me erect watching it.

Scene Two: Emily DaVinci, the sprightly little redhead that was quite popular before she virtually disappeared in porn a while back, was up next as she masturbated on the decent looking couch for the camera. If you like redheads with lean little bodies and a funky look, she'll appeal to you well enough. At first, I thought that was it but she was joined by Andy, a dweeby looking guy that seemed ready to rock with her after feeling her wet pussy a bit. He went down on her and she blew him in return; using her mouth and hand to work him up. The scene cutaway at that point though and went to the next one. Talk about cock blocking!

Scene Three: Jane and Crystal, a couple of average looking gals that probably came from a local strip club, started off the next scene after I was just starting to like Emily's performance with Andy. They came off as real lesbians by eating each other out and fingering one another as if long time friends. They used a blue dildo but other than getting off at least once, the scene ended too quickly.

Scene Four: Crystal Ray, a blonde with long legs and a cute face, claimed that this scene was her first time on camera although I was hesitant to believe her. She masturbated on a generic couch and looked at the camera as if she were caught being naughty. If you like skinny gals, she'll be especially appealing and I'll admit I wanted to taste her fingers more than once. She was joined by a generic guy with a small penis that she sucked to expand. He returned the oral favor and the two went to boning but she seemed really mechanical in terms of her vocabulary and performance. I'm sure it felt good for him but it didn't look like anything special. He finished by popping a nut on her face.

Scene Five: Tanya, a 19 year old French Canadian from Montreal, was notable for her chunky body. I know that the porn world is generally more supportive of skinny to lean gals but heavy gals need sex too so I didn't mind watching her. She masturbated during the interview but her English language skills were questionable so I didn't put much stock in what she said about masturbating 5 or more times a day. She was joined by a nameless and very hairy guy who got a blowjob, gave some pleasure, and then boned heron the motel room bed. Sexually, it was another generic scene, right down to the minimal pop shot that caused her to jump after the titty fuck.

Scene Six: Malou was then back in view as she continued to masturbate in the same scene. I hate when scenes are edited into other ones but the use of toys and the heat levels led me to think I wanted to see more of her in the future; preferably at my place though. This gave way to the next scene with Jane.

Scene Seven: Jane, a cutie wearing glasses, had the next solo scene on the couch with a blue vibrator but while she seemed to enjoy herself, the action was cut short for the return of the second part of the scene starring Emily and Andy. There was more screwing and the inevitable pop shot to her face that focused more on her forehead and nose than anything else.

Scene Eight: Tawny, a redheaded stripper with some appeal to me (I'd buy a dance from her), was up last in a solo masturbation scene that lasted about 10 minutes and seemed to use the blue dildo and vibrator from previous scenes as she got off.

Summary: The Making of Malou was okay to watch once for me but aside from the marketing hype, the scenes weren't bad if you compare them to the amateur porn found in the back room of your local porn emporium but there wasn't two hours of footage, the gals didn't look like teens (with one exception), and I found myself wanting more than was offered. If you find the title cheap, you might want to pick it up for Malou alone but keep in mind how little she did here too. In general, I'm going to rate this one as a Rent IT on the merits but I hope Black Widow Productions reins in their marketing department or learns to provide the kind of material advertised on the back cover in future efforts.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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