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X The Series Vol. 3: Internal

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/24/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

X: The Series 3: Internal

New Sensations

Genre: Vignette, Creampies

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Destiny Deville, Chris Charming, Shy Love, Marco Duato, Delilah Strong, Tony T., Nikki Loren, Jay Lassiter, Bianca Pureheart, Kris Knight; Promise & Brother Love (bonus scene only)

Length: 117 minutes

Dates of Production: 3/11/2005, 3/13/2005, 3/14/2005, 3/18/2005

Extra's: The best extra was easily the bonus scene between Promise and Brother Love from Brother Love's POV #3. I described it below if you want an idea of what took place but it was a decent scene as an extra. The other extras were minimal and included a photogallery, some trailers, a cardboard protective sleeve for the DVD case and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: X: The Series 3 was presented in the 1.85:1 ratio non-anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Axel Braun for distribution by New Sensations. The lighting was far better than some of his recent work for Mayhem so the corresponding amounts of grain, video noise, and shadows were lessened to a large extent (making me happy). The composition of the camera angles was pretty solid in most cases too with Axel seeming to avoid making gals look bad (trying, by the looks of it, to get them at their best) so this was a welcome visual treat in that regard. My biggest complaint came from the fact that the creampies couldn't be definitively listed as such due to the way the camera cut away and edits allowed for faking it (whether this happened or not might be the cause for speculation but why bother?). There were no compression artifacts or major amounts of video noise so even the DVD mastering looked decent. The stereo English audio was pretty basic though with no separation between the channels and limited dynamic range but once the music stopped, the ladies could be heard well enough.

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Body of Review: New Sensations has been a player in the production of porn for a long time now and as such gets a lot of scrutiny by critics and reviewers alike. Their latest success story is a little series by Axel Braun and the more recent chapter is X: The Series 3. This volume was all about vaginal creampies in the talented cast of attractive gals although I had my doubts at times regarding the authenticity of the concept since the camera and editing maneuvers left the matter open for debate. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action though, noting that the ladies were almost all above average in some way or another:

Scene One: Destiny Deville, a curvy brunette with powerful legs and an exotic look to her, was up first as she sat back on a couch and began masturbating in a tease sequence that had no vocals, just some new age music. While not the most involving solo action I've watched of late, it was enough to whet my appetite for more and thankfully partner Chris Charming was on hand to provide it with her. His penis looked almost as big around as her arm and when he entered the picture, the music turned off and the vocals kicked in. This elevated the scene already but her active oral, complete with slobber trails, and the following titty fuck helped make it fun too. She was a rider of cock and used her own spit to make sure he didn't rip her in two as the couple boned with passion on the couch. It ended when he pulled out while blowing his load, proving he was indeed blessing her with a vaginal creampie.

Scene Two: Shy Love, a very appealing brunette with some sweet curves, was up next as she walked in on muscular Marco Duato in a storage room. Her shorts didn't cover that sweet booty of hers and she responded well to his attentions as he rubbed and sucked on her breasts and other body parts. If her ass has ever looked better than this (outside of seeing it in person earlier this month at the 2006 AEE Show), I sure don't remember it. Her ability to deep throat him seemed inspired too as she took his entire shaft down her throat with ease, giving a blowjob worthy of this vixen's talents. She was another active participant in the sexual riding here, pumping so fast on his prick that I could barely keep up with it. That she found the time to do some hip grinding pleased me too but aside from the implants, I thought she was great here. Whether or not the internal pop shot was real will remain a mystery though since the camera cut away from the scene before the traces of semen were noticed.

Scene Three: Delilah Strong, a light haired gal with an ample ass and all natural breasts, wasted no time as she engulfed Tony T.'s penis in her mouth and seemed to refuse letting go. He choked her and did his usual act of dominance that has never worked for me but I'd be remiss if I said that she seemed unwilling to do anything asked of her in the scene. He didn't go down on her though, preferring instead to plug away at her pussy on the dark couch. She seemed to spend a lot of time performing for the camera instead of focusing on him and that weakened the scene too. It seemed to end far too soon with her swallowing his miniature load but he went right back to boning her as she talked dirty for him. In that, the scene seemed to redeem itself as she became increasingly vocal about getting dicked; contributing to the energy more as the scene continued. His second load went inside her pussy although the camera cut away again so I can't say for sure if it was real.

Scene Four: Nikki Loren, one of the hottest gals in porn with an incredibly attractive face, a kicking body, and awesome legs, was up next on a black leather chair. I'll be the first to admit that her friendly nature and physical appeal at the 2006 AEE Show made me appreciate her performance all the more but she was hot in her scene with Jay Lassiter this time. She bent over and he went down on her as I would've done if given the chance with her purring like a kitten at his attention. She didn't blow him for long, using her mouth to get him ready and hand to increase the friction just enough to get him ready to bone her tight pussy. Okay, by this point, I wanted her really bad and while she wasn't the most energetic gal of the movie, I thought her combination of looks and skill made a fine addition to the show. I'm glad I took a lot of pictures of this hotty for my My 2006 Photo Essay and my only regret is that we didn't run off somewhere and get hitched by an Elvis impersonator priest (our running joke for the duration of the show was about getting married and having an open relationship). The creampie looked sort of real but not definitively so for those keeping track.

Scene Five: Bianca Pureheart, a lean little bleach blonde was up last as she wore a neon plaid outfit and masturbated on the black leather love seat in the large living room. She reminded me of a stripper at a local club and by her oral talents displayed on Kris Knight; I think it might've been her in person at the club. Regardless, she gave a very competent knob slobbing before they screwed in a heated fashion. Her strength was in how well she combined her oral and screwing skills to make a solid all around talented gal. The act did come off as slightly mechanical at times but she never seemed to let up in the scene and that helped compensate for it. The pop shot appeared genuine but the camera once again cut away so your mileage may vary in that regard.

Bonus Scene: Brother Love's POV #3: Promise, a black gal playing a stripper on roller skates with a large lollipop in the cavernous room, was up next to work with Brother Love. In terms of looks, she was my least favorite gal (I like black gals but not overly skinny black gals), but I didn't want to prejudge the scene based on looks alone. Over the years, I've found a lot of below par looking gals to be fantastic in bed both on and off screen. In oral, she provided a very wet, sloppy blowjob to enjoy and I couldn't fault her for this aspect of the performance. In terms of riding him in her pussy, she started off with some doggy style boning with PTM (pussy to mouth) and salad tossing, always keeping a positive attitude, before a cowgirl ride that came off as energetic too. After a few more positions, she sucked out a load, and I'm glad I didn't skip the scene.

Summary: X: The Series 3 had enough fuck for the buck to warrant a rating of Recommended but your mileage will vary if your sole reason for picking up a copy is to see verifiable creampies in the ladies. Thankfully for me, I'm not fixated on the act and could enjoy the actions of the lovely Nikki Loren, the skillful Shy Love, and the talents of the others without a burning desire to prove the listed theme conclusively. That said, for that type of action, you can find far better series at other companies so don't feel the need to force yourself into this one if you haven't witnessed the charms of the gals (but you'll want to if you're familiar with them). Check it out, along with the extras that added some decent value here.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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