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Pink Clam

Studio: Video X Pix » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 1/26/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Movie:

Francis Healey's shot on video eighties hardcore entry, Pink Clam, follows the exploits of a couple of girls named Nancy and Paula who own a home in Brooklyn where they live together quite peacefully. When Paula's randy cousin Antonia shows up to stay for a bit, things get a little out of hand and soon things start to heat up as Antonia makes it with the local delivery boy. This sets things off a bit, as soon Antonia seduces Paula herself! The guilt gets to her and she owns up to Nancy, spilling her guts to her friend. When a man named Bob shows up, things get even more out of hand and the three girls all want to get it on with him.

If you couldn't guess, it's more or less a poorly written soap opera with hardcore sex in it.

Scene One: Siobahn Hunter And Alan Adrian The movie starts with this first scene that begins with Siobahn doing a lingerie clad strip tease for her man. Once she's gotten his attention, she takes off her top so that he can suck on her breasts and play with her nipples. He spreads her legs and goes down on her after that only for her to return the oral favors shortly thereafter by gobbling his wiener down to the short and curlies. Once the oral is out of the way with, he fucks her missionary style, then doggy style, and then missionary style before pulling out and pulling off into her pubic mound. Quality wise this isn't a bad scene, as Siobahn is an interesting looking natural woman who seems to enjoy getting sexed up by her partner. It's not over the top in its enthusiasm, it's quite lifelike, if unremarkable.

Scene Two: Annette Heinz And Michael Knight This one starts the bedroom action off with some deep and rather passionate looking kissing, with a fair bit of tongue twirling thrown in for good measure. From there, they both strip down and after fondling each other for a little while, they get down to business. She lies down on her back and he mounts her, pumping into her faster and faster before he's good to go, and go he does, all over her belly. Again, not a bad scene, but not a particularly remarkable one. Annette is a rather odd looking woman. She's not unattractive, just rather unorthodox in appearance, which makes this marginally interesting to view even if it isn't the hottest scene to come around.

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Scene Three: Annette Heinz And Nina Preta Ah, fake incest. What a great idea. These two kissing cousins start by sucking on each other's tits for a bit to get warmed up. From there they move to the bedroom where the eat each other out and play some finger bang games with one another. They soon move into a sixty-nine position and eat each other out a bit more, until they both climax, and then they cool down with some more titty play again. This is the hottest scene in the movie. Despite the fact that Annette doesn't look like your typical porno starlet she seems to really dig working with the much prettier Nina in this scene and they do manage to generate some above average heat together, particularly once they start the sixty-nine.

Scene Four: Annette And Bobby Spector This is the quickest scene in the film and it more or less follows the formula of the first two guy/girls scenes in the movie, but in case you weren't paying attention there it starts off with some kissing and petting which leads way to Annette stripping down and sucking Bobby off for a while. She lies on her back and he mounts her, fucking her cunt missionary style to start with, then he flips her over to bang her doggy style. Once he's had all he can he pulls out and jacks it onto her bare ass, ending the scene. Again, average quality is what we've got here, nothing remarkable in terms of the action and by the third scene, Annette's unorthodox appearance is no longer enough to carry the movie.

Scene Five: Nina Preta And Bobby Spector Bobby moves to the next girl in line as he and Nina get down and dirty. The scene starts with some kissing, then some tongue twirling before they undress each other. Nina's breasts manage to find their way into Bobby's eager mouth for a little while before he lays her on the bed and dives between her legs hunting for beaver with his tongue. After he's eaten her, she sucks his cock in a pretty decent blowjob session for a bit, and then they get down in the bed together. He fucks her missionary, then doggy style, and like in the last scene, he finishes by pulling out and spunking on her sweet behind.

Scene Six: Siobahn Hunter, Vana Paymore, And Michael Knight Hey kids, look, a three-way! The girls strip down for the lucky bastard and start sucking on one another's bare bosoms. From there they both drop to their knees and share his cock for a double blowjob that quite honestly looks like a lot of fun to be on the receiving end of. He moves into position and pummels Siobahn's snatch with his man meat for a few minutes while Vana bumps and grinds the pair to keep herself occupied, and then he switches up and gives her a taste of his magic wand and lets Siobahn rub herself up and down and all around. The girls sit on each other's faces a bit while he moves from snatch to snatch before he pulls out and spunks on Siobahn's twat. The lesbian interplay made this one work, and watching them share his dick with their mouths managed to generate an above average amount of heat from this penultimate scene.

Scene Seven: Annette Heinz And Bobby Spector For the grand finale, Annette brings Bobby into the bedroom where she starts to kiss him. She stokes him hard, he takes off her top and clamps onto her nipples with his mouth. They kiss some more and soon he heads down south for a snack. Once he's finished muff diving he puts his dick in her mouth and she's only too happy to suck him for a bit and play with his balls for bonus points. He gets her on his back with her legs spread and fucks her missionary before getting her on all fours and doing the doggy. He gets her on her back for the big finish, at which point he shots onto her pelvis and ends another very generic and unremarkable scene.



Pink Clam was shot on video in the early eighties and because of that, it doesn't look very good. The image is soft, it's way too dark, and there are tape rolls and tracking lines present throughout. Your guess is as good as mine as far as whether this was sourced from a master tape of some sort or from a pre-record that had been laying around, but either way, the colors are shot, the image lacks definition, and there's nothing redeeming about the image quality of this release. That being said, there are video sourced transfers kicking around that look worse and you can only do so much with bad source material – at least you can watch the movie without having to squint. Just don't go in expecting this to look good, as you will be disappointed.


The Dolby Digital mono soundtrack, like the video presentation, suffers from the erratic quality of the original source material. There are more than a couple of noticeable audio drop outs, a warble or two that you'll pick up on, and some hiss present pretty much throughout. That being said, you can understand what everyone is saying well enough and you won't have any problems following the action scenes either. There are certainly worse presentations out there for adult movies of this era but this one isn't sounding so hot either.


As usual, aside from the animated menu which uses the same music as all of their other recent releases and chapter selection, the only features here are two trailers (which we've seen before) and a still gallery of unrelated stills of unrelated performers from unrelated movies that may or may not have been shot in and around the same time as this one.

Final Thoughts:

An average quality film gets a lackluster production. In the defense of Video X Pix the movie was shot on video in the early eighties and probably looks as good here as it ever will, but that still doesn't make it a better film despite one or two good scenes. The extras are getting repetitive, which is a shame. Fans of old filth might want to give this one a rental for the stand out moments mentioned and an interesting cast, everyone else, keep moving… nothing to see here.

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